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How to Reduce Your Child's Risk of Myopia - W Optics Kids Myopia Control Assessment

Since most of our family members wear spectacles, we weren't that surprised that Lil Pumpkin got her first pair of glasses in May this year. After all, heredity is one of the causes of myopia.

The boy was randomly asking her to read road signs but she couldn't seem to see them clearly, so he decided to get her eyes checked.

At that time, her myopia or shortsightedness wasn't tooooo bad - just about 100 degrees. And she didn't actually have to wear one all the time but she chose to. Maybe because we all did so and she doesn't want to feel left out??

Anyway, when she started wearing specs, all of a sudden, my little girl seemed all grown up!! Aww! #wheredidmybabygo

Last month, since the boy and I were having our W Optics Comprehensive Eye Examination done, Lil Pumpkin went for their W Optics Myopia Control Assessment with one of their experienced optometrist.

Just like our comprehensive eye examination, her myopia control assessment is more than a basic eye check to determines the refractive prescription of an individual.

The assessment takes around 30mins and uses state-of-the-art equipment to identify the best vision corrective solution for the child's myopia, and also screens and diagnoses different eye conditions or eye diseases.

Parents are required to be in the room while the child takes the assessment.

The optometrist started off by asking Lil Pumpkin some of her family history, health and lifestyle like when did she start wearing spectacles, her favourite activities, her reading habits etc. 

After that, she examined Lil Pumpkin's eyes and its surrounding areas with machines. These customised tests included the following:
  • Visual Acuity Test: measures how well she can see at near and far distances
  • Subjective Refraction Test: determines, by trial and error using Lil Pumpkin’s cooperation, the combination of lenses that will provide the best corrected visual acuity
  • Vision Function Test: investigates how she uses vision for various tasks and her peripheral area of vision
  • Binocular Vision Test: checks if she can maintain visual focus on an object with both eyes to create one single image
  • Colour Vision Assessment: determines if she has colour blindness 
  • Slit-Lamp Exam: diagnoses glaucoma, detached retina, macular degeneration, cornea injuries etc. 
  • Corneal Topography: maps the curve of Lil Pumpkin's cornea to show possible problems on eye's surface like swelling or scarring
  • Retinal Tomography: gives a remarkably detailed image of the retina and all of its layers to check for conditions like age-related macular degeneration or retinal detachment

Like me, Lil Pumpkin doesn't really like people to touch her eyes so I appreciated the optometrist being so sweet and gentle with Lil Pumpkin to make her feel at ease.

She assured Lil Pumpkin if she showed any signs of discomfort and patiently answered any of Lil Pumpkin's curious questions.

I like that the optometrist took the time to explain her assessment findings in simple terms to Lil Pumpkin too, instead of just to us, her parents.

I know that when Lil Pumpkin hears something from other experts or "teachers", she tends to pay more attention and follow their advice better. She takes their words more seriously than ours! Is this the same with your kids too?? haha..

Here, the optometrist was telling Lil Pumpkin that she found tiny abrasions on her eyelids as she liked to rub her eyes so reminded her not to do so.

Thank goodness we brought Lil Pumpkin to her comprehensive eye assessment and found this out early before it got any worst!

We also found out that Lil Pumpkin's myopia condition had worsened even though she got her new specs just 2 months ago. Yikes! That's fast!

The optometrist explained that myopia can be controlled by slowing down its progression during childhood though. These treatments can induce changes in the structure and focusing of the eye to reduce stress and fatigue associated with the development and progression of shortsightedness.

Whenever possible, we should try to control myopia to keep the child from developing high levels of shortsightedness that require thick, corrective glasses and have been associated with serious eye problems later in life, such as cataracts or even a detached retina.

Spending more time outdoors {higher level of natural light is beneficial}, using less electronic devices & eating more food rich in vitamin D and lutein e.g. kiwi, spinach, squash etc. will help, as well as myopia control treatments using
  • Multi-focal optical lenses - special spectacle lenses with different power zones 
  • Multi-focal contact lenses - special contact lenses with different power zones
  • Orthokeratology {"ortho-k"} - special gas permeable contact lenses worn during sleep to reshape the cornea and be spectacle-free during the day

Based on the assessment results, the optometrist recommended that we put her on a myopia management treatment using Crizal Myopilux MAX lenses.These special multi-focal lenses slow down myopia progression.

