Friday, November 11, 2011

Korea 2011: Seoul Animation Centre & Cartoon Museum

Why visit: Attraction for children & anime enthusiasts
Recommended time to spend: 2 hours
Nearest train station: Myeongdong {Line 4}

Just before we met Jaye at Myeongdong, we went to visit Seoul Animation Centre. It's very easy to find from the train station as you walk towards the Korean Red Cross building, but you need to walk up a steep slope for about 10 minutes. Not exactly the funnest thing, but it's good exercise ;p

Being parents, we wanted to go to a place that the little pumpkin can fully enjoy too. I mean, she is too young to really appreciate old imperial palaces or shopping in Dongdaemun and seeing how much fun she had at Lotte World, somewhere that had specialised children activities would be nice. Plus, the boy likes anime.. so win-win for all, yay! :)

At Seoul Animation Centre, admission is free but you have to pay for some activities like watching a show at a big theatre {SeoulAniCinema} that plays full-length Korean anime films. There's also the Character Experience Display Room whereby you can make your own clay character and take photos with a camera to create your own little animated film.

For free activities, on the first floor, there's an exhibition room for art pieces and drawings. I think they even displayed some of the pieces drawn by visitors! Very impressive and worth taking a look at the exhibits that change throughout the year. All around Seoul Animation Centre, there are are also life-sized Korean anime characters and interactive art pieces for you to take pictures with. See that "fish" the boy is trying to catch? It's actually a painting on a wall! Animation Library is full of Korean and international anime books and films. As a foreigner, I don't think you can borrow the items out but there's a mini-theater inside if you want to watch any of the film.

Just a few steps away is the Cartoon Museum that also has an extensive Cartoon Library at the first floor, and a lounge area to enjoy Korean or international cartoons on the second. There are individual seats or if you come as a family, big sofas to slouch and relax on. We went on a weekday so it wasn't very crowded at both places. Take note though that Seoul Animation Centre & Cartoon Museum are closed every Monday and Public Holiday.

Another place you might be interested in for the kids is Samsung Children's Museum. We didn't manage to go on this trip but heard rave reviews about it. Samsung Children's Museum is located in Jamsil near Lotte World. There's a lot of hands-on exhibits and children can dress up & "work" for the day in their dream job. Activities are suitable for toddlers up to primary-school kids :) I do hope we can check it out on our next trip there! I think the little pumpkin will love it!

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What fun places for kids do you know of? Do you bring them there often?


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That museum looks amazing! My cartoon loving kids would be in heaven! :)

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The museum looks great. All your pictures are always fantastic!

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Wow that looks like heaps of fun. Your little girl is so divine! Very gorgeous. x

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What a cool looking place! I would have a great time- but I'm probably not allowed there.

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