Sunday, August 5, 2012

Celebrate Fatherhood: The New Avenger - Daddy | Guest Post by Daddy Blogger of The Wacky Duo

Sakura Haruka is not a blog just about celebrating motherhood. It shares the joys {& frustrations!} of parenting and of families as a whole. Inspired by my hubby's thoughts on being a dad, Celebrate Fatherhood is thus a monthly series where daddies from all walks of life share insights about what fatherhood means to them, and how we can appreciate their role in a family too.

I sincerely thank all those who took the time to guest post for me. Most of those I approached were very supportive and enthusiastic about this new series, sharing my belief that being an involved dad, and getting the dads involved, is important in building a strong family. If you have a story to share, please email me at sakuraharuka {at} live {dot} com.


Being a father was not the first thing on my mind when I got married to my missus in 2003. In fact, we took a 4 year honeymoon before we decide to explore parenthood. It has been a wonderful 5 year plus since the ‘Daddy’ tag became a part of me. From being ‘Darling’ to my missus, I had become a ‘Daddy’ to my family.

So what does it mean to be a Daddy?

I liken Daddyhood to being an Avenger. You do need the powers of Avengers at different times to be a Daddy.

• Captain America - He places his country before self. To be a true superhero Daddy, you have to place the kids before yourself. I would do anything to keep my kids from foul or harm, even giving my life in return for their safety
• The Hulk – There are times when I need to adopt this persona to tame the wild kids. Turning into a Green mass of muscles also allows me to do things I would otherwise have trouble doing like carrying a 20 Kg boy or two while walking 3 km on a holiday trip
• Thor – With the God-like persona and a vocabulary worthy of Shakespeare, Thor will be the perfect teacher to adopt in the education of the kids. As a Daddy , you need to be a handyman as well, fixing up furniture and toys that you buy for the kids. Thus, Thor’s hammer would be useful in such cases.
• Ironman - Sometimes all the heart, the physical strength and wit may not be enough for one to handle the kids. Thereby gadgets like Ipad and Xbox does come in Handy for a peaceful moment or two

Like most Superheros, Daddyhood is a calling. Daddy may be underrated and under-appreciated compared to Mummies. Nevertheless, we need Superheros in our lives, albeit one with superficial powers. To be a Daddy, is like a Superhero who seeks no rewards as it comes from the goodness of the heart.

To see the look of love and adoration akin to Superhero’s admiration in the eyes of the child would be the greatest reward any Daddy, Superhero or otherwise, would be contented with at the end of the day.

I may not be the strongest or the most famous, but I think I am the most blessed Avenger amongst all.

Daddy M seeks to track the growth and chronicle the lives of his two boys, Charles and Louis. He hopes, when they become Daddies themselves, they will be proud to showcase the blog to their own kids and wives. Follow the adventures of the boys at The Wacky Duo.

There is a lot of talk about Super Parents recently and indeed, being a daddy requires some Superhero skills! The expectations of being a father figure is changing, and dads are very much more involved in the mundane aspects of childcare nowadays. People who say guys can't multi-task obviously have not seen daddies at work that fix the crib while singing nursery rhymes & playing peek-a-boo with the baby. I have, and I'm glad for the Superhero in our family that takes care of our every need.



tahlia @ the parenting files said...

what a lovely series and lovely idea! We should all be celebrating the daddies in this world too!!

Ai Sakura said...

Tahlia: Yes we should! :) thanks for dropping by!