The top part of the lenses corrects the vision and offers clear far vision, while there is additional magnification at the bottom of the lenses, reducing the effort for near vision, hence controlling myopia progression.

Kinda like a kiddy version of her daddy's progressive lenses...?? hehe

W Optics Suntec City also has a Myopia Control Centre.

It offers information on myopia causes and management, kids games & activities, as well as a full selection of over 150 children eyewear choices that come in different colour, fitting, hypoallergic material to cater to all kids.

There are even optical frames for infants, sunglasses and sports goggles!

Lil Pumpkin had fun picking out her new spectacles from Swissflex, which has a modular frame system that ensures optimum vision and best wearing comfort since it can be fitted individually.

You can pick and choose the spectacle temple attachments, end pieces, bridges, nose pads etc. It is also super light and flexible, so no worries about Lil Pumpkin over-bending and breaking her glasses!

Since there are different power zones in her lenses now, she needs to learn how to move her head so that her eyes focus in the correct zone when she is doing different tasks e.g. chin up, eyes down to use bottom half for reading, for the myopia control treatment to work properly.

It will take some time getting used to, but children adapt rather quickly... if they want to, haha. The optometrist advised us to let her wear it progressively i.e. start with half a day, then slowly increase the hours so that she'd wear it full-time.

We will need to come back in about 6 months' time to see if her degree has stabilised or not and check if the myopia control treatment is working for her. If it works, she should be on it until puberty.

Lil Pumpkin and her daddy with their new spectacles (*⌒∇⌒*)

Kids should have their eyes checked every 6 months to a year. W Optics Kids Myopia Control Assessment costs S$45 and is available for walk-ins, but I strongly suggest that you make an appointment first via W Optics' website. Weekdays are less crowded than weekends / public holidays.

Check out the above video of Lil Pumpkin's experience and I uploaded more pics/ short vids in my Instagram Stories Highlight Reel too - look for W Optics 230718 folder. 

W Optics Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-400 Suntec City
Open daily, 10.30am - 9.30pm
Tel: 6736 1303
Instagram:  @WOptics {Hashtags: #WOptics, #WEYExperienceSG}
* Other locations: Bedok Mall, Causeway Point, Compass One, Great World City, Hougang1, JEM, Singpost Centre, Tanglin Mall, Vivocity & Wheelock Place 

* Disclosure: This is a review for W Optics. All opinions are my own.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Importance of Regular Eye Checks - W Optics Comprehensive Eye Examination Review

Last month, our whole family went for the W EYExperience eye examination at W Optics that is tailored to individual lifestyle and vision needs. Hubby and I went for the W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination, while Lil Pumpkin had her W EYExperience Myopia Control Assessment done.

It was long overdue {especially for me!} and I'm so glad that I went because if not, I wouldn't have known what exactly has been causing my itchy eyes!! And it was not something that I had expected.. #yikes

I go on and on about fitness, health & wellness but isn't it funny how easy it is to miss out on one of our most important organs - our eyes - when we talk about taking care of our body or going for regular health checks?

Eyesight is one of our most important and valued senses. Without healthy vision, our quality of life will be drastically affected.

As we get older, the eye and its sensitive mechanisms become more and more susceptible to damage and disease like the rest of our body.

Being alert to changes in our vision is important in picking up eye diseases. Some, like glaucoma, have no symptoms in their early stages, so you may not know you have the problem until the disease is in its later stage! This can make treatment more difficult.. thus, it's a good idea to go for regular eye examinations for early diagnosis, treatment and management of any problems that may crop up.

The W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination is more than just an ordinary eye check though, and I highly recommend it, especially if you have a higher risk factor e.g. above 40 years old, have high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of eye diseases etc.

A basic eye check, even those in full body health checks, usually just test your vision and conduct an external screening of your eyes and surrounding areas.

For the W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination, they do so much more...

