Sunday, February 19, 2012

Decadent Desserts | Red Velvet Cake @ Food for Thought, Singapore Botanics Garden

Yesterday, Lil Pumpkin and I met up with Susan and her daughter for a playdate at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Lil Pumpkin had an amazing time and after her play we went to the nearby Food for Thought at Botanics Gardens for brunch.

I was pretty tired after Jacob Ballas so I did not take much pictures there. However, it is a really nice place and I intend to go back again. This branch {there's another branch at Queen Street} has a big alfresco sitting area, and an even bigger indoors air-conditioned sitting area. Tables are not cramped together {love!} and there's a simple urban, yet homely, restaurant vibe. Set in the lush Botanics Garden, it even has a small outdoor playgound with slides & all for kids!

Going there, I knew I had to try their Old Southern Red Velvet cake. It is not a common dish in local restaurants, and I was really looking forward to eating it. Even if I did not take pictures of my brunch {Pomme Noisettes, Garlic Mushrooms, Scrambled Eggs with Cream & Chunky Sausage btw}, I had to snap shots of this delicious dessert.

Red Velvet cake got its name from its red colour, and is usually served with creamy vanilla or creamy cheese frosting. Food for Thought's Old Southern Red Velvet cake is served with creamy cheese frosting and the flavour is pretty strong. It is also rich and moist, which I adore as I don't like dry cakes.... The serving is just right as a dessert after your main meal, or an accompaniment to a cuppa. Some places serve tiny desserts for an exorbitant price, and I'm glad this isn't one of them.

The sweet red shavings at the top of the cake are just white chocolate dyed red I guess. It is a delightful cake and certainly something I will order again when I'm back there :)

Me and Lil Pumpkin, with Susan and Sophie. I love how both darlings look like their mummies!!

Food for Thought, Singapore Botanics Garden
1 Cluny Road Singapore Botanics Garden #B1-00
Sun - Thu: 8am - 9pm {Last order 8.30pm}
Fri - Sat: 8am - 10pm {Last order 9.30pm}

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Madeline Heng said...

That's nice to see playdates among kids of the same age. Glad you guys had fun!

Kelvin Ang said...

That is so nice! Organizing a play date! Cool!

Susan said...

Hi Ai, nice to have met you and your little one. Looks like the water play area was really a hit with the kids. Lets have another one soon :)

Grace said...

Yum ! Those red shavings look amazing ! A real case of "Too beautiful to eat"...I bet it was delicious, though :)

Unknown said...

AHHHHH that looks so good! Wow...I'm now drooling over that cake haha. And I love the picture of you guys at the bottom! Looks like you had fun :) Is that the Hello Kitty glasses I see you wearing? ;) cute!

Shary said...

I love Red Velvet Cake so much! Was it delicious or what?

Savannah McQueen said...

Oh my gosh! That cake looks luscious. Thanks for posting...checking out your website.

~Summer~ said...

Wow that cake looks heavenly! =) And isn't nice to meet fellow mums/bloggers, and even better to be able to let the girls make new friends and play together! =) Hope you all had fun!

Ai Sakura said...

Madeline: yup they certainly had fun!

Kelvin: indeed.. do you attend playdates often? This is our first time actually haha

Susan: most definitely! :)

Grace: it was really good.. I'm gonna try and bake it haha

Brandi: yeah I've been wearing it quite often hehe

Sharisse: thanks for dropping by! It was yummy!

Savannah: you are welcome!

Summer: always nice to make new friends *grinz*