Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Singapore Yacht Trip

Have you ever been on a yacht? I have been on ferries and river cruises but last Saturday was the first time that I stepped aboard a yacht just to have a leisure trip to nowhere {not counting that time we went to see dolphins in WA}....

This yacht trip was a preview event for an exciting product that's going to be launched to the world! I'll be blogging about that product later on in the week.. but for now, I'd like to share the wonderful experience I had on the yacht :)

It was really a brilliant day to be out at sea! The sun was out and it was really nice to feel the sun's rays on your skin, without the heavy tropical humidity due to the cooling sea breeze...

Looking out from inside the yacht. There's a cute kitchenette and cozy seats here.. plus 4 cabin rooms. The yacht we were on actually sailed all the way from Singapore to Hainan, China before. It's a very romantic idea to live out in the sea and sail wherever your dreams take you.. but I get a little seasick so luckily we just sailed out for about 45 mins towards Singapore's southern recreational island, Lazarus Island before stopping. I don't think I'd be able to stay onboard all the way to China haha

Inside one of the tiny cabin rooms.

Lovely to just sit by the deck and dip my legs in the water :)

Sunsets by the sea are always so breath-taking. If you look carefully you can see a flag tied to some helicopters. Singapore's National Day is coming up soon in August so every Saturday, there's rehersals for the National Day Parade {NDP} which includes the flying of Singapore's flag all around our nation.

I had the company of 12 other bloggers with me on board! Here's Jocelyn, Karen and Ying Zi.

Feliza and me :) I've met some of them briefly at other events {like the launch of Mcdonaldland Hello Kitty plushies} but I only got to chat with them more on the yacht. I like small events like this where there's time and space to really talk and get to know other bloggers & the companies. Do you remember my 2012 blog goals? One of them is to build community so going to events is not just for showing my face and getting to know about the products, but also to interact and build relationships.

Yes, I was wearing my new Casio Sheen SHE-5512SG-7A watch heehee. It's a water-resistant watch so I wasn't worried about getting it slightly wet ;p There's still 5 more days to take part in the giveaway contest and win one for yourself by the way!!

At night, we enjoyed a BBQ dinner, and just relaxed on deck to chat and look at the stars! There aren't as many city lights out there in the sea, of course, so we managed to see many bright shining sky jewels. Love!

This was certainly one of my most memorable blog events attended. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore into the clear waters, check out ONE15 Marina Club's yacht packages. They seem pretty reasonable and perhaps one day, I'd organise a yacht trip for my family as a fun get-together :)

Do you like to go out to sea? If you are a blogger, what was your most memorable blog event & why?


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Rhianna said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had. Can't wait to hear about the products.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #TeamIBOT

Rose said...

Oh wow! What an awesome way to spend some time!

It's been a very long time since I've been on a boat.. I didn't get too sea sick, just a little queezey.

My first bloggers event is coming up this weekend and I'm so excited and can't wait!

Happy iBOT hun xxx

Redcliffe Style said...

I love going out on the water. It gives you a sense of freedom and awe of the beauty. I love the photos and they make me want to hit the water now. Rachel xx

Ai Sakura said...

Rhianna: it was :) will be posting about it on Thursday I think... look out for it!

Rose: hope you enjoy it! the first one is always so exciting as you aren't sure who you'll meet and how they will be in real-life haha

Rachel: thanks.. I guess it is pretty cold in Aust now so have a go during summer!! ;p

Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me said...

I have never been on a yacht so I'm not sure how I would go. Might get sea sick! But your photos are beautiful and what a fun blogging event!! x

Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun. Been a while since I have been out on a boat. My last bloggers meet up was just on saturday as you saw and its so much fun catching up with the bloggers. And I just have to say you look HOT.

Grace said...

Look at you lookin all hawt and sultry in the sun ;) So nice to hear you got to meet other bloggers too! I love blogging events - can't wait for Blogopolis this Sat :)

Ai Sakura said...

Tina: ya one of the girls got quite ill :/ but recovered soon after so not that bad hehe

Salz: aww thank u! *blush*

Grace: oh is it this Sat!?? that's fast!! I wonder why Nuffnang doesn't organise one in Singapore..

oomph. said...

how exciting....I've never been on a yacht. Haven't been on too many boats, but I do like to go out to sea.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

Penny Whitehouse said...

I was lucky enough to almost grow up on the ocean. My dad made catarmarans and we were always sailing. I miss it. So gla you had a nice time. Rather jealous actually.

EssentiallyJess said...

Boatman would love to buy a boat to live on! I actaully kinda like the idea :)

My most memorable, and only blogging event was DPCON 12 and I loved it. Was so much fun.

Glad you're geting to meet other bloggers. It's so nice to bea round other people who understand your compulsion to tweet, FB or IG at any given moment! :)

Crash Test Mummy said...

That looks like an awesome day! You look so relaxed. I've been lucky enough to spend some time on a mutli-million dollar super yacht. My friend was on the crew and I was allowed to go and visit her for the night. There's something about yachts - they just ooze class and luxury.