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Friday, September 23, 2016

TYR Singapore Showroom Swim Gear Shopping

Recently I went down to the TYR Showroom at Bukit Merah with Jo to check out on swimsuits and gear for myself and Lil Pumpkin. TYR is a USA manufacturer of recreational & competitive swimwear, swim caps, swimming goggles, triathlon gear etc. and is one of the most popular brands among the swimming community.

You can find TYR merchandise at World of Sports outlets but the showroom sells a much wider array of TYR swim wear, googles, caps, training equipment etc. Also, if you belong to {selected?} swim teams, you also get discounts off your purchases. I think it's about 30% off!! (*^▽^*)

It's been a long time since I swam competitively. When I first joined my organisation about 5 years ago, I was quite active in the swim team and took part in my first and only Masters Swimming Championship ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭

Since then, I stopped regular swim training and just liked frolicking in the waters.. after all, I'd been swimming competitively almost half my life, so it was nice to just finally enjoy the cool, relaxing waters.

A few weeks ago, Jo told me that she was going to take part in this year's Masters Swimming Championship for her club. She asked if I wanted to join too and a part of me stirred. After all, once a swimmer, always a swimmer haha.

Things got busy at home and work so that was put aside until recently, I received an email from my organisation's swim team calling for participants to represent them in the Masters Swimming Championship. Oh was that a sign??

After encouragement from Jo and hubby, I finally put my name down and signed up to compete last week with some random seed times for the events I wanted to take part in haha. Goodness, I didn't even have a proper one-piece swim costume {I prefer two-piece tankinis as they are easier to go toilet in heh} and had to go find one to compete in!!

It's been so long that I wasn't even sure of my costume size... Finding a swimming costume isn't all that easy, especially if you want to wear it to a competition. I mean if you're just wearing it to the occasional visit to the pool it might be fine if it doesn't fit completely well, but if you want to wear it to compete in.. it needs to fit like a glove. Too tight and your boobs / butt will fall out plus you might get a wedgie, too loose and it was "expand" in the water and catch air bubbles.

Also, there will be spectators watching the competition so you definitely want to avoid any awkward situations!! (〃⌒∇⌒)

Tucked away in one of the warehouse buildings in the industrial area, the TYR showroom was really quiet when we went on a weekday... which is pretty good since you don't need to jostle with the crowd and can take your own sweet time browsing and trying the items.

Jo was looking for some rashies for her little girls but she didn't find anything that she liked.

There's a very good selection of goggles here.. Lil Pumpkin and I are currently using TYR Velocity Metallized googles which has UV-protected and anti-fog properties, silicone cushion gaskets, double silicone headstraps and an adjustable nose-piece. But most importantly I like that it has  mirrored lenses which is really useful on sunny days, especially when you are swimming back-stroke.

I wanted to get some silicone swim caps with cute slogons or designs but they didn't have many of that and I didn't find any that I fancied. The showroom stocked mostly plain coloured silicone caps as the staff said most Singaporeans preferred those heh.

There are also waterproof bags, mesh bags, noodles, kick boards, paddles, hand paddles etc.

I bought a big nylon mesh bag for Lil Pumpkin to use during her swim class to put her swim gear and kick board. The open weave mesh means I can still leave her board etc in the bag and they will still dry easily.

There's a diverse assortment of swimwear patterns and colours for casual and competitive swimmers, but I was expecting even more.

Jo was too. She said they did use to have much more swimsuit choices.. but now they seem to sell more triathlon stuff.

I liked these 2 swimwear patterns and had a hard time choosing just one haha. I already bought 2 new Speedo swimsuits before our visit and highly doubted I was going to take part in any more swim meets after this one haha..

In the end, I chose the bright, geometric design. It was the first one that caught my eye!

Some of the triathlon gear spotted.

I have utmost respect for triathletes. Swimming is already so tough, imagine having to swim, run AND cycle consecutively over long distances!!! *clap clap clap*

After our little shopping trip we went to have some delicious Mexican food at Guzman Y Gomez, Star Vista. So awesome!!! They are really generous with the portions and I always leave feeling so full, and so satisfied (*^▽^)/

It was a really fun mummies-day-out for us! Thanks for the company, Jo!

Anyway, go visit the TYR showroom if you or your kids are into swimming!! But in case there are any policy changes in regards to the swim team discounts, please check with them first, ok?

TYR Showroom
8, Jalan Kilang Timor, #03-01 Kewalram House
Open 10am - 5pm {Mon - Fri}, 10am - 12pm {Sat}. Closed Sun & public holidays
Tel: 6702 6734
Website: http://www.tyr.com.sg


Friday, September 16, 2016

Short, Layered Bob for Mummy Too! ❤

Mummy got a new haircut!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

A while back we brought Lil Pumpkin to have her shortest hairstyle to date - a short pixie bob. It looks sooooo cute on her and she has received tonnes of compliments on her new hairstyle. The bob really is a dream to handle too! No more long tangles or crazy time spent getting her hair looking neat for school haha

That time I kind of missed having long hair and felt like growing it out again (๑→ܫ←) So I persevered and tried my hardest not to go for any massive haircuts.. just little trims here and there.

Well, that lasted just about 2 months as last weekend I got bored again and quite tired of my "shaggy dog" look haha and went down to Berne's {from Degree Hair Salon} for a good haircut. And honestly, it's because I wanted Lil Pumpkin's short bob hairstyle too!! haha

Haircuts always put me in a good mood. Always.

