Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Peter Pan and Flying Birds

I seriously love Peter Pan collars. Maybe "seriously" is not a word one should associate with the boy who never grew up.. "frivolously" might be a better word. Yes, I frivolously love Peter Pan collars. There is something child-like and girly about them that I find so deliciously sweet.

Cute, huh? I found a simple tutorial on how to attach Peter Pan collars on dresses here. Unfortunately, I don't know how to sew.. but one day, I might just try it out. Never say never :)

I'm very into animal-printed clothes too. I love this bird-prints dress from F21, and paired it with laced-up wedges from New Look. Simple look with no additional accessories to distract away from the Peter Pan collar and bird-prints detail.

Recently, a mummy acquaintance of mine had back problems (seems rather common in mummies!!) and went to see a doctor. Amongst other things, the doctor told her that she didn't need to wear heels anymore since she was a mother and wife (!!??). Guess the point he was trying to drive to her was that she did not need to dress up anymore since she was already married with a kid. I find that quite ridiculous, really.

I speak for myself (and maybe some other mummies too) that most of the times I dress up, I do it for myself. Yes, of course there are times I want to look pretty for the boy and to be presentable in public, but usually I do it because it makes me feel happy.

I find joy in picking out things to wear, choosing accessories, wearing make-up and getting ready to go out. It may not be an important event, but there's a self-satisfaction from looking yourself in the mirror, and finding that you look good. Perhaps not for others, but for yourself.

It's a frivolous thing no doubt, but sometimes we are so lost in "serious" stuff like work, looking after the kids, house-cleaning, caring for the elders that we forget about ourselves. Dressing up is like remembering our own identity and showing it to the best of our abilities. If I was disciplined enough, I would be doing household chores dressed like Charlotte (SATC) or Bree (Desperate Housewives) haha. But I'm too lazy~!

Those people who say mummies don't need to dress up are probably the same people who think that those who have tattoos all belong to yakuzas. I have 4. And no, I'm not from a yakuza.

Just because you wear heels & pretty dresses (and not gingham-aprons all the time), it doesn't make you a bad mummy. It's not like we are siphoning off household money to buy clothes and shoes! Basically, don't feel bad about looking good, fellow mums. We may be married, but we are not imprisoned or dead haha...

Have you ever been told that you shouldn't bother to dress up just because you have been married with a kid? How did you answer them?

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