Friday, September 7, 2012

Macau, Here I Come!!!

As you probably guessed from this week's Wordless Wed with Danboard, I'm going to Macau! :) Actually, I'll be flying off tomorrow morning and be back just in time to host another round of Wordless Wed linky party {join me??}.

Remember the Singapore Blog Awards 2012? For each category winner, they were offered a sponsored prize trip to Macau. In the Family category I was nominated in, the winner was not able to make the trip so it was passed on to ME!!!

*gasp* ビックリした!

It was really unexpected. Never in a million years did I expect to be able to win a prize like this! All I can say is that I'm truly blessed, and thank you all so much for the support you have shown me and my blog. I'm just so overwhelmed with gratefulness, joy and excitement... yes excitement!

I'm excited to visit Macau as it will be my first trip there. I'm excited to discover more of its fascinating culture, places and food {Portugese egg tarts!!}. I'm excited to go with the top bloggers in the other categories like Photography, Fashion, Food and Travel. I'm excited to form friendships, pick their brains and learn a few tips from them on how to be a better blogger and to discover more on their passions because honestly, those are my interests too :)

For the first time in a looooooong time, I don't have to plan any itinerary or worry about what to do, where to go during the trip. Transportation and meals are planned for so all I have to do is to pack my bags and fly away :) Unfortunately, we are not able to deviate from the itinerary and family members aren't able to join the trip so Lil Pumpkin won't be coming. I'm a little bummed, but at least I know she is well taken care of with my mum {thank you!}. The boy and I are planning a family holiday later in the year so she will join in the fun then!!

Thank you all once again for being here in my blogging journey with me. I'll be updating regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the Macau trip so do follow my travel adventures there! じゃ、またね~!

Read more on my Macau travels here.

* Disclosure: The Surprising Moments in Macau trip was sponsored by Macau Government Tourist Office, thanks to No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.



Unknown said...

The way to go Ai! Heartiest Congratulations! I am not surprised at all. You deserve it. Have a whale of a time in Macau!

Mamamie said...

Have fun & take more pictures :)

Unknown said...

Enjoy Ai! It's great to just follow and have everything planned out :)

Ai Sakura said...

Judy: thanks Judy! thanks for being here right from the beginning :)

Mamamie: I definitely will!

Geraldine: it really is so relaxing haha

June said...

Enjoy your trip, Ai! Looking forward to your posts on Macau :)

~Summer~ said...

I miss those egg tarts! =p Congrats Ai, I'm so elated for you! Have fun!

Stacy said...

Hoo-hoo, lucky you! Enjoy yourself. :)

Sarah said...

Have fun! Not sure if your itinerary is all planned. But if you have some time and these are not covered, you shoud most definitely check out these places/ activities:
1. Pandas at Coloane
2. Wynn Il Teatro for really nice italian
3. Lisboa, Grand Lisboa for the michelin starred restaurant and other restaurants
4. Famous Portuguese tarts - Lord Stowes (Coloane) vs Margaret's (Macau side) .
5. Famous milk tarts at Old Taipa Village. you'll spot the shop by the long queues.
6. Original Macau Pork Chop bun at Old taipa village, open air kopitiam like stall. only starts sellign at 3pm, queue starts about 2. Across from the Macs

Ai Sakura said...

June: thanks! :)

Summer: yes I'm looking forward to the egg tarts and other interesting Macanese cuisine!

Stacy: I will. Thanks!

Sarah: yup we have full itinerary planned out but thanks for the tips :) will look out for those and "sneak away" to get some heh

Grace said...

Oh, lucky you and well done!!!
Macau is one place I would love to visit so I'll live vicariously through your stories.
Portugese egg tarts? YUM!

SengkangBabies said...

enjoy the sights and food :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Wow, that's fantastic! I can't wait to see the pics! I'm on instagram now so I will have to follow you :)

Have a fabulous time!

Oliveoylz said...

Enjoy your trip, Sakura!!!! It is gonna be FUN!

Ronnie said...

That is so exciting Ai - I hope you guys have the best time! I've only been to Macau as a little girl and can't remember much of it. I'm sure you'll have such a blast.
Ronnie xo

Adrine said... category but family not included in the hoilday?? Well, but still good to have a free trip :-)

Enjoy! Looking forward to read about it!