Friday, February 24, 2017

New 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light for Better Health & Well-Being

Lil Pumpkin has been using 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light for the past 3 years {her table has grown in size with her though! haha} and recently, we've been using the newly-released 3M P1610 Polarizing Task Light as well.

Like the LED6000 Polarizing Light, it is also fitted with 3M’s Polarizing Filter Technology, which consists of a 3M proprietary optical film to reduce glare by up to 80%. While most other lamps allow both comfortable and harmful light to enter, the 3M polarizing optical film only filters comfortable light through; at the same time, it converts the harmful rays into optimal lighting as well.

As such, only optimal light reaches the eyes - this not only minimizes the immediate eye strain to allow for longer hours of comfortable reading, but also decreases risk of long-term effects such as cataracts and macular degeneration {a leading cause of vision loss where a small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, deteriorates}.

Did you know that the closer artificial lighting is to mimicking natural daylight patterns, the higher the person to be happier, and thus more productive??

Well, according to a U.S. study, for good circadian health, you should have higher amounts of light from cooler light sources at least two to three hours in the morning to mimic the sunrise, followed by a tapering off in light intensity towards evening hours, to a warmer and gentle light source to encourage calm and relaxation.

Following these findings, the LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light allows users to customize the light colour via a touch control to adjust the colour of the lamp according to the time of the day, or mood levels. The touch control is pretty sensitive and you only need a light touch to activate it. There are 5 colour selections from Cool White to Warm White.

When Lil Pumpkin is studying or when I'm working during the day, we use Cool White for increased alertness, and when I'm reading a book before sleeping, I'll use Warm White to help me wind down for the day as it encourages calmness and relaxation.

The same touch control also enables us to adjust the light intensity. For example, we can use higher lux levels for more detailed-focused activities such as studying or rainbow-looming that require brighter illumination, and lower lux levels for light reading in bed at night to relax.

The high-intensity light is even good enough for the boy to do his vet surgery in..

He tried it out once when his surgery light was spoilt and said it did its job haha... He also liked that the 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light was fully adjustable and rotational {i.e. versatile enough to turn awkward angles}, and at S$289, was a good and cheap {relative to his S$3,000 surgery table light} back-up in case his surgery light spoilt again (*≧▽≦)

3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light is available in white and black. 3M has a wide range of polarizing lights and there are other table and floor lamps available with different prices and lighting qualities for everyone so check them out and make that change for the benefit of your eyes!

Available at all Popular bookstores, Best Denki and other leading retailers, while stocks last.

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 *Disclosure: This is a review for 3M Singapore. All opinions are my own.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Bub & Me: Safari Zoo Run 2017

Last Saturday we went for our first family run of the year at Safari  Zoo Run 2017! We were up bright and early.. and praise God for the good weather! I still remember the torrential rain we experienced during Safari Zoo Run 2013 haha..thank goodness it was such a wonderful day for outdoor running!

The weekend before that we were at Marina Square to collect our Race Packs.

It was really smooth and for the first time ever, you didn't even need to wait for the event staff to attend to you to search for your bibs and goodies.. you could just use one of the FotoGraft Beta vending machines to collect your race pack items {see here for your runner's entitlement}!! How cool is that! (*^▽^)/

These vending machines were apparently just launched recently and event staff were still at hand to help in case there were any problems. The staff told us that in the future, the organisers will probably put them at the various malls for participants to collect their race packs at their own convenience.

All you needed was to either type or scan your IC number / event confirmation number and the machine will print your bib on the spot and dispense the t-shirt {and timing chips for those in the competitive categories}. After that you head to another staff to collect your eco goodie bag and vouchers.

Lil Pumpkin had fun taking the items out of the dispenser bin haha..

Even though our flag-off time for the 5.5km Safari Zoo Family Run was 8am, we reached the zoo about 7am to get a parking lot. After slowly going to the restrooms, wearing our bibs, taking some photos etc. it was about 7.40am and the starting pen was open so we went in..

This year, the Safari Zoo Run is themed "Run for Wildlife" and features 4 animal icons for Safari Zoo Run 2017 - Ah Meng the Orangutan, Chawang the Asian Elephant, Canola the Manatee and Sunny the Hornbill. It focuses on raising awareness for wildlife conservation. Each animal icon team supports an endangered wildlife species that the Singapore Zoo would like to raise awareness for.