Other than the basic testing for the refractive prescription of an individual, it consists of the following using various machines,  
  • Objective & Subjective Refraction
  • Vision Function: checks your central and peripheral vision to diagnose, determine the severity of, and monitor glaucoma.
  • Amsler Grid: detects vision problems resulting from damage to the macula {the central part of the retina} or the optic nerve.
  • Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy: checks for any red eyes, external eye problems, cornea scratches or mild infection etc.
  • Tonometry: checks your intra-ocular eye pressure to see if you're at risk for glaucoma
  • Fundus Photography: checks the back of eye {retinal} for eye diseases, tears or detachments, mid-peripheral retina health as well as optic disc & macular health

Yup, be prepared to spend around 30 minutes for it! Customisation of eye examination to suit individual needs is available upon request.

We made an appointment on a weekday evening after work, so thankfully the shop wasn't too crowded and we didn't have to wait long for our optometrist to take the boy and I through the tests individually.

At each station, he sanitised the machines first and made sure we were comfortable before starting the tests.  Huge props to him for being really patient (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Medical or technical terms tend to fly over my head, and I usually depend on the boy to break it down into layman's terms for me, but the optometrist was very patient in making sure that I understood what each clinical equipment was testing for, and the results for each test before moving on to the next.

I'm pretty sure that I asked some silly questions along the way but at no time was he condescending or gave me a weird look hehe..

Thanks to the Comprehensive Eye Examination which checks your eyelids' health, I found out that I had a slight infection which caused Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis {GPC} in my left eye. It's an allergic reaction that occurs when one or several small round bumps {papillae} develop on the underside of the eyelid.

So that's why my left eye has been feeling itchy recently! I thought it was because my eyelashes/ eye make-up was irritating my eye or something.. never thought that it was actually my eyelid since the bumps were on the underside of my eyelid and aren't visible unless you turn them inside out, which of course, I don't. Even if I did, the small bumps aren't visible without the Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy machine.

The optometrist told me that its a common problem with contact lenses users, especially those that use soft contact lenses {I use monthly contact lenses, which are considered "soft"}. The reason for this may be because allergens are more likely to stick to soft lenses than hard lenses and irritate the eye if not cleansed properly.

Since my condition is still mild, I could lay off contact lenses to give the eye time to rest and reduce the irritation caused by the soft contacts. If I really had to, I should change to daily contact lenses instead.

Ah well... I decided to just wear specs daily instead and give it time to heal properly. Good thing I was getting a new pair that day after my check since my eyeglass prescription had changed since I made my last pair.. hmmm, 4 years ago?? haha. Also at W Optics by the way!!

For the boy, his eye health is generally good but because of his *ahem* age, he has Presbyopia aka 老花眼 which causes him to be unable to focus on near objects.

Presbyopia is an inevitable natural aging process of the eyes and usually occurs around 40 years old. The natural lens in the eye loses its elasticity and ability to change shape as the person gets older, so makes the eye less able to focus light accurately when looking at near objects.

Because of his presbyopia, the boy has to change his specs too to get a pair fitted with special spectacle progressive lenses, and had to take even further tests to make sure that they were customised properly to his needs as each wearer behaves differently while performing a near vision task.

The optometrist had to check the boy's posture in near vision e.g. the way he holds a tablet, as well as his visual behaviour e.g. the way he reads. This took maybe another additional 15-20mins.

W Optics Suntec City is Singapore's largest vision care store at 5,000 square feet and contain many store exclusives like Essilor Vision Studio, Essilor Nautilus VR Experience corner, Myopia Control Centre and a dedicated kid's corner.  

When it was time for us to choose our new spectacle frames, we were really spoilt for choice as W Optics carries over 52 eyewear brands and a few thousand eyewear designs.

We ended up choosing frames from the Stealer Eyewear collection. It's an up-and-coming Korean brand that already has an impressive following from Korean celebrities like Song Min Ho, Lee Ju Yeon, Lee Young Ae {大長今!!} and even G-dragon himself.. wahhhhhh!!  

Lightweight and minimal in thickness and style, the collection plays with thin steel and fine steel wire to create interesting designs with an industrial yet refined feel.

The usual lead time for spectacles collection is 7 working days or lesser depending on the complexity of the required lens. Our new spectacles were fitted with Crizal specialty lens according to the results from our W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination.

For the boy, he's using Crizal Varilux X Series Progressive lenses that's better than standard progressive lens as it dramatically reduces head movements so that wearers do not need to move/tilt their head to find the right angle to see sharply. There's a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision, to near vision {i.e. within arm's length}.

