Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dinner @ Old Hong Kong Taste, Serangoon Gardens

Serangoon Gardens is another area that we like to go during the weekends. It's walking distance from our home and we are members at the club there, so we like to bring the little pumpkin there for a swim or play with the other kids.

My Village is a pretty small shopping mall {I don't know if you can even call it that since it really is soooo small!} with some well-known names like NTUC Fairprice, Coffee Beans, Subway, Udders Ice Crem, Wacoal etc. However, I seriously don't think you will come here for the shopping.. but more so for the food! There's 3 floors of dining goodness here. Surprisingly, it does not get toooo crowded even during weekends. Maybe because many still like to flock to the other cafes and restaurants, or even the famous Chomp Chomp hawker centre, nearby.

Last Saturday, while taking some photos for the ma chèrie dress reviews on the rooftop of My Village, it started pouring {what's new nowadays??} so we decided to just have dinner at one of the restaurants there. The boy felt like having Dim Sum so we went to try out Old Hong Kong Taste. Unfortunately, Dim Sum was over by the time we arrived about 6pm :( Apparently Dim Sum is available daily only from 10.30am - 4.45pm.

Nonetheless, we decided to try out the other Chinese cuisine there. There's nice sofa seats by the window :) We prefer to sit at sofa seats because the bub does not like to sit in high chairs nowadays. She prefers to sit next to us, yet have the freedom to wiggle her butt & dance a lil haha.

We started off with a pot of Healthy Tea each. I'm not really a fan of hot drinks or tea, but this was just perfect for the cold & wet weather! The tea came in such pretty glass teapots & cups :) The boy had the Chinese Wolfberry Tea which had some chrysanthemum too and is supposed to be good for the eyes & stamina, as well as relieve tension. It was very refreshing and the boy loved it. I had the Rose Tea which is good for stamina and has beautifying properties *beams* It was subtly sweet..

An item which caught our eye was the Triple Taste Rice. It's 3 small bowls of sticky rice with preserved vegetables, fried rice with conpoy {dried scallops} & cod fish, and red rice with sweet potato and sweet corn.

We thought the bowls would be rice-bowl sized, but they are not. It's actually pretty small but surprisingly, was enough for all 3 of us! Maybe it's because our side dishes were pretty filling too. Out of the 3, the boy and I liked the fried rice with conpoy & cod fish the best. The cod fish was so soft it melted in your mouth, and was overall very tasty. The little pumpkin had a taste of all 3 and finished all the rice :)

This is the Braised Homemade Beancurd with Scallop and Wild Mushroom. The beancurd was fried well and still crispy when it came to our table. Sauce was smooth and not too salty either...

The most expensive dish of the night - Barbecued Meat Platter with Roasted Duck, Barbecued Pork with Honey Sauce & Soya Sauce Marinated Chicken. It came with a dish of plum sauce and some pickled squid. All the meat were soooo moist and definitely worth trying. I actually prefer Roasted Pork to Barbecued Pork so I will have that next time. Out of the 3, the little pumpkin just eats chicken so she had most of that.

For the meat platter, you can choose to have either 2 or 3 types of the different meat. We actually wanted to have the half a Peking Duck but we couldn't decide how to cook the meat {we were just interested in the crispy skin!!} so decided to choose the meat platter instead.

Old Hong Kong Group has 4 outlets, including the one at Serangoon Gardens. Price-wise, I think it is mid-ranged with Crystal Jade restaurants. Old Hong Kong's Dim Sum is supposed to be highly rated, so we will definitely be back one day to try those out. Hopefully with more people so that we can try a wider variety of dishes haha

Old Hong Kong Taste
1 Maju Avenue
#02-01 myVillage
Tel: 6834 - 3013
Mon - Sun: 10.30am - 11pm {Dim Sum: 10.30am - 4.45pm}
*Enjoy 20% off all Dim Sum & Snack items Mon - Sat: 2.30pm - 4.45pm {Exclude PHs}

What's your fave Chinese dish?

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid review. All views expressed are my own.


Cindy said...

YUMMM! That made me get off the computer and go make dinner LOL!

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Oh yum!!! Whenever we go to our local Chinese restaurant the order ALWAYS includes a Spicy Squid, so I guess that's our favourite! As a kid I loved Honey Chicken but these days it's a bit sweet for me! And I'm also sure it would taste very different atOld Hong Kong Taste than it would here in Australia!

EssentiallyJess said...

I'm not a huge fan of Chinese to be honest, but the restaurant near us does th yummiest beef in chilli plum sauce. It's about one of theonly Asian dishes I'll eat.

I love hearing about different types of tea;(though I would probably not drink them). It amazes me there can be so many varieties!

No one said...

Haha! I always seems to come away from your blog feeling hungry! We don't eat out very much because our family is quite big and it can be expensive but those platters of food look just divine, yum, yum!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower.

Crash Test Mummy said...

Oh my gosh, that looks so yum. I want to go out for dinner now! That meat platter looks divine. I love duck!

Grace said...

Wow ! That roasted duck looks delish !!! I have lots and LOTS of favourite Chinese dishes. You can't go past a good yum-cha...chicken feet !! Yum ! ;)

Ai Sakura said...

Heh I'm such a foodie so I love to share the good news when there's yummy food involved ;p Sorry to make some of you hungry!! haha..

Rhianna said...

OMG! 3 floors of food goodness??? Our local shopping centre barely has 3 floors full stop

Jay said...

As a vegan my choices are usually limited to tofu and vegetable dishes. Still tasty though.

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

I suppose it's ingrained in me to like Chinese food. That bean curd looks so good! I used to live in Serangoon Gardens as a kid. Fond memories of food (again) from Chomp Chomp. Yum!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

I have to learn to stop reading your blog when I am hungry. You always show the most amazing food :) xx

annies home said...

looks delicious

Ai Sakura said...

Rhianna: it is rather small so even though it's 3 levels, floor space is limited compared to other malls ;p

Jayne: this tofu dish was rather good! love tofu and mushrooms heh

Veronica: oh reall?! we go there quite often since it's so near and because we are members of the country club there :) nice lil area..

Sonia: Yup, that's why my hubby calls me chubby hahaha..

shopannies: it is!