Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 Things to Tell Your Kids about LOVE

1. Love is unconditional
You don't need a reason to love something, someone. It comes naturally with no strings attached.

2. Love brings joy
It brings you to the highest of highs, and fills your heart with gladness. It's like living in Disneyland :)

3. Love hurts
With such intense emotion, it can also bring you to the lowest of lows. But just like a boo-boo, it will go away after {some} time.

4. Love can be lost
Things may not go your way all the time, and love can be lost. Don't throw a tantrum though!

5. Love can be found, again
Sometimes at your darkest moments, you may think that you will never love again once love is lost. However, trust mummy & daddy when we say that you will definitely find love again. It might be the same love you lost, or a new love.

6. Love isn't about being right
Sometimes, daddy and mummy fight. But daddy always gives in to mummy. Always. Why? Because he loves her, and love is never about winning the fight.

7. Love can be found in different forms
You can love your friend, sibling, parent, grandparent, pet, toy etc. Love is infinite and boundless. But whoever or whatever you love, cherish and treat them right.

8. Love is not just about following your heart
Love can bring us so much joy that we think love is all we need. However, remember to bring your head along.

9. Love is more than physical attraction
Beautiful things are lovely to look at. But when you love someone, remember to look inside as well because beauty on the outside fades with time while beauty on the inside last forever. Cultivate your inner beauty.

10. Love from your parents conquers all
Mummy, Daddy and even your Heavenly Father loves you forever. No. Matter. What.

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What other things about love will you tell your kids?

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Kara at Petals to Picots said...

Great stuff!

Ai Sakura said...

thanks Kara :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful things to teach your kids about love! Great post Ai :)