Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Letter to my girl #3 | Take Chances & Be Unafraid

After about 3 weeks on our trip to Korea, I think it's time to move on ;p I hope the series has inspired you to visit, or at least given you some insight on what it's like for one of our Asian neighbours :)

Just a little note for my girl to mark her travel there.


If you had an opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Anna Millie said...

Beautiful letter! I started diaries to my kids when I was pregnant with them. I have to say the entries aren't as regular the more time goes by. I hope your little girl will one day appreciate your letters!
Anna @ Confessions of a Psychologist

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

A gorgeous simple letter. I hope my girl's grow up with a spirit of adventure too. Just not sure I'll be willing to let them go!

EssentiallyJess said...

Such a beautiful letter. One of my girls has a huge enthusiasm for travel and adventure.

If I could go anywhere, it would be Washington state in the US. I'd love to camp in the mountains, and hike through the forests. It looks like such beautiful country over there.

Unknown said...

I love this, its such a sweet idea.. I like the thought of my kids reading something like that and remembering things.

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

That is such a sweet letter to your little girl! I love that you were given a love of travel and are doing your best to give it to your daughter as well! So sweet!

Ai Sakura said...

Anna: I've been writing her milestones ever since she was born and random letters now and then. Anticipating that she will have a great understanding of what life was like when she was younger drives me to continue with this :)

Veronica:Yes, sometimes I wonder how it will be when she is old enough to fly her wings.

Jess: Ooo I heard that they have pretty Sakura gardens there too!

Mum's the word: Never too late to start!

Daisy: yup trying trying! Thanks for the compliment :)

J Rodney said...

What a special post, and a great way to keep the memories.

Thank you for participating in last week’s Wednesday Window @ Frugality Is Free. I hope you’ll stop by to link up your favorite blog post this week as well.