Friday, April 20, 2012

Korea 2012: Hello Kitty Cafe, Sinchon


Why visit: Dream house for Hello Kitty lovers
Recommended time to spend: 2 hours
Nearest train station: Sinchon station {Line 2}

The problem with being trigger-happy is that at the end of just a one-week trip, you end up with so many photos that you have a hard time choosing which to post! Being the Hello Kitty fan that I am, I thought I would start my travel series for Korea 2012 with our happy visit to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Sinchon :)

The last time I've been to a Hello Kitty themed anything was to Puroland, Tokyo. I went there 3 times and even though it is a relatively small theme park in Japan, it was pure heaven :) Hello Kitty Cafe Sinchon is still heaven, but even smaller hahah.


It really is designed to look like Hello Kitty's wooden house with 2 levels of sitting areas, and an outdoor al fresco balcony on the second floor. Perfect during the cool weather! We ordered iced cafe lattes, strawberry yogurt waffle and the chocolate mousse cake. The mousse cake was very smooth and chocolatey, and the rest were delicious too. Here's a tip, if you order the beverages and want the Hello Kitty face/bow designs in the drinks, remember to not order whip cream.

To be honest, I own a lot of Hello Kitty bakeware, stencils and crockery so technically speaking, I could make these kawaii food creations at home too ;p But of course, the atmosphere is different! Unless, I get to have my own Hello Kitty room in the future heh #dreambig
The staff are very friendly and don't mind you taking photos inside the cafe. Actually, they probably expect it :) Free wifi is available too and they will tell you the password needed. Since Sinchon is a popular place for the young & trendy with many restaurants/ bars, shops and noraebang {karaoke rooms}, it probably is better if you went to Hello Kitty Sinchon on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Also, do not confuse Sinchon with Sincheon - another district the other side of Seoul!

Hello Kitty Cafe Sinchon also sells Hello Kitty merchandise and memorabilia from the cafe. I bought back a pair of mugs as a little memory to share with my hubby, who couldn't come with us on this trip. There is another Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae {nearest station is Hongdik University} which I plan to go with him for our next trip back to Seoul :)

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oomph. said...

we had a cafe that opened up in one of the stores here...nt sure if it is still open, but the goodies are so cute!


Narda said...

Nice post - I love Hello Kitty! They don't have anything like that here though.

Ai Sakura said...

oomph: they are! hope it's still open in your area :)

Narda: yay! happy to meet another Hello Kitty lover haha

Oliveoylz said...

HK! When I step foot in this cafe I know I'm gonna have a hard time leaving. I will probably have to be thrown out of the cafe after the doors closed. lol!

Theresa Mahoney said...

My girls would DIE if they had a Hello Kitty cafe to visit. They'd probably ask to move in permanently lol!

DancingMommy said...

Ai, I love it. Can't believe I miss out on this the last time I was in Seoul. *bummed*

Mummy Kless said...

So cute! Hello Kitty anything is just awesome. =D

Unknown said...

Omg...I wish we had something like that around where I live!! So neat :)


lisacng said...

Cute overload!