It's great for his active lifestyle as well as the lenses are tailored to his visual behaviour so that it provides clear vision whatever the distance, even in dynamic motion like when he's at the gym. 

Since I spend so much time using the computer or my smartphone daily which is tiring for my eyes, my new specs were fitted with the new Crizal Eyezen lenses that are specially optimised to relax and protect my eyes from digital screens.

It filters out harmful blue-violet light {bad for retinal cells & cause long-term damage to our eyes}, relaxes eyes in front of screens and provides sharp vision all day.

Both our new specs also have an additional Crizal Transitions coating. Whenever we can, we always get that for our glasses as we lead very active lifestyles outdoors too. It really is a must especially when you live in sunny Singapore and don't want to switch your usual specs to another pair of sunglasses!!

Crizal Transitions blocks out 100% of UV rays and adapts quickly to the perfect shade so that you see with just the right amount of light - clear indoors to fully dark in bright sunlight. Previously, they only had gray, brown or graphite green but now they have interesting new colours like amethyst, sapphire, amber {mine!} and emerald too. Woohoo!

You must be wondering.. where was Lil Pumpkin while Mummy and Daddy were taking their eye tests??

Well, our darling was busy playing at W Optics Suntec City's dedicated kids' corner while waiting for me, and had her turn while the boy was having his Comprehensive Eye Examination done.

I posted a separate entry on her W EYExperience Myopia Control Assessment and her optometrist's recommended treatment plan for her myopia control as there's too much to cover and I think myopia is a really important topic.

Did you know that Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world?? Well, I'm pretty sure you, your kid, or someone you know has myopia so check out How to Reduce Your Kid's Risk of Myopia here

Experts recommend that kids go for eye checks every 6 months to a year, while adults should have their eyes checked 1 to 1.5 years. However, for anyone who has systemic issues like diabetes, hypertension, family history of glaucoma should check yearly.

The W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination costs S$80. W Optics is the first optical retail chain in Singapore to offer such a comprehensive eye examination, and it is available only at their Suntec City flagship and Great World City stores for walk-ins, but I strongly suggest that you make an appointment first via W Optics' website.

Check out this video of our visit and I uploaded more pics/ short vids in my Instagram Stories Highlight Reel too - look for W Optics 230718 folder. 

W Optics Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-400 Suntec City
Open daily, 10.30am - 9.30pm
Tel: 6736 1303
Instagram:  @WOptics {Hashtags: #WOptics, #WEYExperienceSG}
* Other locations: Bedok Mall, Causeway Point, Compass One, Great World City, Hougang1, JEM, Singpost Centre, Tanglin Mall, Vivocity & Wheelock Place 

* Disclosure: This is a review for W Optics. All opinions are my own.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Primary School Science Comic Book - JJ's Science Adventure {Heat & Light} + GIVEAWAY

Recently, I noticed that whenever Lil Pumpkin does something related to Science, she would write "JJ" on the cover.

At first I was a little puzzled over it... then I remembered that she has a set of science-based comic books, JJ's Science Adventures, where JJ is the acronym of the main protagonists' names, Joyce and Jonathan, who go on exciting quests to discover the secrets of science.

A post shared by アイ・サクラ  (@aisakuraharuka) on
Did the comic books have such a great impact on Lil Pumpkin that she channels her inner "JJ" to help her complete her Science work??! haha

From Aurelia Tan, the same local author that brought us Science Made Easy with Doodles {a unique pictorial companion guide to the current MOE Science syllabus}, JJ's Science Adventure is a series of educational comic books designed to help readers master key learning objectives stated in the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Primary School Science syllabus.

The story goes that after receiving their birthday presents from their grandfather, Joyce and Jonathon {JJ} find themselves in possession of two bags which transform into Robo, a talking robot, and a teleportation portal. With a set of keys from Robo, the kids open the portal into sub-dimensional world created by the ‘World Maker’, an incredible invention by their grandfather to help them learn science.

Each comic book is based on a specific unit {e.g. Forces, Magnets, Heat & Light} and converts the learning objectives for that unit into a sci-fi adventure story that captures the interest of students through the use of engaging narratives and fully-coloured Japanese manga graphics.

