Friday, February 17, 2012

Glow with Health | Phoenix Medical Group & Berrylite Frozen Yogurt at Greenwich V

For the Greenwich V Experience, each team visited 11 shops in Greenwich V and sampled the various products and services from each shop. We are tasked to write reviews on each of the shop as a team, and for my team, we drew lots to see which shops we will each write about. It's hard to choose because we enjoyed the experience from all the shops!

As luck would have it, I'll be sharing about Phoenix Medical Group and Berrylite frozen yogurt. I'm happy to pick these 2 shops because they both represent something important to me - health :)

The following photos without watermark are taken from Rachell, who was the designated team photographer.

Phoenix Medical Group is set up by Dr Daryn Kang {featured above}, Dr Chua Hsan Cher and Dr Lee Kai Lun, who all obtained their basic medical degree from prestigious NUS. Since then, they have gained experience and certifications in various fields like Aesthetic Medicine {Dr Kang}, Dermatology {Dr Chua}, and Family Medicine {Dr Lee}.

According to Dr Kang, who talked to us during the Greenwich V Experience, their best-selling product is a PCA Facial Wash with lactic acid as its main ingredient. As us girls did not want to ruin our make-up for the day, William was "volunteered" to try out the product haha. The poor guy was a little nervous and I had to remind him that he was just going for a face wash, not botox!!

William said that he enjoyed the facial wash and that his skin really felt clean after that. I can always take his word as that, but since I'm writing the review, I need to try it out for myself so when I went home, I used the sample PCA Facial Wash that Phoenix Medical Group gave us in our event goodie bag.

This is me, sans make-up and post-facial wash :) The wash itself has a gel-like texture and does not foam up much, but my skin did feel clean but not tight or dry. That's a plus point for me as I do have sensitive skin. No redness occurred after that either.

PCA Facial Wash is suitable for sensitive and normal skin types. It works by loosening dead skin cells and promoting new cell-turn over. Personally, I feel that it is important to have a good skincare regime. When your skin is healthy, you do look healthy and you feel healthy. There are some people who go through many steps in their skincare regime, but I reckon the very, very basic is to get a good facial wash to cleanse away the dirt and impurities from the skin. Even if you are a "lazy" person, this is really the bare minimum.

I'm holding the travel size, and obviously the 7oz bottle they sell is bigger than that. PCA Facial Wash would be a good wash to start with if you have not found something that works for you yet. Do talk to Dr Kang and his team for more information on their other products and medical services. They were all very patient and detailed when talking to us, and seem very approachable.

Phoenix Medical Group
1 Seletar Road #02-11, Greenwich V

Now, to really glow with health, it is not just about the appearance, but taking care of your inside as well. And this is where Berrylite comes in. To be honest, I have never bought over-the-counter yoghurt before... I usually get them from the supermarket. I used to think that store yogurt were just the usual supermarket flavours with extra toppings. After tasting Berrylite, I am blown away.

Did you know that yogurt has flavours like Red Velvet Cake, Irish Mint and Cookies & Cream? Seriously, I did not either. Silly me thought only ice-cream had such gourmet flavours.. when I tasted the Berrylite frozen yogurt, I even asked the store assistants, "Is this yogurt??" because it tasted just as good as ice-cream, but it is 100% fat free!!
It really was sweet indulgence, without the guilt. Accredited by the Health Promotion Board {Singapore}, Berrylite frozen yogurt is packed with probiotics {good bacteria that boost immunity}, tons of live and active cultures and strictly no preservatives. There was a program in Japan that recommended you to start the day with yogurt for breakfast as part of healthy, beautiful living. My friend Ayaka eats it faithfully every morning and I think she is gorgeous so there might be some truth there :)

I have a weakness for ice-cream... but if yogurt tastes as delicious as Berrylite, I think my hubby will be pleased if I eat more yogurt compared to ice-cream from now on haha. Yay to another way to eat healthily! ;p Berrylite has rotating flavours all year round to tantalise our tastebuds. I think I need to go down more often to review the different flavours imported directly from the United States *grinz*

Berrylite - The 100% Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt
1 Seletar Road #01-08, Greenwich V

* Disclosure: The PCA Facial Wash was provided by Phoenix Medical Group, and Berrylite frozen yogurt tasting was done at Greenwich V Grand Opening organised by and Far East Organisation. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


YummyMummy said...

I love your HK glasses!

Adrine said...

I so wanna try the Berrylite!!!

momto8 said...

i did not know about those yogurt flavors...what a great alternative to ice cream! thanks!

Ai Sakura said...

DancingMommy: thanks! I like them a lot too.. have been wearing them quite often haha

Adrine: do do!! so creamy...

momto8: yes! I'm happy to have discovered that too.. love Irish mint and red velvet :)

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

The yogurt sounds scrumptious! I wonder if they'll make some local flavours like pandan or taro.