Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Girls Hairstyles: Hair-Chalking for Kids {Dark Hair} #1

Hair-chalking has been around for quite some time and it is a very easy way to just give your hair some fun new colours, non-permanently. I would love to try it out on my own hair but since I pretty much suck at self-styling my own hair, I'm glad Lil Pumpkin is game enough for it :)

It's very easy to colour your hair by chalking. It usually works better if you have light hair, but if you choose the right colours, it can look amazing on dark hair too. Gosh, I really love Lil Pumpkin's natural curls!!

It adds subtle colour highlights to cute braids. I find brighter colours like red, purple, green, pink etc. work best on dark hair.

Prep time:
About 1 hour

Things you need:
Soft pastel chalk
Spray bottle filled with water
Old t-shirt
Rubber gloves {optional}
Hot hair irons {optional}

  1. Divide your hair into random sections, about 1-2cm width.
  2. Spray water on the section that you are going to colour.
  3. Twist the sectioned hair. Very important to do so as the chalk pigments will colour easier.
  4. Rub the chalk over the sectioned hair from top to bottom until you are happy with the colour intensity.
  5. Wait for the coloured sections to dry, then style as desired! 
  1. Soft pastel chalk is different from pavement chalk or oil pastels. If confused, ask the art shop assistants.
  2. Use an old t-shirt when chalking as the chalk dust will fall and stain. Or just ask the kids to stand naked in the bathroom ;p
  3. The chalk will dirty your hands so you may want to use rubber gloves.
  4. Hot flat irons or curling irons will lock in the colour better, and help in the hair styling. But, it may not be a good idea when using with kids unless they are trained like in Toddlers & Tiaras  you can get them to sit really still so that it doesn't burn them!
  5. Try a few colours at one go, or even 2-3 colours in a single section. Very cool!
  6. The chalk powder will drop over the day, so dress the kids in something of similar colour. 
  7. Up-dos will be good if the girls have long hair so that it doesn't get on the clothes as much.
  8. Brush the pigments out before washing with a conditioning shampoo.
If you have little girls that love dress-ups, have a go! Feel free to post a pic on my Facebook page, or tag my page if you post on your own wall. I'd love to see how you've done it!

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Stacy said...

First time I've heard of hair chalking. :) The colours look real good on lil pumpkin (I'm not too keen on having chalk dust constantly dropping tho!)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Very cool diy post! I will have to put this in my kids hair sometime. They can't wear it to school though (no unnatural colors or they get sent home) so it will have to bee a weekend thing. Thanks for sharing!

Ai Sakura said...

Stacy: haha it doesn't drop like dandruff but very subtly ;p still fun though!

Theresa: yup, will be a fun weekend activity with the girls for sure!

Newaged Hermit said...

wow, very cool and simple I like it!