Monday, November 12, 2012

Art + Play | Year-End School Holidays Kids Art Workshops

Lil Pumpkin at class last week

Lil Pumpkin's been developing her art & craft skills through WowART Learning Studio's ARTPLAY program and the school has some exciting camps and workshops coming up for the year-end school holidays from Monday 19 November -  Friday 21 December 2012. I'm sure a lot of parents are wrecking their heads on how to make their child's holiday a fulfilling one so here's an idea! :P

There are many children art schools in Singapore, and if you are looking to find a suitable art class for your kid{s}, attending one of these workshops will give you a better understanding on the teachers, philosophy and environment at WowART Studio. Lil Pumpkin looks forward to her weekly class {a good sign!} and I like the way her teacher handles the young class and communicates with the parents. These workshops will expose her to other types of art not usually covered in the classes so we are excited to check them out too. We enrolled her in two workshops - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce {mixed media with modeling techniques} and The Very Happy Caterpillar {Tie Dye Butterfly Wings} :)

Examples of art pieces kids will make at the holiday workshops

Kids on Canvas!
These are 2.5hrs canvas painting workshops for kids aged 5-12 years old. Participants will learn the technical aspects of acrylic painting and characteristics of paint. Famous artists like Paul Klee, Marc Chagail, and Joan Miro will also be the inspirations for teaching the kids different types of art movements e.g expressionism, surrealism, modernist.

Wow! Camp
For 75mins, young explorers and curious minds will be taken on a road of discover and fun. The organised activities will encourage co-operation, collaboration, observations and problem-solving amongst the kids and will be held indoors and outdoors for various themes. Participants can sign up for Sand Story Camp or Save the Trees Camp.  

Wow! Workshops
The 75mins holiday workshops stretch the kids' creativity with its mixture of mediums used, thematic approaches, exploration of cultures and wide selection of topics for kids aged 2.5- 12 years old. All in the ART Workshops include classes for paper-making, pulp painting, scrapbooking, transparency painting, modeling clay with mixed media, etching etc.

Let's Be Active Workshops focus more on nurturing the kids' social skills through art and roleplay. They help to develop self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision-making and social awareness in the participants through communication, collaboration and observation.

Each camp/ workshop will require 1-2 workshop pass {S$38 each, cheaper if you buy 2 or more}. If you sign up before Monday 19 November 2012, you'll enjoy an early-bird discount of 5% off the course fees! For the full schedule and more information, visit their website or call 6352 2221.

* Disclosure: ARTPLAY course {1 term} was provided by WowART Learning Studio for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




oomph. said...

i think arts & music is so great for kids to grow and learn!


Ai Sakura said...

oomph: most definitely :)