Friday, September 23, 2011

Letter to my girl #2 | First Adventure without Us!

Dear Little Pumpkin,

Last Wednesday {21 Sep 11}, you went on your first road trip. To Malaysia. Without us, your parents! You are actually with your grandparents and I know that you are in good hands, but of course, daddy and mummy miss you so. This is the first time that daddy is apart from you for more than a day {I was involved in that glass house competition for 10 days, remember?}, and immediately after we sent you off in your grandfather's car, daddy pulled a sad face and said he missed you.

A few months back, it would not have been possible for you to travel without us, especially me. But now, you are a "big" girl at 28 months old. Coincidentally, it was also the Mid-Autumn Festival when you turned 28 months old. You had a lovely time playing with the lanterns and eating mooncakes, your favourite being durian and lotus paste traditional mooncakes! You also love the little piggy pastries heehee

It is no wonder that daddy misses you so much. The both of you are so close, and you are certainly daddy's little girl. You love him singing you to you, patting you to sleep and reading at night together. It is much easier for him to take care of you too since you are older and eat much better on your own. Sometimes he will bring your for swims at the club during the weekends, or for walks around the neighbourhood :) Cute daddy-daughter bonding time.

My little pumpkin, you are such a happy and animated child. You love to dance, and lately, love to sing along to Lady Gaga, Katy Parry and Rhianna songs!! OMG! Sometimes, you will even ask daddy to sing you their songs at night to sleep hahahah... Unfortunately, daddy has to turn down your special "song requests" most of the time ;p

However, despite your smiles and delightful hugs, sometimes I feel that you are a bit lonely. Maybe you don't even know it yourself, but when I see you saying "hello" to random strangers so enthusiastically or chasing after other kids at the playground, I wish I could do more to help you make friends. But it is a little difficult when I'm working full time to make playdates, and most of my close friends are not even married, let alone having kids. Times like these make me want to give you a sibling to play with!

Mummy and daddy are thinking hard about whether to give your a little sister or brother, btw. We already have cute names picked out for them, but we still need to consider many other factors so it might take a while before we reach a decision. I'm sure you will be the best elder sister ever and adore your little sibling to bits :) And, that is one of the reasons why we love YOU so much little pumpkin! Our little bundle of sunshine who loves to share and care.

Your grandparents will be bringing you back on Sunday. We can't wait to have you in our arms again! I can't wait to hear about your little adventure away from us....

Love always, Mummy

Have any of you little ones been away from you for more than a day? What did you do during that "free" time??

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Toyin O. said...

What a sweet letter, lovely picture, she is adorable.

Michelle said...

I have been contemplating what I will do when my little one goes off to school next year. She keeps me thing is for sure, the house will be too quiet.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Sakura, this brought tears to my eyes. So sweet. I hope she had a great time with her grandparents.

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

She is so darn cute!

NotaSupermom said...

My kids are big, but I still remember that feeling of missing them the first time we were apart.

Enjoy you reunion this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like she has a very special relationship with her daddy.

Good luck on your decision about having another baby.

Unknown said...

this is so lovely! Such a nice idea to write letters for them to read when they are older! x

Kristin Aquariann said...

Sweet letter to your adorable little pumpkin!! ^.^

Btw, I'm a new follower from Hop Along Friday and hope you'll join my Autumn Blog Hop, too.

mymy said...

awwww, such a tender post! i hope that she will be able to read this when she gets older (and have a sibling by then, perhaps? hihihi) and marvel at your love for her!

i have never been away from my 3year old for more than a couple of hours...i guess if i have the time i will take more pictures, do some more cooking, and internet surfing. ;P

happy weekend! :)

Kirsty said...

your daughter is gorgeous! What a beautiful letter you have written for her, she will love it when she gets older :)

Anita said...

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Unknown said...

Time away withOUT the kiddo? I've never (dared) to leave my boy with his grandparents for anything more than a sleepover, but your lil gal looks to love it! I shall try to muster the courage to do so soon too! Haha! The last time my boy was sleeping over at his grandparents... we enjoyed a looooong luxurious buffet steamboat BBQ dinner with friends (Something impossible to really enjoy with kids in tow!) Haha!

Jay said...

This is lovely :) Your pumpkin sounds so adorable. I hope she had a wonderful time with her grandparents. It's almost Sunday!

championm2000 said...

What a sweet letter and one I am sure she will treasure one day! I find that we spend our time without babies talking about the babies!

Sorry to hear about your grandmother!

Visiting and now following from Twinpossible's blog hop :-)

The Sisters' Hood said...

What a beautiful letter! Your words are just filled with love, line after line xxx

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Your little is so cute. Before you know it, she'll be a young lady. Btw, I didn't see the party you mentioned in your comment. Please invite me when it's up and running.