Friday, April 27, 2012

Make Every Life Moment Shine ☆ キラキラ ☆

I work 5 days a week, while the boy works even the weekends. Most weekdays, the only time we get to spend with Lil Pumpkin is at night, so we really treasure the family times.

Children grow up so fast, and as much as we want to be there to watch Lil Pumpkin's every milestone, it is impossible. As working parents, it is a sacrifice we have to make... but one we know will benefit all of us especially when we have such a high standard of living here. Food, education, electricity, home mortgages, car installments all need to be paid. Plus, we are setting an example for our daughter - life is not all about play, and nothing comes without a cost.

Whatever moments we have with her, we try to live life to the fullest and impart our knowledge and love to our daughter through every day simple living. Be it through quiet reading timesplaying in the waters with her daddy, having a fun baking session with me or taking the time to hug & talk to her... it doesn't need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of effort. 

Life is not about waiting for the "special occasions" or those "Hallmark moments". It may go by all too soon to even recognise that it was special. Today will never come again. Use your fine porcelain, wear those pretty shoes & pearls you've been saving and don't wait for storms to pass, learn to dance in the rain!

Every woman knows that there is no one shoe {or bag, or shirt, or dress} fits all for every moment, but since wearing the Casio Sheen SHE 5020D-7A for the past few weeks, I think that actually, it is an accessory suitable for all of life's occasions based on the different styling! I wear it daily and its classic elegance fits right into my lifestyle a young modern woman, a sophisticated working mother, graceful wife and chic domestic goddess. I love its beauty and it is a daily reminder to make every life moment shine!

What roles are you juggling daily? Do you have a daily reminder to live life to the fullest?

Most of the activities we do with our darling daughter are here, and do check out my list of Kid-Friendly Places in Singapore. Contact me if you have further ideas or recommendations!

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* Disclosure: Casio Sheen SHE-5020D-7A was provided by Casio Singapore for the blogging campaign, thanks to All other clothes & accessories belong to me. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Wow, you both work so hard. But you're absolutely right. Life is about every small moment, not just waiting for the big ones. Wise words.

Unknown said...

I am lucky that I get to work from home but because I spend every moment with my children I don't always cherish it. But I should. thank you for the reminder.

happylan said...

A great reminder, so many beautiful moments on otherwise ordinary days.
PS, that IS a gorgeous watch.

Grace said...

Even for me, who isn't working full-time at the moment, I need reminding that it's all about the small moments. The little things. The subtle ones. So glad to hear you guys appreciate them away from your busy working schedules x

Unknown said...

All your hard work will pay off for your family! I give you so much credit with how hard you work, raise your daughter and find time to keep your blog up to date! Phew! lol. Love the pictures...such a beautiful family you have :)


Theresa Mahoney said...

Beautiful post. It's all about creating memories for my kids. It's not about flashy trips, but incorporating a little magic into each day.

Love the watch!

Ai Sakura said...

Life in a Pink Fibro: thanks :) it's easier said than done though, that's why I need a daily reminder haha

Toushka: no problem!

happylan: yes, 24 hours in a day, how can there not be even one?? heh

Grace: sometimes the rush and tiredness gets to us, but I've come to realise that it's very important just to stop and breathe in the moment.

Brandi: thanks dear! I've kind of found my momentum and schedule now so it is a bit easier..

Theresa: thanks! I do hope your recent important decision works out for you :)

supermac said...

New to your blog. Stumbled upon it through FYBF. I love Japan but I have not been fortunate enough to visit your wonderful country. So excited to check your other posts. Will hit the Follower button after this. Glad to have found you. xx


supermac said...

Just read About Ai Sakura. Alright, so this is not about Japan after all ;-) Never mind, still glad to have found your blog ;-)

Skylar Magazine said...

My reminder is kind of strange. It is a small pill box that my grandma gave me a long time ago. It's a beautiful little pill box and I just had to have it. She was going to get rid of it and I wanted it, so she gave it to me. She's been gone about 10 years now, but I keep it beside me every day while I'm working in the office. It's a reminder to live my life to the fullest, but it also reminds me to stay positive and not worry so much. It's very special to me. That's a very pretty watch. Oh and I love your daughters shoes, those are so cute. Your daughter is such a little fashionista. Like I'd seriously wear those shoes if they had them in my size. She is just precious.

Anyway, you have a wonderful weekend. Oh I almost forgot. Not sure if you read yet, but yesterday I started a new feature.

The feature is Skylar's Top Commentators. Each week on Friday's I will be sharing our top 10 commentators and the number 1 commentator gets a spotlight. You are in the top 10 at number 4.

You can read all about the new feature on Skylar. There are 3 posts regarding. The first one will explain what it is and then the next one is the top 10 and then the last one is the spotlight.

If you look on my left sidebar between the GFC and Linky Followers widgets, I have a top commentator box.

Anywho, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and for helping me out the other night with those buttons. Now I just need to find an email button and I'm wondering if I should add an RSS button and a stumble button. Think I should?


The Imperfect Housewife said...

Whether you work or are a SAHM Mum like me, It is totally about making the little moments count. ...

oomph. said...

so true about the kids. after work there's only a few hours with them, and even most of those hours are spent eating dinner, doing homework, showering, and getting ready for bed!


Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Love your positive spin on why you both work. Yet I can't help missing my girls. The little moments are do important. The challenge is to not be too busy to see them or too out of touch not to notice them. Often the ongoing sleep deprivation and busy mind do blind me to what I should be noticing.