Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Durian Party @ the office

Spotted another bird's nest today! This time in our balcony.

Seriously, I never came across birds' nests ever (much less 2)! Well, only those I ate haha...

We had an impromptu durian party at the office today. Yay! Happiness. I love that my colleagues are such foodies haha... It is always fun to take time away from work to have a relaxing afternoon session at our office balcony.

I know that a lot of foreigners hate durians because of its strong smell and unique taste, but I absolutely love it! Maybe because the durians found in countries outside of Southeast Asia are not of the best grade... but there are many different varieties of durians and the really good ones are what we call "shiok" in local slang... probably how we would express something as 最高!!! Typically, better durian breeds are Mao Shan Wang, XO, D24, Hong Xia...

When buying durian, it is probably best to go to a trusted seller, with somebody who knows a trusted seller, or with somebody who actually knows how to choose a good durian! Good durians are not cheap, for sure. But some sellers might try to sell you a lower grade for a higher price. If you don't have somebody to go with or go to, either trust the seller at your own risk, or just buy those readily-cut durians in packets at a cheaper price. If it's good, great! If not, it didn't hurt your pockets much, right?

Good durians should be a rich yellow colour, the flesh like whipped-cream and seeds small. I think they are best eaten chilled. I guess like cheese or wine, it takes time to be appreciated :)

If anyone is visiting this part of the world, you must try durian, in one way or another! The durian puffs and pastries at Goodwood Park Hotel (usually Mar - Jul) and the durian pengat (like durian mousse) at PeraMakan and Ellenborough Market Cafe are pretty legendary.

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