Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Made in Singapore Flea Day

Well as every true-blue Singaporean knows, National Day is coming right up on Tue, 9 Aug 11!! And that would make Singapore.... 46 years old! Heehee.. pretty young for a country, huh.

The grand National Day Parade (NDP) 2011 celebrations will be at The Float @ Marina Bay, but in an effort to extend the celebratory mood beyond the parade area, other festivities will take place around Marina Bay waterfront like Marina Barrage.

Highlights include a live screening of NDP 2011 (on 9 Aug, duh!), NDP Exhibition and fireworks. However, the one I'm most excited about is on 6-9 Aug, because there's going to be a Made in Singapore Flea Market! If you can recall, I love treasure-hunting in flea markets! haha... This one is pretty cool and takes place only during the NDP period. It supports budding artists, and showcases a lot of local talents and designs. Heard over 100 stalls will be there offering a great selection of food, drinks, art, accessories and life-style products. My "sister", Satona, is coming for a visit and I think I'll bring Sato-chan down there :) It will be an experience for her, don't you think?

If you are interested to hold a booth, check out the flyer below. There's going to be THOUSANDS of people down for NDP 2011 so you don't have to worry about no customers :P Only costs an average of $65/day. If I was serious enough in my house-cleaning, I would consider setting up a stall there to sell my stuff for extra moolah!

On those days, there's other interactive activities for the family like inflatable bouncies and game stalls too. I'm sure it will be heaps packed, so we might not drive. According to the NDP traffic advisory, most roads in the area will be closed anyway. I guess that will be Sato-chan's first trip on our local subway haha...

National Day is about 2 weeks away and I'm seriously starting to get into the NDP spirit! Now, where's my Singapore flag??!

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