Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some days (on Tues 12 Jul 11)...

Can you spot what I found today at one of our office walkway plants?!!

A cute little nest! It's the first time I've seen a nest on such a low plant... usually up in the tall trees, no? There were 2 sweet eggs (looked like choc eggs to me haha) in the nest but soon after I told my boss who went down for a look, they were missing! I wonder who took them ><"

Anyway, it is Tuesday again. I think that I might actually follow through with writing about Some Days, Most Days every week because it just makes it so easy to blog with a specified topic for the day :P Started by Lulu btw..

Some days, I like to wear make up. Most days, I don't bother... the "putting on" is fun, but the "taking off" is a b*tch, especially at the end of a tiring day where I just want to shower fast and hit the sack!

Some days, I think that I want a car so that I have the freedom to zoom around and take joyrides. Most days, I am happy to just sit in the passenger seat. I used to drive a lot in Aust but hardly so when I left. The drivers here are not friendly, roads are narrower and I can't remember how to park!!! How??

Some days, the little pumpkin will wallop everything I give her to eat. Those are the good days. Most days, I have to scold, threaten and maybe pat pat her bottom a little to get her to eat her food.

Some days, I am a busy bee and rush through everything. Most days, I have time to relax and enjoy God's beauty.

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