Sunday, June 26, 2011

When Inflexibility Kills the Beast {aka Too Bad I'm Not Joanne Peh}

Today I went to Kamado at 313@somerset for lunch for the first time. It is tucked at a corner near the Somerset MRT entrance on Level 1.

There were 5 adults plus 1 toddler. The food was decent, but I couldn't be bothered to take any pictures because I was rather peeved by the lady restaurant manager.

We went around 2pm, slightly after the peak lunch period. There was NOBODY at the restaurant, and we wanted to sit at the cushioned couches table. Apparently it can only hold 4 adults, but the little pumpkin loves to sit at the couches so that she can "mingle" with everybody.

A simple solution would be to put an extra chair (which they have plenty of since there is NOBODY around) at the end of our table to let everybody feel comfortable. But no, the lady manager said that it would block the passage way when serving food. A logical reason except that a) the passage way was big enough for 2.5 baby prams, so think about that b) there is NOBODY at the restaurant, what makes you think it will suddenly fill up after we arrive, and c) all of our dishes did not need to be served through that passage way. It was passed over the bar counter to the waiters who just took a step back from the bar counter to serve us the food.

So, in other words, LOGIC FAIL.

All 5 adults and 1 toddler could fit into the couches but it would have been nice if the restaurant manager was more flexible and took the initiative to make our meal more pleasant.

After the saga over Joanne Peh and her hot water, shouldn't alarm bells have sounded for all restaurants to be a bit more understanding to customers, and show a higher quality of customer service?

I am certainly no celebrity, and my little post would certainly have no ripple effect like what Joanne Peh caused, but that doesn't mean I don't deserve some common sense when it should be given.

The manager would have acted correctly if the passageway was narrow, and if the restaurant was full with other customers. A chair at the end of our table would have caused inconvenience then, but certainly not while we were there today. In fact, no other customers arrived throughout the time we were there.

Any business with no thinking individuals who shows initiative for a positive effect on customers is doomed for failure. Especially in a society such as ours, whereby everybody demands a certain level of customer service.

What peeved me off even more was that nearing the end of our meal, the manager was happily using her laptop at the couches table behind us. So, it is ok to take up a whole table to use your laptop, but not ok to give us an extra chair????? Won't it inconvenience other customers who "might" show up too????

Again, the food was all right.. but nothing to shout about and there are so many other better Japanese restaurants around that giving a miss to Kamado at 313@somerset is certainly no biggie.

313 Orchard Road #01-14
{Contact details or opening hours not included because I do not recommend this restaurant}

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid review. All views expressed are my own.

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