Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Boy's obsessions: Feiyue (飞跃) Shoes

Am I lucky that I have a hubby that loves fashion and shopping as much as I do?? haha... He isn't the typical guy that will stand in a corner and sulk with his iPhone while the gf/wifey is shopping. No, he will happily join me in my rounds, hold the bags, give opinions and of course, his credit card :P Better still, he will leave me to shop to my heart's content while he looks around for his own stuff... then come back to pay for my goods.

The boy has been into old-school sneakers for quite some time, and recently bought his first pair of Feiyue shoes. Delta Mid White Green Green to be exact. He loves green.

Have you heard of Feiyue shoes?? Well, I haven't until he introduced them to me. Apparently, they have been around since the 1920s and originated in Shanghai. They are traditionally used as martial arts shoes (used by even Shaolin monks!) but have recently gained cult status in the shoe fashion world, being featured in FHM, GQ and other fashion magazines in Europe and US.

Orlando Bloom was pictured wearing Feiyue shoes (Lo White Blue Red) in 2008 and brought the shoes into the spotlight outside of China, where it was already highly popular. The brand is actually now owned by a Frenchman that modified the Chinese version, yet kept its "vintage look", to suit a more global market.

Ironic thing is that now, you can buy a fake Chinese version of the French version, or even a fake Chinese version of the Chinese version!!! Yes, the original Chinese version is still available from the original manafacturer, Top One. Found an address to be 585 Zunyi Road, Shanghai. That shop claims to be the only franchise shop of Top One in China. But hey, don't take my word for it. If China can produce fake eggs, what's a little fake shoes, eh?

Of course, the little pumpkin just had to try out her daddy's new shoes and give her stamp of "approval". Nice nice!! haha

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