Friday, August 3, 2012

Explore Serangoon Gardens | Guide + Map

Sometimes people ask us, what do we like to do during the weekends? As full-time working parents, weekends are very precious to us and as much as possible, we try to spend it as a family. One of our favourite neighbourhoods to explore is Serangoon Gardens, which is very near home. Come take a walk with me as I show you around this charming neighbourhood...

Serangoon Gardens Country Club {SGCC} is definitely an attraction there for us. It's not very big to have its own golf course but there are family-friendly facilities like a bowling alley, study rooms {opened even at night during exam times so that student members don't loiter outside to study and parents don't have to worry that much!}, karaoke rooms, squash courts, tennis courts etc.

There's also a kiddy pool, wading pool, 50m swimming pool and jacuzzi pools. Lil Pumpkin loves swimming here with her daddy :) Great father-daughter bonding time...

Most of the members are residents in the neighbourhood so you will usually see many familiar faces. The boy and some of his friends have been members there for many years too and it's interesting when he tells me how the club has changed and expanded. In the last few years a Yum Cha Garden branch and Cambridge Child Development Centre opened in the annex building. You don't have to be club members to eat there or put your child in that childcare. If you are looking for a fun family club, I would recommend you to join SGCC. Check out their website here.

myVillage is a relatively new shopping mall that opened last year. It isn't very big with only 4 levels. B1 {myPantry} has a Fairprice Finest, plus stalls selling mainly snacks {e.g. Old Chang Kee, Subway, Each-a-Cup}, health supplements {e.g. GNC, Hock Hua Tonic} and daily essentials.

L1 {myVeranda} has more lifestyle shops like Organic Basic, The Flip Flop Store, Wacoal and even a DBS Bank. L2 {myTerrace} is mainly  for restaurants and cafes like Old Hong Kong Taste and the chic Relish Gardens. I love having weekend brunches here! L3 {myRoof} is a quiet area that's perfect for picnics because of the grassy patches and there's hardly a crowd there.

Serangoon Gardens isn't exactly known to be a shopping paradise.. but a great food paradise? You bet! There are many shophouse restaurants and cafes to try out. Here are some I personally recommend and I'd definitely try to write more food reviews about the food places here soon:
  • Borshch Steakhouse (58 Serangoon Garden Way)
    Russian-inspired cuisine. Good value-for-money set meals, yummy borsch soup & escargots. 
  • Sushi Tei (64 Serangoon Garden Way)
    Delicious Japanese cuisine at affordable prices 
  • Pow Sing Restaurant (65 Serangoon Garden Way )
    Chinese cuisine and must try their Hainanese chicken rice! 
  • Arbite (66A Serangoon Garden Way)
    Western cuisine, and order their green tea fettucine with smoked duck! 
  • R.K Eating House (1 Kensington Park Road)
    24hr coffee shop selling Indian Muslim cusine. There's a corner shop here selling yummilicious banana fritters too! 
  • Ice3 (11 Kensington Park Road)
    Great place to chillax with homemade ice-cream  
  • Chillax Massage Cafe (28 Maju Avenue)
    All day breakfast available and I love the cozy atmosphere filled with old-school nick-knacks. And yup, you get get a good massage upstairs!

If you prefer hawker fare, how can you give Chomp Chomp a miss? Cheap and authentically Singapore.. it definitely one of the best hawker centres selling lots of your favourite hawker food like satay, sambal stingray, mutton soup, carrot cake, hokkien mee, rojak etc. Drooling yet?? :P

Serangoon Gardens Food Centre is not as famous {I think} but it is definitely worth visiting too for your local hawker fare. It's just walking distance away from Chomp Chomp, just before the roundabout. Don't miss the kway chap (stall #21) and braised duck rice (stall #44)  here!

I even drew up a little map for easier navigation in Serangoon Gardens *beams*

By the way, if you have ever been in Serangoon Gardens, you'd probably know that parking here is a bit**h, especially in the evenings and the weekends. I'd recommend you to take public transport {bus 73, 136, 315 or 317} or come outside the peak periods. It may not be as big or grand as Gardens by the Bay, but it is definitely just as interesting to visit!

Loving My Spot SG edition
This post is part of a series by local mummy bloggers each sharing 
a spot they love in Singapore.

Tomorrow, you can visit Estella of The Family Room.

