Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bye Google Friend Connector??!

Last week, Google Team announced the end of Google Friend Connector (GFC). All non-Blogger sites will not be able to use this widget from March 2012, and thus ends one of the simplest ways for blog readers to follow blogs that they love. Well, at least for those using non-Blogger sites.

I can't believe that they are removing popular GFC. Is it a prank?? I don't know.. but a lot of other bloggers believe it's not. In any case, this is a smart move from Google to motivate people to move towards Google+ and use the applications like Circles and Hangouts. I'm using Blogger, so I think the widget will still be fine for my blog, but since not many people will be using GFC in time to come, I guess it is time to expand and tread deeper into Google+ to connect with other bloggy friends.

I started a Google+ account when it first came out, but it didn't really click with me. I still preferred using Twitter and Facebook. However, with the imminent death of GFC in non-Blogger sites {and subsequently Blogger sites??!} and introduction of Google+ Pages, I created one for those who are more comfortable hanging out there.

{Sakura Haruka}
on Google+

You can click on the above icon and add me there if you have a Google+ account :) There are, of course, many other ways to follow blogs you love like using Networked Blogs, Blog' Lovin etc. It is hard to keep up with all, and I'm not going to try because it will just wear me thin. Google+ is still within my comfort zone as I already have a Google account. As long as others can easily find me, and I can easily connect with others, that is good enough for me :P

P.S. You might want to read this first before you decide to use any Google+ URL shortener. Yes, I know, the whole string of numbers is so fugly, right??!

Blogging on Tues at Jess's. Will you miss GFC? Do you think it will affect the way you interact with you readers & other blogs?


EssentiallyJess said...

Oh that is not cool at all! I'm moving over to Word Press in the imminent future, so I will be very upset to lose it! It just makes things so much easier!

I'm on google plus too, but it's too hard to work out. I'm like you and prefer facebook and twitter, and really they are much more beneficial than google plus, and no one can be on all three, and have time; it's just ridiculous!

Hmm...I wonder what I will do now. :(

Grace said...

That's pretty sad news about GFC, isn't it ? I guess it's just Google's way to try and encourage the use of Google+.
I must say, I very rarely get time to use my reader. I mainly get in touch with other bloggers through FB, Twitter and memes.
Still. It's just one more thing to have to change, isn't it ?

Unknown said...

I have a Blog on Blogger but I am sorry to see GFC go on some Blogs. I also find that one will click Follow at the top of a Blog yet not show up as a Follower unless they also click Join This Site. I have started a Google+ account and I am now following you also on Google+! Take care and have a good Tuesday.

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

I heard about this too. I'm on free WP so couldn't even get the GFC widget so have never really used it. I don't like the idea of being forced into certain things though. Yet if the majority go that way, I guess the rest end up following. Annoying but the reality. I've had a Google+ account from early on but it just felt like yet another thing to set up and I spend so much time on bloggy stuff as it is!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

I dont really use Google except to read blogs. Some blogs don't have it anyway so I just subscribe to my inbox :) xx

Ai Sakura said...

Yeah it just seems so unreal that's it's going! Some blogs don't use it of course, but I see a majority do because it's just so easy to use haha... just interesting to read in recent days how different bloggers are dealing with the news :P

Unknown said...

Oh no! I love GFC, I may have to get Google+ worked out just to be sure.
So many things to keep track of, thanks for the info :)

ninalazina said...

I was not aware of this and so I will also have to do something about it. Just making more work for us!
Thanks for this. New to your site.

Jay said...

It's very annoying. I follow a few wordpress blogs using the GFC and was planning to self-host on wordpress in the future. I'd hoped to take my GFC followers with me.

I think Google will end up alienating quite a few people with this move.

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

ahhh, I can't think any longer. I'll have to suss it out later. I have google+ but haven't really used it at all. can't learn something new at the moment.