Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Our little pumpkin is not due for any developmental checks but we brought her to see her PD on Sat, 23 Jul 11 for her pneumococcal vaccine. For the first time, she stood on the scale to be weighed like a little adult. Previously she sat on the baby scale for weigh-ins. Her "official" weight is 11.5kg.

And for the first time, she stood against a wall chart to be measure for her height, but she squirmed whenever the nurse put the ruler on her head. Previously she laid on the bed and they used the baby scale. Her "official" height is 83-84cm, according to the wall chart. But I think it is a bit off since for her last visit at 23.5 months, she was already 85 cm. I think she is already nearly 90cm :D

Her PD used the latest vaccine, Prevnar 13 for the pumpkin. As the pumpkin is already over 2 years old, she only needs this one dose. If she was vaccinated below 2 years old, she would need booster shots. The little pumpkin is still calm in this photo.. not knowing what's coming up next :P

For the first time, the pumpkin cried and screamed pretty bad when the needle went in. "Pain pain!!" I think now that she is older, she is more aware of her senses.

Little pumpkin shooting her PD the "angry" stare hahaha.... anyway she cried for a short while and became her normal self pretty soon.

We wanted to buy more Physiogel-AI for her eczema (she has it under control, but bad at times). Unfortunately, the clinic was out-of-stock. We talked to the PD about the pumpkin's eczema and frequent butt area rashes too. PD said we should continue to use nappy rash during diaper changes, and to air her butt more often. Start with half an hr a day and lengthen it. This will help the healing, and also aid in toilet-training too. Which we started (very) halfheartedly actually... ooops.

The little pumpkin is done with all her compulsory shots (see Singapore children's immunisation schedule here) and doesn't need any more jabs until she is 4 years old. Hopefully, she will keep healthy so that she won't need to see her PD until then heehee. Sat's doctor visit costs $217 (Prevenar 13 $172 + Consultation $45).


Oliveoylz said...

Oh, hahaha, so precious that you captured her "angry look" directed at her PD on candid camera. How cute is that! Yipee!!! Now that she has completed all compulsory more "angry stares"...hehehehe. Btw, cool that I can now leave comments:)

Anonymous said...

Sakura chan became bigger and also cuter :)

Ai Sakura said...

Oliveolyz: ya i checked some other comment option hahaha.. her next shot is when she turns 4. by then, she would probably be able to "scold" her PD! :P

Non-chan: arigato! I do hope you can meet Sacchan soon!!