Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some days (on Tues 19 Jul 11)...

That's my lil pumpkin planking. Yup, we do silly stuff like this in our home haha... This is totally supervised and safe, of course.

Some days, the weather is perfect for walks - cloudy with a cool breeze. Most days, it is either insanely hot, or dreadfully dark and wet. Welcome to Singapore.

Some days, I believe in beauty over comfort (爱美不要命). Feet dying from high heels? It's all in the mind and doesn't matter as long as your butt is taut, legs look long and slender. Most days, I like to dress simply in flats, or wedges. Easy, breezy, beautiful.. cover girl (I wish haha)

Some days, I bathe the little pumpkin. Most days, the boy will do it. It's kind of like his "fatherly duty", but he loves to do it anyway as part of the bonding time with the little bub.

Some days, I wonder why I take so many photos when I don't really store and categorise them properly. Most days, I am trigger-happy anyway because I would rather have those photos as memories, then to not.

Some days, I cook and bake to my heart's content. I like to do it actually because I like to think that I'm serving my family food made with love, and I know it makes the boy happy to eat my home-cooked meals. Most days, I don't because I've no time. We get home only about 9+pm each weekday night, and weekends are usually filled with activities.

Some days, I have nothing that I want to blog about. Most days, I have so many things that I want to blog about. I don't keep a diary, and blogging is like a journal for me to write down my memories and experiences. I feel that if I don't write down most things, I will most likely forget those special moments... and they will get lost in time forever. Well, maybe not as dramatic as that, but you get the idea :) Especially for the bub's milestones - I want to capture as many as possible.

Joining Lulu on her weekly Some Days, Most Days.


Anonymous said...

My husband baths with Leilah too on the nights he is home early enough to do so. It's a great way for them to bond!!

I agree with you about the weather. Most days it's just too hot (or raining) to even think about going for a walk.

Lulu said...

Blogging has been great for me to capture the boys milestones- also good for me to go back and check what was happening when Noah was a certain age to see if it matches up to Shion. I have baby books for them as well but I am lazy about filling them in- I am 3 months behind on Shion`s and Noahs. They both have scrapbooks for their first years or so...I am very behind on Shion`s...maybe when the weather starts to cool down.

Thanks for joining in. Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

4th timing trying to comment... this is just not working for me today!!

Ai Sakura said...

nay: hello! aww sorry I moderate my comments so it doesn't publish immediately. hate spam! Yeah I like it when they take baths together coz I get to enjoy mine then.. no need to rush and worry that the bub slips, has soap in her eyes, touches the toiletbowl etc etc. heehee

lulu: so cool that you and nay actually do scrapbooks for the kids! I actually wanted to do one too and even bought materials... but I have not started at all. And that was 2 yrs back hahaha... bad mummy. So ya, I NEED to blog to remember in a way :P