Monday, July 4, 2011

Make-Up Mania

In the Celeb Challenge at Room313, the Make Up Store helped me create my Ayumi Hamsaki Look.

Love love love!

Check out the fine leopard print design.

Received 2 gift packages as part of my prize for winning the challenge, and for winning overall. They included face masks, oil blotters, their award-winning cybershadows and microshadows, lighters, eyedusts etc. Love that they gave me funky purple lipstick and lipgloss!! haha..

Was there over the weekend to check out more of their wide selection of make-up merchandise (actually wanted to get the holographic nailpolish but it was out of stock!) and when I turned to check on the pumpkin I saw this...

The boy drew green lines on her cheeks to look like GI Jane! Ok la.. quite cute :P

When I checked on her again after talking to the saleslady.... OMGGGG!!! The little pumkin was happily testing out the make up on her face!! Luckily it came off easily with their cleansing lotion.

Happily admiring her handiwork.

Looks like the pumpkin loves the Make Up Store products too! The boy had better watch his pockets heehee

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