Friday, July 27, 2012

10 Things to Tell Your Kids about MISTAKES

 1. You can't use an eraser to remove mistakes
Not even if you have a giant one.

2. Don't believe anybody that says they don't make mistakes.
They are lying. 

3. Everybody makes mistakes
Yes, even mummy & daddy make mistakes *gasp*

4. There's no age limit to mistakes
Growing older doesn't mean you make less mistakes. You just make different ones.

5. Own your mistakes
Take responsibility and own up when you make mistakes. Remember, mummy & daddy will find out either way. We have special powers like that.

6. Mistakes are forgivable
Especially if you have the courage to admit them. 

7. Do not fear mistakes
Sometimes you may need to be punished from your mistakes, but the reward from succeeding is much greater.

8. Mistakes are proof that you are trying
It's a stepping stone on the path to what you want to achieve, and more useful than doing nothing.

9. Learn from mistakes
You just learnt a new way of how to not succeed at the task. Try not to repeat that.

10. Learn from other people's mistakes
Knowing how others failed is not to gloat at them, but to know how improve and move on. Remember, you may laugh at your sister slipping on the banana skin, just make sure you don't do it yourself!

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What other things will you tell your kids about mistakes?





Madeline Heng said...

Agee with you that making mistakes is better than doing nothing!

Asianmommy said...

Absolutely! You may fail many times before you succeed, but you'll learn and keep improving every time you try.

WhatJeanLikes said...

Great list of things to tell your kid about making mistakes!! Children sometimes take it so seriously when they mess up. This helps put it in perspective!!

Ruth said...

I like your list! I think it's so important to teach children from young that it's ok to make mistakes and it's all part of growing up.

Stacy said...

Great list! The English is rather complex though. Hafta make it really simple for young kids heh.

Ai Sakura said...

Madeline: Yup, keyword is to "try" :)

Asianmommy: don't give up, right?!

WhatJeanLikes: I know some adults that do as well ;p

Ruth: even we as parents aren't perfect so we shouldn't pressure the kids to be.. that's my opinion anyway.

Stacy: haha thanks for the tip! I will try to make it easier for my other lists :)

Susan said...

Agree with the rest that this is a good teching point for kids. I teach my girl that it's okay to make mistakes and what's most important is that we learn and grow from them.

Crash Test Mummy said...

Such wise advice Ai. Learning from mistakes and not being fearful of making them is a very good skill indeed. Lucky lil Pumpkin ;)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Great advice. I always tell my kids it's ok to make a mistake. It's not ok to play the blame game, point fingers, or try to cover up their mistake. If you make one, own up to it and move on.

Ronnie said...

Love your list. Haven't even thought about this myself but I like your thinking.
Ronnie xo

Grace said...

Great list, Ai! So true about how us mummys and daddys still make mistakes (gasp!) just difference ones. (Ain't that the truth!)

Penny said...

Wonderful advice. It's the trying that counts, not the end product (or mistake). :)

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful post.. one I will print out and am sure to refer to ... it is really good to educate our kids about mistakes and that we all make them!
This post made me really emotional.. maybe because I have made mistakes and I realise that that is ok! Something I will definitely pass on! xxx

~Summer~ said...

Awesome list, Ai! Love how you phrase so many of the points that I will raise both hands and agree. =) Mistakes are definitely part and parcel of life, can live without them so better make the most of them! =) I also think it's important to let our children know it's ok to fall down so long as you pick yourself up again.

Unknown said...

Great tips Ai! It's so true, everyone (no matter how young or old) makes mistakes. It's how you handle yourself and admit the mistake that reflects who you are :). I let my kids know that making a mistake does not make you a bad person. You learn from mistakes and carry around those lessons learned throughout the years in your suitcase of life!

Precious Isla said...

great advice.. love it! :))