Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Mummy's Girl

And I am not talking about the little pumpkin.

I've always been quite a mummy's girl. As a child growing up, my mum took care of my every need {and most whims}. She was a stay-at-home-mum (SAHM) fetching me to school, tuition & swimming classes, preparing my meals, playing with me, coaching me in schoolwork etc.. Much like what mums do. The gap between my older sisters and I are rather big, so I was really the baby of the family, and treated that way for most of my life.

I left home about 18 for overseas study and it did get some getting used to being independent. My sister got married the year before I left home, got pregnant and gave birth when I was away. When I came back during break, there was already a little cutesy baby in the house. Very cute. Much like my lil girl now haha...

Yes, I love kids. But me being about 19 then, I did not appreciate a screaming baby waking me up early in the morning. Especially during my holidays when it was my God-given right {or so I thought} to be able to wake up wayyyy after day breaks, no? Of course, I did not like "helping" to look after a crying bub, change diapers or feed that little terror too. Did I mention my nephew loved to hit me on the face??

Anyway, most of all, I didn't really like my mum giving all the attention to the baby. Ok, I admit now that I was kind of jealous of my nephew then. However, growing up being the center of attention and baby of the family for so many years, it was hard to accept that now there really IS a "baby" in the family. And it wasn't me.

Of course, as years passed I realised I was just being silly. I'm an adult and of course mums will treat children different from adults. You are supposed to be more independent and able as an adult. You should relish in the respect your parents give you when they give you the freedom to look after yourself, and make your own decisions. You should be proud when parents say you are responsible for your own future.

However, much as I enjoy my parents treating me as an adult, I am thankful that there are moments when my mum shows that I am always her little girl.

Like when she makes cute obento food for me. Thanks mummy.

Sharing at Kate's today. Are you a mummy/daddy's girl?


Healthy Baby Beans said...

Nice post! I enjoyed reading it.


Life Love and Hiccups said...

We all love to be treated special don't we. How gorgeous are those little food packs from you mum. She sounds like one special mum xxx

Unknown said...

daddy's gal or mummy's gal? my parents love us equally the same. glad to have them by my side alwiz. My mummy helps me to take care of baby Hebe while I was working.

Marita said...

Such cute lunch boxes :) I want to be the mum that makes those for her daughters.

I'm closer to my Dad than my Mum, mostly because of the medications mum has to take for her MS send her loopy. But I love them both very much.

Ai Sakura said...

Clancy: thanks :)

Sonia: She is definitely. Mum's been taking care of us for so many years, and still continues to help take care of OUR children. So appreciative of her..

Angeline: Yup, love my dad too and my mum helps to take care of the bub while I work heehee. Mind at ease!

Marita: I hope to be that kind of mum too! Slowly getting there.. Just posted on a lego obento I packed for the bub on tuesday :P

Stacy said...

Those bentos are for YOU?? Lucky gal haha.

Guess it was natural for you to be jealous then, even at the ripe age of 19. :)

Kate said...

Beautiful. I'm a total Mummy's girl too ;)

I wish someone would make Bentos for me too!!

Christy said...

We all have to have a little adversity to enjoy the good things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I am neither. I was one of 9 children, so I was just lost in the mix.

All that food looks sooooo good.

Elaine said...

I'm a daddy's girl and still am even though I'm a mummy already. My girl is (currently) a mummy's girl though, and I'm loving it, except when I am weak from gastric flu and she still wants me to carry her.

Obentos look cute and wonderfully delish.

LL Cool Joe said...

I just popped over from Dazee's blog. What a great post and I love all the colourful photos, very creative and fun!