Friday, August 10, 2012

Healthy Cooking with Tefal Non-stick Cookware #TefalSG

Healthy cooking is not just about getting all the right, quality ingredients. It's also about cooking under the right temperatures. Did you know that the optimal cooking temperature on a pan to preserve flavour and nutrition is 180°C?? I didn't until recently and am kicking myself for those "wasted effort" cooking and losing those precious nutrition because of overheating the food!

Good thing is, everybody is familiar with Tefal pans with the patented red spot {Thermo Spot}. It's actually very useful because it turns solid red at 180°C, telling you precisely when the optimal cooking temperature has reached. Thanks to the Thermo Spot heat indicator, ingredients remain full of flavour, perfectly cooked and healthy for the body.

It's been so hot recently that I cooked a refreshing dish, Pineapple & Kiwifruits Chicken Fried Rice yesterday. A tropical dish fit for our tropical country! It is a twist on the popular pineapple rice and there's added kiwifruits for more nutrition :) Lil Pumpkin is always curious whenever her mummy is cooking... I heart these special moments in the kitchen with her.

I'm using the new Tefal Comfort Touch Wok Pan. I love using non-stick pans to cook because I don't usually use much oil when cooking for my family. Much healthier that way and with good quality non-stick pans, the food doesn't stick to the pan even without oil. Other than the Thermo Spot that's on all Tefal pans, bonus parts about this wok is the base with a copper disc for anti-warping properties to make it more durable, and the ergonomic finger rest on the handle that gives extra comfort during cooking.
The boy got into the action too and cooked up a fine dish of Coca-Cola Chicken. Gotta love a man when he cooks! He is using the Tefal Softline Saute-Pan. He likes to use non-stick pans with enamel exterior like this pan because they are very much easier to clean... since his is on dish-washing duties most of the time haha

I know some people are worried about the effects of non-stick coating on health. If you are, get non-stick pans from a good household brand like Tefal. It's been around for years! Their non-stick coating is made from a component {Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE} that is recognised by public health agencies in both Europe and USA to be safe for cooking. PTFE does not chemically react with food, water or household cleaning products.

These 2 pans that we are using are made with the new Tefal Intensium non-stick coating that's strengthened with mineral particles {also gives the pans a cool 3D effect look inside!}, which prevents food from sticking better than normal non-stick pans, and is supposed to last longer.

Our special National Day dinner :) Check out the easy recipes for Coca-Cola Chicken and Pineapple & Kiwifruit Fried Rice! I'm actually halfway through the 14-day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge and so far, it's been a fun journey thinking of creative ways to eat my kiwifruits like with the above dish!

For those of you that prefer non-stick pans too, here are some easy care tips:
  • Use either wooden or nylon utensils which are heat resistant up to 220°C to turn food. Do not leave nylon turners in pan while cooking!
  • Do not cut food in the interior of the pans
  • Do not use fry hard-shell food in the pans e.g Crab
  • Best to hand-wash pans in warm water with non-abrasive cleaners using a soft cloth or non-abrasive washing sponge 
  • To remove burnt marks inside the pans, boil with water to soften the stains then scrub gently with non-abrasive cloth or sponge.

You can see the full range of Tefal products at their website. If you need more inspiration to cook for your family, check out my ideas here.

* Disclosure: Tefal Comfort Touch Wok Pan & Tefal Softline Saute-Pan were provided by Tefal Singapore for review, thanks to No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Unknown said...

That looks delicious and it looks like T-Fal did a great job helping to cook it ;) It's so important that people use proper utensils with non-stick coatings too, otherwise your pan will lose it's non-stick coating protection.

Bachelormum said...

If u read my post this week you will be able to see how much I need this cookwear. My new frypan is cactus, I can't wait to see the recipes. x

Ai Sakura said...

Brandi: that's true! In any case I always use wood or nylon utensils when cooking too.. can't stand the sound of metal scratching :)

Bachelor Mum: I DID!! haha.. so funny that you posted on that.. time to change to non-stick ;p

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

WE love to use tefal non stick pans too.. just that they don't last as long as normal woks..but it is certainly more lighter and easier on the hands.

Penny said...

I'd love to buy some Tefal pans. It seems like we go through pans really quickly so I'm sure that would solve our problem.

Grace said...

I love Tefal non stick pans. We have a Jamie Oliver endorsed one.
Coca cola chicken looks interesting...can't wait for the recipe on your blog! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Your dinner looks so yum! I remember my mom always used Tefal pans when we were growing up, so when I moved out, it was all I would buy too.

I agree that using the proper tools on your pans is key to keeping the nonstick coating in place and your pans in proper working condition!

Corporate to Kitchen said...

I am badly looking for good pans. I picked up green pans a month ago & it's hopeless. I paid more than 100sgd & the coating started to peel off in less than 1 month. I just went & returned to BhG. Thankfully customer service was polite & gave me vouchers. Now Iam still confused & thinking what is good. How much is ur tefel pan & could you tell me how long u have been using it?