Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Sophie Kinsella

I guess one would consider Sophie Kinsella's books as Young Adult fiction, but hey, I'm a *ahem* young adult, aren't I :P Indeed, my colleague has told me on more than one occasion that his daughter dresses the same way as I do. His daughter is 18. And secretly, I get a cheap thrill whenever people mistake me as a student. Yes, you can call me the Girl who Never Grew Up.

Sophie Kinsella is one of my fave authors and I'm thankful that she exists to write the Shopaholic series to make other shop-loving women like us unite and feel good about ourselves that heck, even though there are days where we splurge where we shouldn't, we will never be Becky Bloomwood! {Our hubbies should be so lucky haha}

Sometimes, when it is just one of those long dreary days, Sophie Kinsella's books really just perk me up with their hilarious, frivolous fun. Even if I've read them before. I especially love the latest Mini Shopaholic book because to a certain extent, I can relate to it. How much I just love shopping and buying cute dresses, pretty accessories and colourful toys for the little pumpkin... and how hard it is to resist the urge from buying more!!

Of course, her books cannot compare to literature classics from Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte and the likes... but I think some of her books can be considered "classics" in their own right. After all, what makes a classic? Something that stands the test of time? Something that is universally-appealing? Something that speaks to the core of human nature? I quite like the simple explanation of a classic here. I am sure people, especially the ladies, will still be talking about her books many years down the road.

Anyway, in true Can-you-keep-a-secret? {one of her books} style, I'll leave you lucky readers with a few of my secrets... Shhhhh.
  • I ALWAYS wear red underwear to important dates or events where I need "good luck"
  • I am a real dud with MS Excel and never use it unless absolutely necessary. What formulas??
  • I have really, really annoying downstairs neighbours and sometimes, I wish I could drop a bag of dog poo onto their laundry
  • The boy and I lost misplaced our bub's original birth certificate & had to get a certified copy. Thankfully, the original was recently found!! #WeAreNotBadParents
  • I think I have big feet and am pretty conscious of them :/
  • Once, my hubby told me to "press X to close the window". I literally pressed the alphabet "X" key. Blonde moment.

So who are your favourite authors? Any secrets you would like to share with me?? heehee

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Unknown said...

I Totally and completely love your blog! You are so cool and i love your heritage!
i love Fablehaven book for teen.
Secret...We just moved and i HATE our new neighborhood...Like bad.
I would love a follow back!
Have a super day!

Kim said...

Sophie Kinsella's books are pretty good, I have read only one or two but really enjoyed them. I love your post about them, I know sometimes we need a light-hearted book and who cares if it is "young adult", we are all young at heart right?

Thanks for the follow, I am now following you back.

Lee said...

Hi, I have just finished Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, which I loved. It's the first of a series and I have bought the next two already, I liked it that much. I love anything by Anne Tyler, have read nearly all of her books.

Visiting from Thankful Thursday x

Kellie said...

Hehe!! Love your secrets, especially the red knickers! May have to try that one next time I need luck! ;)
I've just started Eat Pray Love (I know, behind the times here!) and loving it!

EssentiallyJess said...

I love the Outlanders series by Diana Gabaldon.

And wearing red underwear for important occasions sounds like a great rule to follow. But then I again, I do just love red underwear ;)

Ai Sakura said...

Looks like I have to check out the interesting books you ladies are into :) BUT, where are your dirty lil secrets??? hahahah...


Unknown said...

I love Sophie Kinsellas books, easy light reading..and who says when young adults end and old adults begin??!!

Kate said...

hahaha love your little secrets!

Okay I have a couple of secrets too. I just refused the kids seconds of dinner so they would eat the cupcakes that I need finished before we go away tomorrow... excellent parenting there!

Thanks for joining in :)

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

It's been ages since I read a book and I've not read Sophie Kinsella. I've a few favourite authors, including Jane Austen, but not all are totally light-hearted reading. My favourite easy reads are still Agatha Christie. Else I like Tony Parsons (entertaining & sensitive stories about life, family, love), Bill Bryson, Joanne Harris (of Chocolat fame), Tracy Chevalier (of Girl with a Pearl Earring fame), Nick Hornby (About a Boy and High Fidelity). Now, as for dirty little secrets, my mind draws a blank. Maybe I've blocked them all out! ;-)

Nikki said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower on GFC! Found your blog via the Thursday blog hop :)