Friday, June 24, 2011

Belt It!

In Japan, it is common practice for office workers to wear business suits to work daily, not only for important functions. There is great emphasis to look presentable not only to show respect to others, but to gain respect for yourself.

One of my health-concious Japanese friends told me that he liked to wear his tie because it helped him to monitor his weight. My, that was a first! He said that if it got too tight, he knew that he put on weight haha...

I'm pretty relaxed (even bordering on lazy) when it comes to monitoring my weight. Sure, I would jump on the weighing scale with trepidation every now and then to check, but most of the time I'm seriously clueless about my exact weight.

Unknowingly, I lose or gain weight pretty easily even if I seem to be doing the same mundane activities and eating the same amount of food every day. Sounds familiar?

Taking a cue from my Jap friend, I decided to just Belt It!

My rockstar skulls dress is from Sportsgirl, Aust and belt from Joop btw :)

Tracking your weight is important when you are trying to keep healthy and/or keep extra weight off. You can take actions immediately as you see it. If you are as *lazy* as me to check the scales every day, or take note of your calories per meal, wearing a belt (best is an elastic one that cinches your waist) is an idiot-proof way for the weight-conscious to check that you aren't getting fatter haha...

And you still get to be fashionable and funk up all your outfits! Niceeeeee....

What other handy tips do you have to monitor your weight? Share share!

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