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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wordless Wednesday {linky}: Fitness Finds - The WOD Life Headband | Week 6

Fitness Find for the Week: The WOD Life Headband

What is it: Made in USA, it's a thin, but wide, headband designed to keep your hair and sweat off your face. The wicking material draws moisture away from the body, pushing to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates away to leave you dry. Tapered at the back, one size fits all.

Why I like it: It is very light and doesn't keep heat in at all - you barely feel that it's there when wearing it. It does work to keep my {messy} hair off my face & stays in place throughout my workout {unless I accidentally pull it out of place}. I don't sweat buckets on my face even when working out hard so not really sure about the moisture absorption part. Easy to hand-wash and dry, or just throw in the washing machine. Also makes me feel a bit more "badass" when wearing it hahaha

What can be improved: I'd prefer if the text print was more towards the front middle, instead of at the side near the back. If I wear the headband behind my ears you can't really see the print as it gets scrunched up but I guess most people like to wear sports headbands over their ears. Maybe because it's more comfy? Would love to have more prints and colour options too!

Where to buy: From The WOD Life online store. Available in 4 colours {black, blue, pink & red} at A$15. There's another version with just their logo {see below} & it's available in 4 colours {blue, pink, red & neon yellow} at A$15 too.

That's exactly how I look like wearing it after a Crossfit session haha. This was taken on Monday when I did a team WOD with these gals and we were the first to finish!!! Woohoo! ( ᐛ )و

These photos are part of the 40 Weeks of Fitness Finds series. This is why I started it.

Sakura Haruka's wordless wednesday
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Early Mother's Day Brunch @ Crystal Jade Prestige, Marina Bay ♥

Yesterday, we indulged in a relaxing & luxurious Sunday brunch at Crystal Jade Prestige; the group’s latest concept with a picturesque view of the Marina Bay area. It was a family gathering to celebrate an early Mother's Day with my in-laws ♥

Crystal Jade Prestige is where contemporary gastronomy and refined Chinese culinary expertise combine to create the ultimate Crystal Jade dining experience. It's more "upmarket" than the usual Crystal Jade restaurants like Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao or Crystal Jade Palace and this is represented in the restaurant's ambiance, dish ingredients and food presentation. 

It's quite easy to miss the only entrance to the restaurant via a lift outside Marina Bay Link Mall Tower 3. Look out for it just beside the water feature with the bull statues at Ground Plaza.

The lift takes you straight up to the lavish Crystal Jade Prestige restaurant at Level 2. We were there to enjoy their Signature Weekend Brunch set where customers can customise their brunch menu by picking 10 items from 5 different categories - 5 x dim sum, 1 x appetiser, 1 x BBQ meat selection, 1 x soup, 1 x wok-fried dish and 1 x dessert. If you want, you can also add on Crystal Jade Prestige’s signature Tea-smoked roasted duck at just S$48 {U.P. S$78}.

There were so many sumptous choices to choose from, especially from the dim sum menu, which featured their signature dim sum items like Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling topped with Caviar, Baked Abalone & Diced Chicken Pastry and Steamed Dumpling with Shrimp & Black Garlic. Some of them are extremely popular and are usually sold out by 12 noon or 1pm! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

I must give shout-out to the restaurant's Assistant Manager, Jimmy {pictured below}, who was very patient and knowledgeable in suggesting items for us to choose and explaining how some of them were prepared #thankyou

His personal recommendations were:
  • 5 x Dim Sum: Poached Beancurd Skin rolled with Prawn in Superior Broth, Steamed Shrimp & Chive Dumpling, Baked Abalone & Diced Chicken Pastry, Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling topped with Caviar and Deep-fried Dumpling with Chinese Parsley
  • 1 x Appetiser: Chilled Pig's Ear
  • 1 x Roast: Crispy Pork Belly
  • 1 x Soup: Szechuan Hot & Sour Thick Soup
  • 1 x Wok-fried Dish: Pan-fried Quail Fillet with Foie Gras Sauce
  • 1 x Dessert: Chilled Mango Purée with Pomelo & Sago 
If you've trouble deciding on your Brunch dishes, you can follow his list of recommendations. 

For an additional charge, you can also opt for a free flow of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne. Ooooo... Most champagne brunches usually serve Moët & Chandon champagne so it's nice to have the Veuve Clicquot which is kinda dry, yet rich and fruity with elegant notes of dried fruit, spices and Viennese pastries.

I'm not one who would usually drink champagne with dim sum but since we were in the mood for celebrating, why not??

Lil Pumpkin was certainly very happy to have some sparkling bubbly hahahaha... don't worry, she only had a few sips ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

The dim sum, appetisers, roast meat and soups arrived pretty quickly to our table {in about 15-20 minutes after ordering?}. The food items were grouped together for table sharing, although I think if you prefer individual plating they can arrange for that too.

Do note that for Brunch dim sum items, 1 portion equates to 1 piece and for roast meat items, 1 portion equates to 2-3 pieces.

