Friday, December 2, 2011

For little girls: Carina Pink dress

As you know, little girls love to dress up, and I love to dress my little girl up so I'm always on the lookout for charming little apparel for her.

A few weeks back, Christine, designer and creator of ma chère, contacted me to review her dresses. I visited her website and was drawn to her fun and whimsical site design. The playful nature of her brand was also reflected in her philosophy {my dear, happy girls} and dress designs.

ma chère is an online boutique, but I'm skeptical to shop online because I fear what you see online may not be exactly what you get. I don't want to recommend to others things I won't buy myself so I actually met up with Christine to look at her atelier and stock. After a bit of "sleuthing", I'm actually pleased with the quality of fabric {sourced from Korea, Japan etc} and workmanship of the dresses. All dresses are manufactured in Singapore by the way.

The boy chose this ma chère dress, Carina Pink, for our little pumpkin. It's a bubble-dress with cute animal prints. I like the sweet colour and details of the red ribbons on both sides, and button opening at the back.

It's a pull-over dress and very easy to wear out for a casual day in the park or city. Carina Pink's bubble skirt makes it easy for the bub to move and dance around, perfect for an active child like mine! As a mum, I also like my girl's dresses to be easy to maintain and wash, which Carina Pink is since it is 100% cotton.

ma chère ships internationally and currently has a holiday promotion of 15% off all collections. For Singapore shoppers, even more good news because there's free shipping to Singapore addresses & a Open House at Christine's home on Sun 11 Dec with discounts up to 20% off. Excellent news for Christmas shopping! For more details, check the website & facebook page.

Want to see more? Read all ma chère dress reviews here.

What you do look out for in your kids' clothings? Do you like to shop online?

*Disclosure: ma chère provided the Carina Pink dress for a review. All other accessories belong to me. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


Kristyn said...

Thanks for the link for the dress, I love this one!!!

Kathy said...

Oh so cuuuuuuute :-) She looks precious.

I rarely shop for clothing online although I pretty much always buy books that way. Like you, I worry if it's going to be the same as the picture!

Ai Sakura said...

Kristyn: No worries. You should take advantage of the 15% discount for the holiday season! :)

Kathy: Exactly.. but luckily Christine was nice enough to let me see her actual stock before this review, so I'm happy about recommending her quality dresses!

Amelia Rhea said...

she's going to be such a natural model. Oh, do you have any educational gifts that you can recommend? I want to get them for my nieces.

Ming said...

your girl poses very well! professional model. :) and i'll definitely check this out for my girl too... would be a nice CNY dress too. :)

btw i added you in my blog roll. let me know if you prefer not to be linked. :) see you soon!

Stacy said...

I am bad at estimating sizes and whatnot, so need to put the actual thing on. :) Don't quite dare to buy online coz of that.

June said...

That's a pretty dress! Thanks for the tip-off! ;)

Renee said...

Hey, found your blog via Tots and Me! Looking forward to reading more!

Your wee girl is Gorgeous!!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

She is beautiful. That tiny hat is so darn adorable!

Ai Sakura said...

Glad to share this new online shop with all of you :)

Amelia: How old are your nieces? Congrats on your new website btw!

Grace said...

Naw, she's just adorable! Very pretty dress and most importantly, she looks really comfortable wearing it :)

The Cheese Thief said...

Aww your daughter is adorable.