Friday, July 20, 2012

Shopping @ Goods of Desire {G.O.D}, Central Singapore

Goods of Desire {G.O.D}, a popular Hong Kong lifestyle boutique, has finally opened its first overseas store.. and it is right here in Singapore! It has about 8 branches in Hong Kong itself and we visited a few during our recent Hong Kong trip there. I love the quirky vintage Asian goods with a modern touch.

If you like Fred & Friends tongue-in-cheek homeware, which I do A LOT, you will probably like G.O.D as well. It is like the Asian brother from a different mother haha.

This is my favourite range, Double Happiness {双喜, shuang xi}. The Chinese believe that all good things come in pairs, and this character is usually used during Chinese weddings to wish marital bliss to the couple. I love the meaning behind it but I think it is a little weird to buy something with 双喜 for yourself or for a friend not getting married? But maybe if you don't read too much into it, and just see it as something to wish happiness to another person, it is ok :)

It would make perfect wedding gifts though. I wanted to get a 双喜 ice-cube maker but it costs S$34. Shall have to think a bit longer on that heh... I have a thing for ice-cube makers and got quite a few from Fred's.

Beautifully bounded books with the 双喜 character. Great for those looking for wedding guest books.

Interesting Oriental-styled clothes for men, ladies and kids available.

Vinyl records??! Nope.. just T-shirts displayed as such :)

The Delay No More collection.It is supposed to have some double meaning in Cantonese dialect but I don't get it.. since I don't speak Cantonese haha. Anybody wanna explain it to me?

Everything Panda range. The cute canister like items are actually wine bottle totes!!! Start a conversation at the party when you bring your wine there in these fun carriers.

The Peony Print collection. I would love a Sakura collection though heehee

Interesting photo frames modeled after Chinese flower wreaths.

G.O.D. is located at Central Mall,  and there is a pop-up G.O.D. store at the center of the shopping mall now. If you don't have time to wander in the main store, just take a look here to have a glimpse of the well-designed everyday items.

Goods of Desire also means "to live better" in Cantonese {the local dialect in HK} as it phonetically resembles the characters "G.O.D."

Cute Chinese tiger toys.

I saw these red lampshades seats a while back but didn't realise they were put there because of the opening of G.O.D. until recently haha. At first the boy and I thought they were some kinda space ships! ;p Do you notice the "human legs" holding the seats up?

The red lampshades {or "egg lamps" in Cantonese} are the brand's signature icon, as it is reminiscent of HK's wet markets where butchers often used lights with red lampshades to cast a nice rosy glow on their meat to entice buyers. Pretty resourceful, eh?

Our family love to go to the areas along the Singapore River and shopping there just got more interesting :)

Goods of Desire
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #02-08, Central
Tel:  6593 3228

*Note: This is not a sponsored or paid review. All views expressed are my own.





Rhianna said...

Looks like a fantastic store

Susan said...

The photo frames decorated as a flower wreath just looks so wrong. It's almost resembles what you have for a hearse... Or am I too sensitive :p

Redcliffe Style said...

I want those wine totes. They look awesome. Rachelx

Unknown said...

How awesome is that 'spaceship' love the legs!
Looks like an awesome place to shop.

Cassandra Louise said...

All those panda things are SO CUTE! Wish that store was in Australia! :-D

Bachelormum said...

What an incredible bunch of stuff. Thank you so much for sharing this - I've been to Singapore but had no idea it offered so much kitsch retro items. I love the notion of good luck coming in pairs. I could do with a double dose♥

Grace said...

Agh! I miss shopping in Asia! So much cool stuff!!!
We used the "Double Happiness" symbol for our wedding invitations. Love :) x

Catherine Rodie said...

Love the teapot!! :0)

Ai Sakura said...

Rhianna: it is :) I'm going bk next weekend to get some stuff hehe

Susan: I had the feeling the first time I saw it too..

Rachel: Aren't they? :)

Me & My Monkeys: yeah it's pretty cool if you look at it from the back. Like lots of people sitting there.. But not haha

Cassandra: Maybe in the near future!

Bachelor Mum: Mmm yes if u know where to look, shopping here is pretty fun.

Grace: it's so meaningful. I love it too!

Catherine: yeah so cute!

Michelle's Style File said...

SO many fabulous bits and bobs!