It was all such a wonderful spread!! *drools*

The deep-fried items were so crispy, the dumplings had juicy, flavourful fillings & thin dough skin.. and other than the Szechuan Hot & Sour Thick Soup which was spicy, Lil Pumpkin was able to eat everything.

Yes, even the Chilled Pig's Ear delicacy too which I found to be rather strangely yummy hahaha

This is the Baked Abalone & Diced Chicken Pastry that Jimmy highly, highly recommended.

The buttery-soft pastry skin crumbled to your bite to reveal a beautiful hot stew of abalone & chicken cooked in a creamy, white sauce. My brother-in-law {BIL} and the boy liked this very much.

If I'd to choose, the Poached Beancurd Skin rolled with Prawn in Superior Broth is on the top of my list though.

Each bite of the beancurd skin-covered prawn is bursting with the full-bodied lobster broth and tastes absolutely amazing. You just can't stop at one bite! I wish we ordered more portions of this and I could definitely drink a whole bowl of the superior lobster broth all by myself hahaha

The service staff arranged for our "main dishes" i.e. wok-fried dishes to come after our dim sum so that they were fresh and piping hot. Indeed, my mother-in-law {MIL} was impressed that the skin from her Crispy Duck with Foie Gras & Mango was still hot with a good bite. However, I found the serving for that dish to be rather small though heh. It's just one of that big spoon / miniature bowl you see above (≧▽≦)

The portions for the Simmered Fillet of Garoupa with Egg White and Pan-Fried Kurobuta Pork with Wild Fungus in Chef's Special Sauce were bigger and more filling. Both were very tender and savoury, but not overly salty.

Desserts came last and oh my goodness, I love the Chilled Black Sesame with Coconut Milk!! There seems to be some chewy mochi inside the black sesame paste that made it so niiiceeeee. Nom nom nom..

In some restaurants, Chilled Mango Purée with Pomelo & Sago and Lemongrass Jelly desserts can be sickeningly sweet but not here at Crystal Jade Prestige though. In fact, there's a delightful tartness to the Lemongrass Jelly as well as there's sour plum & lime in it so if you don't have a sweet tooth, you can opt for these 2 desserts.

It was a very satisfying family brunch and I'm glad we managed to get together to celebrate Mother's Day, especially since my BIL is so busy with his architecture & design company. I know that my MIL is always thrilled whenever we have family gatherings and I left brunch with my heart overflowing with love and gratitude too.

I've always had a very good relationship with my MIL. Honestly, I think I could do more to be a better daughter-in-law to her, but she is all I could ever ask for in a MIL. Ever since I was in a relationship with the boy, she has always been very kind, considerate and patient towards me. My MIL gives the boy and I a lot of space to live our own lives, but is always there as well if we ever need her help and support.

Whenever I hear horror stories of tensions and conflicts between mother-in-laws & daughter-in-laws, sorry not sorry but I just cannot relate to that and am really grateful that I've such a MIL who truly treats me as part of her family.. so much so I think even my own mum is glad that I lucked out in this aspect (*^▽^) #thankyouLaoMa

Also felt very blessed to have this sweet princess as my dearest daughter to give me the privilege of celebrating Mother's Day for the past 7 years. Thank you my darling. You're all I could ever ask for in my child as well ♥

Promo: For Jadeite members with payment using DBS/ POSB Credit or Debit card, take S$10 off Signature Weekend Brunch Prices for adults i.e. S$48 {U.P. S$58} or S$88 for free-flow of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne {U.P. S$98}

Crystal Jade Prestige
8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Link Mall {Ground Plaza}, #02-01
Signature Weekend Brunch Period:  Every Sat, Sun & PH from 1 May - 26 Jun 2016
Brunch time: 11.30 - 3pm
Price: Adult - S$58/pax {S$98/pax for free-flow champagne}, Child - S$28/pax {aged 5-12}
Tel: 6509 9493
Website: http://www.crystaljade.com/prestige/
*Reservations are highly recommended, especially if you want to eat the Signature Tea Smoked Roast Duck as limited quantities are available. Prices are subjected to service charge and government taxes.

P.S. Don't miss out on my Bakerzin JADE Pandan White Chocolate Cheesecake giveaway I'm hosting to celebrate Mother's Day! 3 winners will be chosen and it ends today - Monday, 2 May 2016. Winners can collect it just in time for Mother's Day.

*Disclosure: This is a review for Crystal Jade Prestige. All opinions are my own.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Bub & Me: Singapore's First Snoopy Run!

We went for our 2nd family run for the year last weekend - Singapore's first-ever Snoopy Run! It was actually the first time that we went for a run at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Due to the large number of registered runners as well as children participating, runners were assigned a designated starting time to avoid overcrowding, and to ensure that the experience is more comfortable and safer. The runners were encouraged to stick to their allocated starting time but if they wanted to run at a different slot, they could as well.

Since our flag-off time was 9am, the last slot for the event which started at 7am, we decided not to drive over since there might not be available car park space by the time we planned to arrive {about 8.15am}. So, we parked at the boy's clinic which was just 2 MRT stations away from Sports Hub and took the train down.