Canola the Manatee mascot was there when we were about to start!

The race route was slightly different from the previous times we took part in the Safari Zoo Runs, but we still went through parts of the Singapore Zoo and even the Night Safari.

I think next time when Jurong Bird Park relocates to Mandai as part of a new 126ha eco-tourism hub in northern Singapore the Safari Zoo Run might go through it too??

I really love taking part in the non-competitive Family Run to slowly appreciate and take in the sounds and sights of the 2 wildlife parks in the quiet early morning before the tourists come in..

There's no need to rush, and you can stop at any time for photo opportunities with the animals.

You've to cross the finish line by 10.15am to collect your Finisher's Medal though but 2.5hrs is more than enough time to complete 5.5km even if you are ambling along as we were haha. o(^▽^)o

When we were at the start line, I thought I heard the host announce that there was going to be just 1 water station! But thankfully, there were actually 4 stations along the 5.5km race route.. phew!!

More than enough opportunities to get hydrated even if you didn't bring along your own water bottles.

Ever since DC Justice League Superheroes Run 2015 Lil Pumpkin has been completing our family fun runs without resting in her stroller haha.. even though this route is slightly longer than our usual runs, she still managed it without any whining or requests for us to carry her.

So proud of our little darling! I guess her CrossFit Kids classes has really been paying off in training her conditioning and endurance haha..

The 5.5km Family Run is comfortable not just for the young, but for the old to take part too. I was really happy my mum could join us for the event and have fun as well.

Mandatory shots with the route markers!! We always look out for these whenever we go for our fun runs..

It took us about 20 mins to complete 1 km.

In some runs these route markers can be kind of small but luckily these were big and visible..

One with the whole family ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭

My mum said that we should take one of Lil Pumpkin by herself at the 5km mark since she managed to run/walk the whole route by herself.. she was very proud of her granddaughter too

Only at the last part did the boy happily carry Lil Pumpkin on his shoulder past the finish line ( ᐛ )و

After the Safari Zoo Run, as per our usual practice, we headed to Rainforest Kidzworld in Singapore Zoo to cool down and play at the waterplay area. I thought it would be crowded with the other kids participants but surprisingly, it was pretty empty!!

Perhaps they went to the River Safari as you could enter for free that day as part of your runner's entitlement too.

We've never been to River Safari before but I'm pretty sure Lil Pumpkin would enjoy playing at the water playground much more than walking around again to admire more animals haha.. just look at her happy face in this photo!

Love the cute finisher medals that add to our growing collection of fun run medals but more importantly, I love the memories and experience of being active and taking part in these fun runs with my family.

It really makes you very appreciative of your health and wellness (●´∀`●)

If you're interested to join Safari Zoo Run next year, keep updated on their website here. Check out the rest of our Bub & Me activities or list of kid-friendly places in Singapore too.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fitness Diary :: Tia Toomey & Rob Forte, CrossFit Games Athletes in Singapore!

CrossFit Games fever is slowly building up among the CrossFit community as the annual international competition is set to start later this month!!

For those new to CrossFit, the Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Anyone aged 14 or older can compete in the Open and all you have to do is to sign up either online and log in your score each week.

For 5 weeks, workouts are released every Thursday at 5pm {Pacific Time}, and athletes have four days to complete the workout for the week and submit their score. You can do the workout as many time as you want {although they will definitely be pretty tiring and most people I know just do it once or twice...} and scores are due before 5pm {Pacific Time} the following Monday.

At the end of the Open, the fittest of each region will move on to the Regionals, and from there the top athletes from each regional event will move on to the Games.

Last year when I was more active in CrossFit and getting stronger during my PT training, I was pretty excited to join the CrossFit Games this year... however life threw a curve-ball and I had my back injury in September. I thought I'd still be able to recover well enough to participate in the Games this year but my recovery has been slow as it's hampered by my previous back problems.

I was really disappointed that I couldn't join the Games this year {Superman was very clear on that!}... especially when my CrossFit friends and the boy were busy registering and talking about it. Le sigh. I actually haven't been doing CrossFit for the past 3 months ever since the Halloween WOD to rest my back as most of the WODs would be too intense but hopefully I can be back at it in March.

But even though I can't take part in the Games, I definitely will be at my box to cheer everyone!! This year, the boy will be taking part in his first Games too!!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Last month Tia Toomey, 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth {i.e. 1st runner-up in CrossFit Games 2016} and Rob Forte, CrossFit Games athlete, were in Singapore to launch their sponsor's, Reebok, latest training shoe, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.