It's just really relaxing for me, especially when I know that Berne will always deliver the results I want.. and more. He also knows that I like to go in to unwind so does not start unnecessary, long idle chats with me {as other hairstylists or shampoo girls sometimes do} and just lets me be - either reading a mag, catching up on news, or getting some shut-eye.

We do catch-up about our kids and other stuff too. I think next month or so they are going to hire an experienced hairstylist from overseas who apparently has amazing hair-colouring expertise. If you're looking to colour your hair, you can check him out.

Anyway here's my short, layered bob look. Love it.

Not exactly like Lil Pumpkin' as my front fringe wasn't too long to begin with, but I do like the framing of my face and the little bounce at the back. It's pretty textured / layered too as I wanted something that still looks good even when not styled or messy haha. Like a "just outta bed" look (´౪`)

A fresh 'do. A refreshed me. #happiness

P.S. My right leg didn't disappear. I just had it bent & up on the wall under my skirt haha (☆▽☆)

P.P.S. I've been wearing my black Avarcas leather sandals from Verano everywhere!!  It really is sooo comfy!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Malaysia 2016 | Legoland Hotel & Theme Parks Snapchat Diary

I really liked using Snapchat as a visual diary during our Tokyo,  Japan trip in the June holidays so did the same thing when we went to Legoland Malaysia Resort earlier this week (*^▽^*)

It's so easy to snap, update our family & friends on-the-go and come back to string it all together in the short videos below:

The boy booked us a 4D3N stay in Legoland Hotel itself with 2-day combo tickets for each of us to both Legoland Theme Park {the dry one} and Legoland Water Park.

With the combo tickets, it allowed us multi-entry into both parks on 2 consecutive days.

That was a Godsend, really, because Lil Pumpkin was feeling so sick on our first day at the theme parks! (≧_≦*) She had been looking forward to going to Legoland for oh-so-long and it was such a pity that she fell ill just before the trip!!

So using our combo tickets, we were able to leave Legoland Theme Park after about 2-3 hours of visit, then head back to Legoland Hotel and rest. I went back again a while later with my mum to check out the rest of the park that we missed.

On the second day, Lil Pumpkin felt much better so we were able to leave to Legoland Water Park earlier, spend half a day there, go back to the hotel for lunch and to rest, then head out to Legoland Theme Park for the rest of the rides and attractions she missed the day earlier.

The good thing about Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park is that it is fully geared towards the kids so even at her height of around 120cm, Lil Pumpkin can sit ALL the rides!! Wow!! I think that's the first time she can actually sit all the rides at a theme park hahaha. Her favourite were Technic Twister and The Dragon - both roller coasters!

Unfortunately for me, I'm too big for some of the rides though.. but at least the roller coasters and fast rides were ok ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

If you do head to Legoland Malaysia, I highly recommend staying at Legoland Hotel. It's not that expensive, the rooms are themed & decorated well, it has many super-fun and free kids play areas and our package came with an awesome daily buffet breakfast at the hotel's Brick Restaurant {see pics & vids of it in the videos above}.

But most importantly, it really is so convenient to have the hotel at the theme parks' doorstep {literally just 5 mins walk away from both!} so that you can break up your day at the theme parks and go back to rest. I'm not sure about you, but age is really catching up on me haha and I can't really last a whole day out playing at amusement parks... especially when I'm chasing  Lil Pumpkin around while I'm at it (●⌒∇⌒●)

Anyway add me on Snapchat as @AiSakuraHaruka and if the videos above aren't playing properly, watch directly on my YouTube channel here:

Some of the other theme parks we've visited include Universal Studios Singapore, Asakusa Hanayashiki Tokyo {Japan}, Tokyo One Piece Tower {Japan}, Resorts World Genting {Malaysia}, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland {Japan}, and Lotte World Seoul {Korea}

Hope everyone had a wonderful September school holiday break with the family!! xox

P.S. Do note that if you purchase Day tickets, you are not allowed multi-entry into the theme parks.

P.P.S. There's a Ninjago 4D indoor ride opening in November 2016!! So exciting!! Looks like we've to make a trip back haha


Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello September xox

"Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much life she had time for."

Oh my. Hello September. I really didn't expect to see you so fast. In what seems like a blink of an eye, here you are... and soon, it will be the year's end!!

Honestly, don't you think that 2016 just flew by?? The past few months especially, I've been quite busy with work {we're hosting a big event in a mid-Sep}, keeping up with my fitness regime, family schedules etc. that I have not been updating my blog and my social media channels as much as I used to. Remember the time when I used to blog 4-5 times a week?? haha.. (ᗒᗨᗕ)

I still love writing as a creative expression and a way of jotting down my memories but as I've learnt over the years, I must slow down, be intentional, prioritise and let go of some things when life gets too overwhelming.

For now, social media is taking a backseat while I unplug and focus on what's in my offline life, but there's no doubt that I'd be back with my usual online interactions and frequent blog musings again once other areas in my life starts to loosen up (。◕‿◕。)

I'd still be updating the blog, just at a slower pace, but do pop by and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and yes, Snapchat too! We're heading to Legoland, Malaysia over the weekend so I'll be updating on our trip on-the-go via these channels ☆