Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our First Parent-Teacher Conference!

Lil Pumpkin's preschool has a Parent-Teacher Conference {PTC} biannually so the boy & I went for our first one last Thursday. Wow time passes real fast and Lil Pumpkin has been attending classes for 6 months already!

We were pretty excited to hear what the teachers had to say about Lil Pumpkin. Is she getting along fine with her classmates? Is she a bully? Does she eat and sleep enough there??? We weren't that worried about her "academic" skills but more on her social behaviour and development. Lil Pumpkin is an only child and does not have much opportunities to interact with other kids outside of preschool unless we bring her to the playground or club. So, we don't often see her at play or spend a lot of time with other children of her age.

At the PTC, Lil Pumpkin's 2 class teachers {English & Chinese} met up with each child's parents at specific time slots. We had about 20 minutes with them and they started by giving a short presentation and talk about how Lil Pumpkin is in class, then some time for them to answer our questions. Basically, Lil Pumpkin
  • is very active, cheerful and lovable {why, thank you! heh}
  • likes to use her hands and do artwork, even "dirty" activities like painting. 
  • can imitate words and actions well
  • has a good relationship with all her classmates and takes initiative to care about them e.g. show concern when they cry
  • is very vocal and responsive
  • is adventurous and a risk-taker
  • has developed motor skills
  • tries to do chores herself like putting cup/ plates away and putting on the mattress cover for nap times
  • is not a bully {phew!} but will defend herself is somebody hits her by hitting back
  • loves dancing, singing, performing :)
Some things they said need working on is her attention span, especially during quiet activities {opps!}. For example during story-telling, she will get up after a while and start dancing in front of the mirror or doing her own thing. Also, even though she speaks pretty well, sometimes she will get very excited and start to speak fast in gibberish. Yup, we have noticed that too, especially when she's singing or erm, "rapping" :P

The teachers recommended us doing more puzzles with Lil Pumpkin to train her concentration and to slow her down when she starts to speak fast, and to make sure we always speak to her in complete sentences. And also to communicate more to her in Chinese. Yes, I admit we need to buck up in that department!

The teachers also gave us back some of Lil Pumpkin's artwork during the semester. I'm so happy to see more of her lovely handiwork and am really racking my brains on how to display them properly, together with what she's already done at home #proudmama

Overall, I guess what the boy and I wanted to find out is whether Lil Pumpkin is happy in preschool. And we are glad to know that she is! :)

How was your first PTC experience? Did you hear any surprises about your child?


Anonymous said...

It is nice that your child's teachers are so detailed. Good that the school values parent-teacher communication.


~Summer~ said...

Hee she's so cute, the dancing in front of the mirror thing. =) Which school is lil pumpking going? I'm now searching for one for Angel and I'm so excited to think about her going for her first day of school! =) PTC sounds like a step away, but soon!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Last year they ended up cutting out PTC from our schools. It's so sad that so much money here is wasted on crap, and the first thing to get hit when budget cuts are made are our schools. If it weren't for me volunteering in my daughter's school, I would have no idea who her teacher was.

Glad lil Pumpkin is doing well! She is getting so big, and her hair is so pretty!

Ai Sakura said...

Annie: Yes, the parent-teacher communication at her school is pretty good and they certainly make an effort to keep us informed :)

Summer: she's at Little Skool House. There's a few branches around.. I think it's best to find one near home or workplace. Easier for pick-ups rather than going out of the way to some random area just for school..

Theresa: oh my that's so sad! Don't think PTC takes a lot of money, does it? We don't have refreshments or fancy stuff with ours.. just a simple chat with the teachers so it's hard to understand why it would be cut from school budgets :( Sorry to hear that but like you said, it's a good thing you are already a volunteer and in the know.

~Summer~ said...

Yeah Ai I'm trying to find one that I can walk to in minutes from my home, there's one called My First Skool, but seems like it takes forever to get a place. =)

My Froley said...

Lol dancing in story time and rapping. Your daughter is the cutest !!