In the adventure for Heat & Light, the twins journey into the World of Heat and Light where they solve challenging puzzle traps laid by their grandfather. Will they survive the constant sabotage by a minion sent by Mr Sinister and win the prize that helps them unlock yet another Science secret?

Like I mentioned before, Lil Pumpkin is a visual learner so enjoyed learning and remembering new bite-sized Science concepts via the cute drawings in the comic books.

And through the adventures in the comic books, she sees that Science isn't boring. On the contrary, Science is fascinating yet very relatable to the world we live in!! Definitely something she wants to explore more and dig into deeper!

The storyline is simple enough to follow, even for young Science learners like Lil Pumpkin. She particularly liked the "Did You Know" interesting trivia sections and "Challenge Yourself" sections where she could test herself on specific new concepts learnt.

As a parent, I liked that key learning points are highlighted to ensure that we can easily identify them as learning points to emphasize to our children. I reckon that the comic books are easy-to-digest for those in lower Primary, and is a fun revision companion for those in upper Primary that want to take their minds off all the "heavy textbook" reading. The book is also small and light enough to carry about and keep Lil Pumpkin entertained on the train or during waiting times. 

If you're interested, JJ's Science Adventure {Heat & Light} comic book costs S$18.90 and is sold online here, in Elm Tree shop at Paragon & Downtown East, and in Junior Page bookstore at Alexandra Retail Centre {ARC} & KK Hospital. More information about the series can be found on Harvest Edutainment website.

For my own special friends & blog readers, I've TWO JJ's Science Adventure {Heat & Light} Educational Comic Book {worth S$18.90} to give away!! A perfect Science enrichment book for P2 - P6 students, or even for younger children if you'd like to introduce Science concepts to them.

Giveaway Method: Random Draw

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TWO random winners will be chosen. Just complete all 4 simple steps + bonus entry {if you like}!

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Christine Lim & Karen Ong. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Check out my current readers promos too. Thanks for your support!

P.S. To date, there are 3 titles in the series: Magnets, Heat & Light, and Forces. Stay tuned for another giveaway next month for JJ's Science Adventure {Forces}!!

* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Sunday, 2 Sep 2018 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.
* Winners will be announced by Wednesday 5 Sep 2018 on this blog post and notified via email with further instructions on how to collect prize. Winners have 2 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.

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Fitness Diary :: Strong IS Beautiful 💪

The girl on the left is me. The girl on the right is also me. When I took my latest progress pics {see results of my recent fitness challenge - lowest body fat composition so far!!}, Superman joked that I shouldn’t post the pics because my arms looked “pumped” since I just did my arms workout and no girls will want to train with him anymore because I look “too muscular” 🙄

Oh please.. Not that I think I’m very muscular {still have pouches of fat here and there!!} but if you want to get a PT and hit the gym, then you SHOULD want to pack on more muscles!! There’s a lot of misconceptions about girls who weight-train but unless you take extra “juice”, it’s really not that easy to be big like Arnie even if you lift weights and train. Not even many guys with natural testosterone can do that...

I reckon girls should gym & want to build on more lean muscle mass to offset the chances of osteoporosis later on in life, help us function more easily in our day-to-day activities, and yes, even to help create that nice “toned” appearance that many think just doing plenty of dieting/ cardio / yoga will achieve. Even if you do end up looking a little more muscular like me, so what?

I’d rather go for strong than skinny. Strong is beautiful too. Strong represents the grit, hard work & effort I’ve put into my training to be the healthiest and happiest me. Strong shows Lil Pumpkin that she can break barriers & achieve what her mind believes. Strong proves that we are not limited by any societal norms for ladies.

I can still be a little “bulkier” AND wear pretty dresses. My body doesn’t define who I am. But who I am defines my body and I’m proud of what it has achieved and will achieve.

Sure, I do get unnecessary comments {even from my dad} like "wah, your arms so big" or "careful, don't train too much or you will look like a guy" but then I also feel happy when others, even strangers, tell me how inspired or impressed they are by my fitness journey.

Anyway, stay tuned as I continue to share more on how I'm moulding my body to become what I want it to be I post slightly more on Instagram and Facebook so do follow my progress there if interested..


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