Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 | Share-a-Gift with the Boys Brigade #BBShare

Before Lil Pumpkin's weekly art classes, we will usually pop by a nearby shopping centre for dinner and groceries. Last week we realised that the Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift project had already started and so we bought a few extra dry, non-perishable items to donate. Lil Pumpkin was very happy to support too this meaningful cause too!

The annual Share-a-Gift project started in 1988 with a simple objective to teach the Boys how to care and share for the less fortunate in Singapore. Gifts like rice, Milo, oil, biscuits, canned food, instant noodles etc. are collected from the general public for distribution to the needy in Singapore. It is a high profile national community project, but one where I feel has more heart compared to those that put so much more emphasis on having grand TV shows and stunts to get the public to call and donate money. Too much fluff, I say. 

Donation is open from 20 Nov - 19 Dec 2012 at these locations. It's so easy to share a little more with the project, and it's so convenient as the collection boxes are located outside many NTUC FairPrice outlets across our island. Just buy an extra can of food, or packet of instant noodles from the supermarket, and pop it in the box. One simple gesture to bring happiness and relief to others this Christmas season.

Sometimes we wait for the perfect moment. The perfect moment where we have enough money to donate, enough time to give, enough power to change the world. But when do we know that it's enough to be perfect?

We teach our children that even though they are small, they are mighty, and yet we forget that of ourselves. Sometimes we need to remember that every amount adds up, no matter how small. I often tell hubby that a lot of $1 makes $1,000,000. And it's true. As long as we have enough to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves to keep warm, have a roof over our heads and make our families happy, it's enough.. no, more than enough to be able to donate, give and change the world one little step at a time. 

You don't need to be a millionaire to be able to share a gift. Agree?

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Stacey-Lee said...

Lots of little bits add up. I think it's great you are supporting and doing what you can. And yes you don't have to be rich (in $) to be able to donate

Unknown said...

Such a great idea, and lesson for the young to help others, especially during the festive season.

Bright Shiny Apples said...

what a great way to help the needy but also to teach giving to the kids!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic habit to teach young people to get into. It's so easy to donate as well. A festive season with heart.

Grace said...

"We teach our children that even though they are small, they are mighty, and yet we forget that of ourselves." - I couldn't agree more, Ai.
Absolutely gorgeous that Lil Pumpkin is learning the importance of giving. Bless <3

Unknown said...

What a lovely message to teach your child, and help someone who needs it at the same time.

Crash Test Mummy said...

Such a great lesson to teach your Lil Pumpkin. We are going to be donating some of the kids' toys so they know that they can help people less fortunate than themselves.

Ai Sakura said...

Stacey: yup, all you need is a willing heart :)

Sophie: I think so too!

Yvette: not just the kids who give, but also the boys in BB who are volunteering their time and effort

Pip: Christmas sure is magical in this way :)

Grace: thanks dear. you did a wonderful job in Bali too!

Danya: agreed!

Laney: that's a great idea too! we've been too busy to clear the preloved stuff. hope to get down to it next year.

Adrine said...

Yup, great lesson for kids :)

Oliveoylz said...

In true Christmas spirit of giving!

~Summer~ said...

What a great idea and initiative, Ai. I'm sure Lil Pumpkin will learn to be compassionate and it's perfect for xmas too! =p Definitely agree with the too much fluff thing! =p

Bachelormum said...

Totally agree darling. From little things big things grow xx

Unknown said...

I love this!! And so good for her to learn now :) And I can't believe your hubby is wearing shorts...*sigh*...it's snow here ;) lol

mummybean said...

Hey, I blogged last week about this project -- we'll be supporting it too! :)

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

I truly believe in teaching them about charity when young, in stilling kindness and generosity in their little hearts. It's really heartwarming now to hear Miss T talk about donating some of her toys now.