Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Days (on Tues 20 Sep)...

Some days it's so easy to think of things to write for this special meme. Most days, it's hard as I think most of my days are pretty mundane with really nothing out of the ordinary haha... a bit difficult to really pick out the "some days" :P

Some days, I can spend hours on Pinterest. {You can link up to my boards here btw} It has seriously got to be the most inspiring website EVAH!!! :) Most days, I'm busy with work/mummy stuff and blogging, so not much time for other online activities. Makes those moments when I am exploring Pinterest boards more exciting though!

Some days, my hubby makes me a protein shake for brekky. It's mint chocolate flavour so really yummy!! Most days, I have cereals and milk for brekky. I love Post breakfast cereals, especially Blueberry Mornings, Banana Nut Crunch and Cranberry Almond Crunch... as you can see by my pantry collection heehee

Some days, I get inspired and can write more than one post a day... or, I'll prepare for a meme in advance. So, I'll schedule them. Most days, my blog posts are in "real" time.

Some days, I look at my blog design and think - is it too messy? Can I make it prettier or more user-friendly? So, I'll surf and find out more about widgets and I've actually learnt a few things about basic html too! *beams* Kinda proud of myself because I'm not really much of a techie.. If you noticed, I actually added new Twitter Share and Facebook Like & Send buttons at the end of each post! Took me a long time to look through my blog's html script to place the codes at the correct place.. so please make use of them haha.

Most days, I'm happy with what I've done with Sakura Haruka so far. It is a simple blog but it reflects me and my personality very well. I like to think of it as a home-made pie out of a mother's kitchen. It may not be elegant or 高难度 like something out of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants, but it is wholesome and filled with homely familiarity and goodness. With a quirky and girly flair :)

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Newbie Couponing said...

Your blog looks perfect!

Stopping by from Monday Mob Hop and following you through GFC! Please stop by my blog and follow back when you can. :)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Love your Facebook button and i liked you.
Your blog is beautiful and just you. Don't worry what others think too much.
I love pininterest but havent had enough time to venture past a few pages. Totally addictive like twitter and blogging.

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

I like how you describe your blog as "homemade pie". Sometimes I feel there is unspoken pressure to make our blogs "perfect" and to spend time comparing. I think it counts most that it suits what we want it to be and we are comfortable with that.

Jay said...

Your blog is lovely.

I agree - pinterest is great! I can often be found there on nights when insomnia pays a visit.

I love cereal too. I like days when I can have cereal for dinner as well as breakfast ;)

EssentiallyJess said...

I'm the same with blogging. Some days I could write three posts, and other days I have no idea what to say!

I've recently ventured onto pinterest, but haven't got hooked on it yet. That's probably a good thing!

Liked you on FB too :)

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Seriously Sakura, you are hilarious and I like you already! I love your writing style too and your photos are very much my sense of humour! Lovely to meet you through Lulu and Jess.

No one said...

I have a pinterest account but I'm absolutely useless with it... I'll have to check it out again. You new Facebook button is very nifty, I'll go and like you page in a minute :)!

Julie said...

Love that your blog is all about you and that YOU love it!

I agree with Veronica. Our blogs need to be a happy place for us, not necessarily impress other people (although of course it is nice if others do like them too!)

Unknown said...

Having cereal from Post is my fav too...I love the The nut n banana flavor.....

Ai Sakura said...

thank you lovely ladies :) touched by your encouraging words.. it's nice to visit your different blogs and see the different personalities too heehee

Lee said...

Your blog is lovely. I write my blogs in real time too. I probably need to get better at managing my time and then my writing might improve... I am now following on pinterest and facebook. x