Friday, June 8, 2012

Letter to my girl #6 | Mummy & Daddy in Hong Kong!

Dear Little Pumpkin,

Mummy and Daddy are currently in Hong Kong now. And sorry, you are not here with us. But hey, you went on a little trip without us last year on your own too! 

It is not because Mummy and Daddy do not enjoy your company. As much as possible, we want to bring you all around the world to experience different cultures and extraordinary things that you may not be able to come across back home. You have already been to Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Korea... and that's quite a feat for a young lady like yourself!!

This time Mummy and Daddy are going on a short trip without you to just spend some time together. Since you were born, you have been the focus of our attention, and rightly so. However, Mummy and Daddy must not neglect each other too. Only if our relationship is strong can we provide a loving home for you, my dear. So don't be too sad to know that we do fun stuff without you, ok?

I'm also writing this letter to you in case anything happens to us during our travels {touch wood!}. Mummy is a little paranoid, but just in case... We want you to know that we love you very very very much. There are times when we are harsh with you, but that's because we love you dearly and want you to grow up properly.

You must remember all that we have told you, and to live a strong, happy life. Mummy isn't scared that there is nobody to take care of you because you have wonderful living grandparents and immediate family, but Mummy is scared you will feel lonely. Don't be, because Mummy and Daddy will be looking down on you from Heaven and protecting you, as always.

My little pumpkin, you must also help Mummy and Daddy to be filial and take care of your grandparents for us too. They have always treasured you dearly and deserve all the respect and love that you can give.

We will try to come back safe and sound into your chubby little arms! Daddy has taught you how to use Facetime so we'll call back to chat with you daily. It is just four days away but I'm missing you as I'm writing this already.

Love always, Mummy


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Cynful Pleasure said...

Happy Holiday... :D I am sure Little Pumpkin will miss you both too... and will behave well..

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Beautiful post, Ai.

Ai Sakura said...

Cynful Pleasure: was good to see her last night when we got home :)

Veronica: thank you! glad to be back now..

Grace said...

Gorgeous letter to your precious one, Ai x