They also conducted a mass CrossFit session at Marina Barrage, and visited 3 local CrossFit boxes to conduct a WOD session with its members. Lucky for us, our box, CrossFit Mobilus, was chosen to host Tia and Rob, and even luckier still, the boy was one of the 18 participants taking part in their WOD class!

Not sure how the other boxes chose the WOD class's participants but in our box, interested members had to register with the staff and lucky ones were randomly picked via a ballot. I heard about 40 members submitted their names so the boy was really blessed to be chosen! (*^▽^*)

I went down to support the boy and my friends during the WOD and it was really an eye-opener watching these top CrossFit athletes perform some of the exercise movements and techniques...

... and I guess, very motivating for those that are taking part in the Games this year too!

The boy also got a little one-on-one coaching from Tia during the WOD for his cleans and thrusters (ノ*゜▽゜*) I think because he already did a strenuous workout that morning before this session, he was kinda tired and not on top of his game that day so it was really nice seeing Tia take the time to encourage him to push forward.

Took this with the boy just after he completed his WOD... Tia and Rob stayed on in Mobilus to do their own workout. It looks so challenging!

One for the memories! Thanks for coming to visit us!! Hope one day we will be able to see them compete live at the CrossFit Games, along with the other top athletes like Rich Froning, Khan Porter, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Josh Bridges etc.

Good luck to everyone taking part in CrossFit Games 2017!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's An Appropriate Slumber Party Age for Kids?

This morning during our car-ride to school, Lil Pumpkin asked, "Mummy, can I go to Nat's slumber party?".

I was kind of taken aback as Lil Pumpkin is just 7 years old... do kids this young have slumber parties with friends already??? I mean, Lil Pumpkin has stayed overnight at her grandma's and aunt's homes, and even had an overnight graduation camp for K2 before, but at a friend's home... already??

Instinctively, I replied, "No." and Lil Pumpkin's bright and expectant face immediately frowned. "But everybody is going...." she tried to reason.

Oh dear... #FOMO {fear of missing out} is starting for her already.

To give some context, Nat's is her classmate since P1. Although Lil Pumpkin has been her friend for the past 2 years & been to her birthday party and all, we barely know her parents or family situation. I'm not implying that her friend's home is dangerous, but leaving Lil Pumpkin alone at a drop-off birthday party is one thing, and sending her off for the night to stay-over alone at someone's house is another.

Growing up, I attended a few sleepovers myself and enjoyed myself tremendously. There's nothing like playing games, watching movies, eating junk food and talking with your good friends deep into the night... then waking up to do it all over again in the morning. So. Much. Fun.

But I think I was as teen when my mum first let me attend my first slumber party though.

As much as I would love a child-free night of peace {& extra room on our bed!!} and a chance for Lil Pumpkin to enhance her social skills / independence, I feel she is still too young for slumber parties with her friends and explained as such to her.

As a 7 year old, I think we've instilled in her some pretty solid values and she's able to tell right from wrong most of the time for simple matters. However, there are obviously grey areas and complicated matters where she will not be able to make the correct decision for herself. Also, as paranoid as it may sound, we do not know her friend's family well and what if there's an older sibling or adult in the family or even neighbour that wants to "try something funny"? Even if not, maybe the group of young friends themselves want to play pranks and do something dangerous while the parents aren't looking, and will Lil Pumpkin be able to stand up for herself in that situation and dare to say "no" to her friends?

I don't want to put her in such a dilemma or risky situation at such a tend age and as much as I know how much she wants to have fun and spend more time with her friends, I'm afraid I have to be the strict parent and say no to her.

I did reassure her though that when she was more mature / older and if it was to a family that we were on closer terms & more comfortable with, she would most likely be able to attend a slumber party on her own. But until then, I reckon play dates and day parties are good enough opportunities for her to socialise with her young friends outside of school. 

I'm glad that although Lil Pumpkin was sad about not being able to go, she listened, agreed with what I was saying and didn't think I was a "bad mummy".

Sigh... I tend to feel like one though whenever I have to say "no" to her as I wonder if I am being too harsh or paranoid. Parenting sure is tough!!! (。•́︿•̀。)

When do you think kids are ready to go to slumber parties or sleepovers?
What's your criteria for letting them attend one?