Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tale of 2 Daughters

So Sato-chan has been living with us for a week. With our little pumpkin, it does feel like we have 2 daughters now haha

The little pumpkin and Sato-chan having brekky at one of the nearby coffee-shops.


The little pumpkin calls Sato-chan che-che, which is like a local term of endearment for 姉ちゃん. She is happy to have an extra person to play with her and loves to hang out with her che-che, maybe to the point of being a nuisance??! heh.. Every morning she will ask "where is che-che?", and climb onto che-che's bed to be by her side and play iPad games or read manga together :) I've to tear her away from Sato-chan's side sometimes, especially when Sato-chan is doing her homework.

Yesterday I brought the both of them for a little walk around our neighbourhood and discovered this little gem of a bird shop. Sells a lot of exotic birds! All of us were in awe.. with a shop like this a few steps from home, who needs to go to the world famous Jurong Bird Park?? heehee

I've always been worried that Sato-chan will turn out to be like one of those Japanese teenage girls. You know, those bimbos with heavily-made up faces, super short skirts and high-pitch screams at anything that is 可愛い~!!Thank goodness she is still the mature girl with a good head on her shoulders I first met. Perhaps it is because she lives in the inaka, but I think it is mainly to the good upbringing of her traditional Japanese family.

We are happy that the little pumpkin and Sato-chan have a good relationship. When the pumpkin is older I'll send her over for cultural immersion at Otosan's place too. Actually, I think perhaps next year we will go back for a visit. It has been a few years since I've been back to their place in Kanazawa. I miss Okasan's cooking... and the simple Japanese living at the old house.


Unknown said...

Interesting blog you have here!


Carmella said...

It's fun having a big sister, even a pretend one...looks like they are both so happy :)

Stacy said...

Sato-chan looks like a sweet girl. I like she's in a normal T and not the short/tight clothes that's all too common on teenagers these days. Oops went into auntie mode... hehe.