Friday, November 23, 2012

Be Festive, Be Creative | Canon Pixma Creative Workshop

A week before I had an intimate craft party with 4 other lovely mums, I co-hosted the Be Festive, Be with Canon Pixma Workshop at Chef Daniel's Kitchen, Bugis+ {previously Illuma Bugis}. With 70 participants, it was not as "intimate", but definitely just as enjoyable!

It was my first hosting gig and yes I was a little overwhelmed, but thankfully the participants were all very friendly, and there was so much happy laughter going around that I didn't faint from nervousness hahaha.

Parents brought their kids {aged 5-12 years old} and joined us for a lively afternoon where Joanne and I shared our craft tips and taught them how to create 3 different crafts with materials found in the Canon Creative Park website and printed from Canon PIXMA printers. I love the new wireless mobile printing capabilities of the printers that makes printing from smartphones so much easier!

We made personalised 3D Photo Frames, Plastic Plate Clocks {shown above}, and Festive Party Hats.

Some of the lovely mummies and their kiddos. It was great to see dads in the crowd too!

Me and my partner, Joanne. She's a professional host and so very bubbly! I wonder how she manages to keep her energy up to host almost daily. I was quite beat after just this event :P

These are some of the seasonal craft materials from the Creative Park website. They have many other free templates and printables for gift cards, scrapbooks, calendars, origami etc. Just download, save and print! Very convenient and much more affordable than buying from the stores~ You should also check out the Canon Pixma Town website where there are also free printables from famous artists that brought you Tokidoki, Tofu-Oyako and Rilakkuma!

Arts and crafts are really a great way to bond with the kids and connect with them. The only limit to creativity is your imagination and there's a wide range craft activities you can do according to your child's interest. I'm sure they all love the one-on-one time they spend with you creating beautiful art-pieces and memories for life.

Thanks for coming down to the event :) Do keep in contact with me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Would love to continue trading more craft tips and tricks with everybody!

If you like more ideas on creative activities to do with kids, here are some arts & crafts that we did with Lil Pumpkin. A pity she couldn't attend the workshop that day, but we sure had fun trying out the Creative Park crafts at home!

P.S. All photos shown here were taken by Thank you!
P.P.S Since some asked, read about my kawaii Japanese 3D nail deco art here!  (^^)V

* Disclosure: I hosted the Be Festive, Be Creative with Canon Pixma Workshop due to an invitation by Canon Singapore, thanks to Monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


Roslyn said...

Looks like great fun! I love getting crafty with my kids and they really enjoy it too! I must admit though, I avoid painting...I hate cleaning it up!

Ruth said...

I believe it's been a great experience! Everyone looked like they had a fun time :) Well done!

The Kids Are All Right said...

Congratulations on what looks like a very successful event! I love the idea of a wireless printer.

Kristyn said...

We wen to the sydney one, it's definitely a lot of fun!!

Ai Sakura said...

Roslyn: Usually I'd put newspapers underneath when painting for easy clean-up haha..

Ruth: thanks dear!

The Kids are All Right: it's so awesome.. no more fumbling with connecting usbs or sd cards or getting the right card adapters ;p

Kristyn: OOo that's great!

Seana Smith said...

I need a wireless printer for photos!! I have a Sony one which prints from an SD card, but it's s pest to print anything from the computer or iPhone, I have to move photos to the SD card. Annoying! So this looks good!

beanienus said...

Hur hur! Joanne Sim is my hubs' cousin and I have a canon Pixma at home which I print off my homeschool packs with the wireless feature using my iPhone! :D

Angie @ Simply Mommie said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful event!

Rhonda - Silly Mummy said...

Wow. How I wish I could do something like this. I bet everyone had lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like a great party!

Grace said...

Congratulations on successful event! I can just imagine you would be the hostess with the mostess! I hope this is the beginning of many more events for you, Ai! :) x