She is mummy to a curious, comedic and very very active little girl, Joy. The full time working mother is passionate about being as involved as possible in bringing up the little girl. The family lives with Daddy's parents where Mummy chooses the battles she fights carefully and hones the art of compromising. Estella blogs at The Family Room to record the family's happiness, challenges of being a full time working mother, in-law politics and all moments not to be forgotten.

Estella will be writing about her neighbourhood, Bishan.



Unknown said...

Oh wow, looks so fun and like there's lots to do there. I wish we had a place like that close by to where we live :( And I certainly don't live near Singapore! ;) hehe. Thanks for sharing, what a great post! :)

P.S. I don't know how you find time to blog so consistently and work full time while being a mom! You're awesome! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a lovely neighborhood you live near. That splash pool would be a dream come true for my kids. Looks like a load of fun!

workingwomenaus said...

Just that kiddy pool alone looks like it would be worth going there. Sounds great. I have a friend living in Singapore for a while and you're giving me a great picture of where she is.

Unknown said...

This place looks all too familiar to me. :) And its another comprehensive food list! woohoo!!

Bachelormum said...

If I come to Singapore in the near future I'll be sure to look you up. I should do a post of in and about my town sometime - you could come and visit!

Unknown said...

hey Ai

We've always known Serangoon as another foodie haven but never dared ventured far as we were not familiar where to go! Your map + guide might just open up new adventures for us (besides the all famous Chomp Chomp). Thanks for sharing this lovely spot with us :)

Mamamie said...

I love the dim sum at the SGCC..yum yum.

MummyMOO said...

I used to hang out at the pub on top of Borsch!! :D

Ai Sakura said...

Brandi: thanks! I try to blog on regular days and keep to a schedule so that helps me in planning blog posts :)

Theresa: yup, Lil Pumpkin has enjoyed many sunny days there since she learnt to enjoy playing in public pools!

WorkingwomenAus: Oh which part? there's a lot of nice neighbourhoods in Singapore. I'm just finding them out myself!

Adeline: Singapore is a food paradise haha

Bachelor Mum: I would love to read about your neighbourhood!

Dana Mummy: no problem :) glad you enjoy it..

Mamamie: yup we ate there a few times. If you come by again let me know, can play in the pool together!

Regina: wahhhhh so happening!! ;p

mummybean said...

Oh my, Borsch is STILL around!!! That place is at least 30 years old! I used to go there for set lunch with my parents when I was a child. And I still think Pow Sing has the best chicken rice in the whole of Singapore, though I prefer its roast chicken, which is not in the restaurant, but from the coffee shop which used to be at the corner of that row of shop houses. Now it's a few doors down I think.

This brings back memories - makes me feel like doing a nostalgia piece on the place!

Grace said...

Oh, just seeing that list of fabulous eateries then seeing the photos made my mouth water!!! Looks like a great weekend spot for the family :)

June said...

Wow, you've practically covered the whole of serangoon gardens...what a feat! Next time I'm going to be in the area, I know my stomach will be well taken care of...haha, thanks Ai!

Sharon said...

Thanks for this, definitely a keep-worthy post! We should meet for lunch, we're always there every Sat for lunch!

Unknown said...

It's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. My husband just changed jobs and has a pretty crappy schedule right now. I hope one day we can create great memories like you and your family. xoxo

Gwen @

Ai Sakura said...

Mummybean: Yes they are and still going strong I think! :) Pow Sing has expanded and there's now like a small eatery next to the bigger restaurant too. Haven't tried that though..

Grace: We'll bring you here the next time you are in town :)

June: yes.. no worries leaving on an empty stomach here ;p

Sharon: yeah!

Gwen: good luck to your hubby in his new job! hope things settle down soon for all of you.

Mum in the Making said...

Wow even a map! We really miss Chompchomp, and all those late night suppers... and the bak kut teh at the food centre!

E said...

I super love the kiddy pool.. it looks like you guys had the pool to yourselves? :)

Sarah said...

Confession time! I have really never been to Serangoon Gardens in my whole life. NEVER. how sad right? Well, now that I have your trusty guide and MAP! Haha...yum yum here I come! Thanks again for being part of my Love SG Party Train!

~Summer~ said...

CHOMP CHOMP! I wish I'm there this very minute! Love this informative post and your cute little map!

Susan said...

You're right about the parking there and that's the main reason I've avoided the area. But boy do I miss the food from chomp chomp.
Props to a very comprehensive introduction to the area. This is a very informative post :)

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Always positive memories of the place. I lived there as a little one. Remember Chomp Chomp well. Everything else not so much. I was only about 4 or 5 after all! :-)