Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bub & Me: Monopoly Singapore Then & Now Game + {Giveaway}

When I think about my childhood, I remember the nights when my parents would get my sisters and I around the dining table to play a board game. We loved playing Pay Day {I always made sure I got the diamond ring!}, Cluedo, Life and of course, the perennial favourite Monopoly.

No other board game has kept up with the times and taken over the hearts of everyone all over the world the same way Monopoly does. I guess one of the reasons is because of the many global variations Monopoly can be found in. It has successfully managed to replace game scenerios, properties and tokens with local relevance, while keeping the spirit of the game the same throughout the world. It's like the world's local game. I know of many friends that go around collecting country limited edition Monopoly sets from the places they have visited as souvenirs! Our family's set has passed on to me, and the boy & I bought a Takashi Murakami x Monopoly set from Japan years ago. Now, I'm happy to add the world's first 2-sided Monopoly, Singapore: Then & Now to our collection {read on to find out how to win one for yourself}!

 The game features iconic past and present Singapore landmarks on opposing sides of the board, allowing players to choose whiched themed era {Then or Now} thye would like to play on. Monopoly fans can purchase properties like Coleman Market {now Lau Pa Sat} and Oxley Estate {now Ion Orchard} among other historic buildings and sites on the board.

Singapore's landscape and society has certainly changed a lot over the years. This new Monopoly game is a wonderful way for kids to learn about Singapore's history, and for the *ahem* older folks to reminisce about the olden days.
There's 2 new fun features that I like about the 2-sided Monopoly game. First, to mark the shift in eras, Monopoly Then and Now allows two ways to play and deal in the game, either with the traditional play with paper cash {Then} or modern play with an electronic banking unit {Now}. Seriously, how cool is this??!

Second, the always-kawaii tokens have been redesigned to be a throwback to old school delights of yesterday - Tiffin Carrier, Trishaw {the boy's fave}, Wooden Clog, as well as the contemporary inventions - Airplane {Lil Pumpkin's fave!}, Cabriolet and Electronic Tablet. There's also Singapore's King of Fruits - the Durian {my fave!}!!

 Who says Monopoly is just a game of mental skills? You need some agility skills as well! :P

Monopoly is recommended for players aged 8+ and above, so even though it is hard for Lil Pumpkin to follow all the game rules now, it is a novel and fun way to teach her about counting and handling money. Here I am trying to explain to her how to use the electronic banking unit.. seriously so cool!!! Oh wait, I've said that already haha

I hope when Lil Pumpkin looks back on her childhood in the future, she will also have fond memories of nights playing board games with us as a family :)

Monopoly Singapore: Then and Now is sold at Toys "R" Us and all major departmental stores. However, I'm giving away THREE sets of the world's first 2-sided Monopoly game {worth S$79.95} to my special readers! It's a great collectible for the family! To enter, simply

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2. Leave me a blog comment on this post creatively telling me how much you love Monopoly + name of your FB account that you used to like my page and share the post. For those unsure, choose "Name/URL" option then add your name and comment.

Just complete both of these 2 simple steps! Good Luck!

* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Sunday, 29 July 12 2359hrs {Singapore time}
* Random winners announced on Tuesday, 31 July 12. Winners has 5 days to respond, or the prizes will be redrawn. 

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UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Stay tuned for more blog giveaways on Sakura Haruka! Thanks for your support!

* Disclosure: Hasbro Singapore provided the Monopoly Singapore: Then & Now board game for review and giveaway. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




sharon.ming said...

Love this giveaway.

Well, am not that rich nor am i a fanatic to have gone to all the places or own the 50sets. But I must say, even as an adult in my mid-20s, I still love to play board games. Of course, Monopoly is my favorite. Who doesnt like "money" eh?! The craziest moment I had with Monopoly was when I was still in the University. My friend bought a new set, and the whole house (me with my bunch of six housemates) played from afternoon till the wee hours. Though we had to take turns to play and it can take up to hour, we still sit in patiently waiting for our chance to be a "millionaire" or "billionaire". It was one of my happiest moment in Uni and Monopoly made it happened.


Leafytea said...

Was all excited when i read about this monopoly giveaway.
Monopoly board game let me reminisce my childhood memories w my siblings. We were all excited w our very first and only board games in the house then. With no extra $ to go anywhere. Monopoly is the only luxury we could afford then. We will sit side by side playing happily with all the notes, houses, bank, hotels with e dice on our hands. Still remember we will held the $ notes tightly in our hands, very scared w one wrong strategy, all our 'property' will be gone haha. And the loser will pull a long face while the winner will laugh heartily for the whole day. But we will comfort ourselves, its just a game lol. All these hours spent have become a sweet memory now and certainly deepen our bonds together. Times have passes by so swiftly. Yet monopoly can withstand against time and improvises
over time, still a very well loved games played with
the masses in the world.So happy theres Now even a monopoly Singapore version with our very own
landmarks which is so near to our heart plus its a 2-sides. Certainly hope to win these and have a get-together day with all my grown up siblings with additional kiddos for a game of our own modern Monopoly Singapore version. The modern token is certainly a bonus to add on to the fun of it. Monopoly a game we won't get bored with.

