Sunday, May 20, 2012

Audi Fashion Festival 2012 | Parco next Next! Fashion Show

I didn't go to many fashion shows for Audi Fashion Festival 2012 as it clashed with work but I'm glad I managed to make it for the PARCO next Next! runway show yesterday at Tent@Orchard. The latest in homegrown fashion with 8 designers from the PARCO next Next program showed off their Spring/ Summer 2012 collections and it was very refreshing to see local fashion stars shine.

All experts were once beginners, and even though not many Singaporean designers have made their mark in the world market {yet}, I think it is important to give support to local and emerging talent wherever possible. I'm glad I was not the only one who thought so as it was full-house at Tent@Orchard!! Woohoo~!

Here are some snippets of my time at the show. I didn't take much as I was pretty intrigued with the interesting designs and somewhat theatrical runway. You really have to think out-of-the-box to have an impact on the runway audience, especially when you are sharing a stage with other labels. For example, LION EARL had their models wear antlers, Nat Ho modeled in some futuristic metallic outfit for evenodd, while PAULINE.NING rocked it with a collection inspired by bejeweled Chinese porcelain. Applause to all of them for a creative and fun runway show.  

Labels featured were 20:TWOTHREE, Episene, evenodd, Lion Earl, MASH-UP, MILS, QUAINTHOOD, PAULINE.NING. All are currently retailing at PARCO Marina Bay.

This guy totally stole the show for me with his elegant ballerina moves for the label MILS. I think all fashion shows should have ballerinas :P

Met the boy after #AFF2012 for another birthday dinner celebration! Well, we do have 5 family birthdays in May!! xoxo


cre8tone said...

Cool fashion show!

Anonymous said...

Oh hey! That's my friend on the left on the 10th picture! :D