So convenient and Lil Pumpkin definitely enjoyed the ride!! (*^▽^)/

As soon as we came out of Stadium MRT station, we saw the Snoopy Run Singapore mini carnival at OCBC Arena.

It's not a big carnival like at Hello Kitty Run or My Little Pony Run etc. but it had a small stage, some sponsor booths, and lots of photo-opportunity points with cardboard cut-out and backgrounds haha.

When we arrived, we took the time to take photos at the photo-op points too. It was crowded, but waiting time wasn't that bad. At some of the popular points, there were volunteers there to help you take photos too.

Around 8.45am we left for the starting line ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
This is the running route. You can see a bigger photo of it on Snoopy Run Singapore website.

Managed to catch Lucy at the flag-off!! Yay!! Snoopy only came out on the event stage at the end of the run...

The first part of the run was around Singapore Sports Hub...

...which I found to be quite congested and not that fun to run/ walk about at...

.. especially since it's so urban and full of concrete buildings, escalators, stairs etc.

The second part when we crossed over to the route along Kallang River was more scenic and enjoyable.

There were no route markers like in the previous novelty runs we did, but Snoopy Run Singapore definitely had the most number of photo op points I'd seen! The participants loved it and there were long, meandering queues to take photos at each of them.

Since we heard thunder and it seemed like it was going to pour soon, we didn't stop by to queue and take photos at the photo op points during the Run #surprisesurprise

Except with the Giant Snoopy!! Couldn't give that a miss!

I think this was the highlight of our Snoopy Run for us (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

It was a cooling, Sunday morning and since hardly anyone ran the route, we took our time to amble together as a family too. I think we finished Snoopy Run Singapore in about 1 hours time and there was no chaos at the end when we collected our finisher's medal and certificate.

Seriously, I would have joined just for this super-cute finisher's medal too hahahaha.

Ah well.. next Saturday the boy will be taking part in a more "manly" run - Spartan Race Singapore!! I'm actually very excited for him!

In case you're wondering, I didn't sign up as I'm too chicken to get all dirty and grimy during the race haha. I really don't mind all the fitness obstacles and climbs, but crawling through mud, getting stuck on barbed wire or swimming in stinky water really isn't my cup of tea (≧∇≦)

If you're interested to join Snoopy Run Singapore next year, keep updated on their website here. You can see what's in Snoopy Run Singapore's race kit over here.

Check out the rest of our Bub & Me activities or list of kid-friendly places in Singapore too.

P.S. Don't miss out on my Bakerzin JADE Pandan White Chocolate Cheesecake giveaway I'm hosting to celebrate Mother's Day! 3 winners will be chosen and it ends this coming Monday, 2 May 2016. Winners can collect it just in time for Mother's Day.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday {linky}: Fitness Finds - JAW Finger Sleeves | Week 5

Fitness Find for the Week: JAW Finger & Thumb Sleeves

What is it: From Australia, JAW Finger Sleeves are designed to fit snugly on your fingers, offering maximum protection and comfort while you work out. Made from durable fabric, they eliminate friction and protect your fingers/ thumbs from blisters and tears. There are 5 sizes {XS - XL} which you can use to fit any of your fingers.

Why Hubby likes it: It is extremely useful, especially for those that lift heavy. When you do heavy weightlifting, sometimes the nerves in your fingers feel pinched and the JAW sleeves helps to prevent that {or at least lessen the pain}. The fabric used is soft and stretchy, so pretty comfortable and good that it's washable too. Fabric is better than tape or leather as tape tends to rip easily and requires constant replacements, while leather is often too thick {causes discomfort} and has extremely limited flexibility. They are also easier / faster to wear than taping the fingers.

What can be improved: Have more colour options! There are currently none, but each size is represented by a specific trimming color. They do have a stretch component so will give a little after use. Would be good if they can minimise this somehow.

Where to buy: Hubby bought online at The WOD Life {based in Australia, where we get a lot of our fitness gear too}. It costs A$11 for a pair {i.e. 2 units based on the size selected}. Shipping charges apply to Singapore.

By the way, I think most people who are into serious strength or fitness training will not use gloves because they want to build better grip and forearm strength. If they need extra protection for certain exercises or parts of the hands, they'd use tapes or thin coverings like the sleeves; not full-on gloves.

Wearing gloves can make gripping the weights {I'm talking about dumb-bells and barbells, not when using machines} more difficult as the thickness of the gloves effectively increases the diameter of the bar and makes it harder to get a secure grip. Also, gloves don't prevent calluses anyway. You’re actually more likely to get callus because you won’t be able to lift weights correctly in your hands. But in any case, if you are into serious strength or fitness training, the formation of calluses on your hands are an inevitable and necessary part of training. It is better to have them as a thin layer of "armour" to protect your hands from tears and blisters.

These photos are part of the 40 Weeks of Fitness Finds series. This is why I started it.

Sakura Haruka's wordless wednesday
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