Zen said...

I am deeply, strongly, very truely in love with Monopoly....

**"dead silence"... **wink wink **

i must admit that i haven played monopoly before even in my childhood day.. :)

Even if I am not a millionaire, i do hope i can be one in the virtual world.. :)

Connie Huang Low said...

Love for this childhood game is immeasurable. I can only say that not only it is a very educational game, it also bond my whole family together as quality time was spent.

I am not a creative writer to boast about how it has change or change our life. But as simple as the game can get, it add colours and creativity to my life when I was young and hopefully it can add colours and hopefully to my children's life.

FB Username: Connie Huang Low

Stacy said...

My monopoly games tend to be very LONG! I do like board games too, looking forward to creating warm memories later too. Love your photos here, esp the last one.

Christine Lim said...

Love to have this as my first home board game. I neve had one board game as there is no kids at home... now I have a 1 year one and maybe more to come in another year lol :)

Kids are never to young to play so might as well start them with the good old fashion Monopoly :)

I played a few verion of Monopoly but never the electronic version "Very interestion" :)

Hope I am the lucky one.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love playing Monopoly, though not with my husband because he beats me every time lol.

Great giveaway! Good luck to those who can enter :)

Debbie Tee said...

Awesome giveaway! Will definitely love to engage my kiddos in this very sentimental game! Mommy shall show them what mommy has been doing during her
Childhood times and of course, sharing with them in the wonderful history of singapore!

Good luck everyone! =)

The journey of AA said...

my 6 years old son love playing monopoly. He is a active kid but somehow monopoly game can keep him sit till and he enjoy playing it.

Grace said...

Oh, I love Monopoly! And Scrabble too! Can't wait till we can play boardgames with the twinlets.
I think Lil Pumpkin will have lots of fond memories :)

Unknown said...

Growing up, I remember going over to my neighbour's house on Friday evenings for a 'games night'. To date, I hold very fond memories playing board games till the wee hours punctuated by our laughters. Monopoly remains to date one of my treasured memory as I received a set for my birthday when I was a pre-teen. After reading your blog, I'm very thrilled to know that Hasbro has revamped the contents to keep up with the times and injected novelty elements to entice the young (such as the electronic banking option)! But my fav of this updated version? The cute memorabilia of yesteryears, an ingenious move to incorporate both the past and the present! If we win this, it will be Dana's 1st board game! Looking forward to playing it together on our own famiy's 'Friday Games Night' :)

Anonymous said...

I lost my old childhood monopoly..hope to win one of the latest version as a heirloom to pass on from generation to generation

FB name: Jaime Chan

Yvonne said...

I was excited when read about this Monopoly giveaway. I remember playing the Monopoly traditional version (play with paper cash) with my sister during my childhood. After we played, nobody willing to keep tidy the things, every time must be nagged by mum to keep it ...Time flies. Wish to pass down this and play Monopoly together with my kids now.
FB User Name: Yvonne Chang

claire said...

I remember growing up with Monopoly. Being the youngest child, I was often left alone at home while my parents worked and my brother was at school or at his ECAs (now known as CCAs). I pestered my parents to buy me a Monopoly game, and when I finally got it, no one had the time to play it with me. They complained that the game took too long to finish, and that they were tired from their daily activities.

What could a little girl do? She learnt how to play and played by herself. My favourite lucky charm was the dog counter, and hated 'Go to Jail' the most.

What better way to reminisce and re-create a childhood that I had lost? Would love to play Singapore's Monopoly edition and how cool is it that it is two sided?!?! This time, I'm going to get my family to play it with me. Just in time too, as my brother's coming back from Japan next week!

Ching Lim said...

I grew up playing and loving Monopoly. It is my all time favourite boardgame. I still remembered playing this game with my brother and we always tried to see who could build more hotels and faster. It is a game that brings us hours of entertainment. I really hope to win this so that I can introduce this game to my two young kids, aged 6 and 4. I'm sure they will love it as much as mummy does.:-)

LM said...

Me me me! Choose me!

Becoz juz as how singapore has developed, I've always grown up in sg and grown up with Monopoly as 1 of my fav games.