Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Our Home

I am thankful that we have a home. It may be just a small apartment, but it is a home filled with love and family warmth. Recently, we hosted a guest for 2 weeks and it is indeed a blessing to be able to provide a comfortable abode for our guest to rest in. To be able to open our doors and share what we have, that's a nice feeling indeed :)

There are many blogs about home organisation {like this one} and I do love to read them. But it can get to you 2 ways. You either get jealous and upset that your own place is NOTHING like those homes {seriously, how do they do it?? these people's daily homes look just like those in home decor magazines!!!} or you get really inspirational and set your mind & heart on getting things in tip-top shape at home.

Sometimes, I do get frustrated that it's so messy. But, I'm happy to say that most of the time I get really inspired to get down and dirty to organise our lives a bit *Yay me!* I've actually started a little project called Operation Kirei Kirei with my hubby to make our humble home a few steps closer to our dream home {in terms of looks} heehee. It kicked off pretty well but unfortunately, has kind of stagnated the past month or so because of various things going on in our lives. I shall have to get it into motion again so that we can have host a nice Christmas party for our family again this year. Maybe another one with friends?

This is the little pumpkin's home within a home. This is her secret hiding place where she stashes her petite treasures, and her "safe-house" when she wants to run away from her food and scoldings heh...

Home is where the heart is, and lucky me because I have 3 hearts {the boy's, little pumpkin's and mine} to make ours a really special home :)

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Playing along at Kate's today.


Moodi Mumma said...

Beautiful post, thank you!! I am the same with these deliciously organised women and their devine homes!! My reaction varies from jealous to inspired also :)
I found you on Thankful Thursday and am now following your lovely blog x

Kellie said...

Ah, I think many women could relate!
I've come to the conclusion that while ever there are children living in this house, there will be mess!! LOL!
Good luck with the rest of Operation Kirei Kirei too! :)

Gloria Haynes said...

We should all feel thankful for what we have! So many have so much less! Thanks for reminding me of that! Have a great Thursday! I found you FTLOB!

Lifeasmummymax said...

oh love that her home inside a home :) I love organisation im a bit of both i try to implement some of it in my home but still jealous :)

Kate said...

Beautiful post, and thankyou for linking up for Thankful Thursday :)

I love the little cubby, my kids adore creating their own little 'homes' too.

Mandi said...

I don't know how those people do it either! I think what's important is that it's not so messy that you don't want to have people visit, and that you fill it with love and happiness. :) I absolutely love your blog, I'm so happy that I found it! New follower!

Mandi at

Oliveoylz said...

Here's a toast to Operation Kirei Kirei! I should periodically implement one at my place too! I so like the home organisation ideas in the blog attached. If only I could be half as organised...hehe. Awww how cute that li'l Sakura has a beautiful house to call home too:)

Ai Sakura said...

Good to know that I'm not the only mummy that is struggling to keep her home pristine :P

@Kate love that you have this weekly thing.. thanks for hosting!

@Mandi yups.. you surmised very well that we shouldn't have it so messy that people don't/can't visit at all, but most importantly is that love is there! :)

@Kellie, @ Oliveolyz thanks for the encouragement. I should really revive Operation Kirei Kirei soon heehee