Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some Days (on Tue 9 Aug): National Day 2011 Edt

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!!

This is my favourite National Day video {Home} sung by the local singer, Kit Chan. Every year, a unique song is specially released to celebrate Singapore's National Day but none I've heard so far moves me like {Home} does. To many other Singaporeans as well, this song just touches our hearts so much that it's been played over and over again every year, even though other new National Day songs are released.

Some days, I wish I could live a life away from Singapore. There are some things I don't like here - the hot & humid weather, the throngs of discourteous people especially on public transport, the rat race many Singaporeans partake in, the lack of activities that a small city offers...

Most days, I understand that this is life now, and this is where we will live, whether I like it or not. This is the best for my family and as much as possible, I have to make the best of it and to not think about the what ifs.

There's things I don't like, but there are things that I appreciate while living here too. High security and comfort, clean environment, efficient medical systems, world-class education programs, family & friends closeby etc. It is a love-hate relationship, but as with everything in life, I need to focus on the good more than the bad.

It's been about 2 years since I came back and it did get some getting used to. Some of my other friends who came back from a long time away from Singapore are finding it hard to adjust back to life here too so I know it is not just me {phew!}. Maybe it is because we are so used to life in other countries that we feel so disconnected and have a "cultural shock" back home. Whatever it is, we need to find that joy of living back here again. Having family and friends help, but it must truly be from within us to like living in Singapore.

Human beings always think that life is greener on the other side. But, what we should be thinking is that life is greener on the inside.

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It's Just Me said...

hi, new fan!

Marlee said...

So beautiful! And talented! Great blog, am a new follower :).


Lady J said...

Stumbled upon your blog and I kinda relate to how you feel. Always wanted to be out of Singapore, but now that I am, I miss home so much.