Friday, November 30, 2012

Preschool Nursery 1 Second Parent-Teacher Conference

Oh my oh my! Another 6 months has flew past since our first Parent-Teacher Conference {PTC} and we had our second one on Wednesday with Lil Pumpkin's 2 teachers. As usual, we were excited to hear about her development and life in school. This time round, the chat with the teachers seemed to pass by faster though. We had 15 minutes with them and they started out with a short presentation again, before answering any questions that we had for them.

Updates for this semester are that Lil Pumpkin
  • is able to comprehend explanations and contribute to class discussions
  • has shown improvement in her communication skills, and her pronunciation is clearer too.
  • is more mature in her behaviour, especially since she went off her diapers. Psychological effect since she recognises she isn't a "baby" anymore?
  • has acquired good sorting and classification skills
  • recognises numerals well 
  • exhibits good grip of her writing tools, but still needs work in holding them properly
  • displays curiosity and is eager to discover and learn new things. Very true, as even at home she is always asking us "why?" or what happened?"
  • is now more willing to share with her friends during play and able to practice turn-taking :)
  • is able to express herself through art materials and shows originality in her creations
Lil Pumpkin still needs to work on her attention span though. For example at times when they do activities that have a lot of details, she will get distracted and do her own stuff. She needs to be reminded to stay on task heh. Another thing is that although Lil Pumpkin has shown improvement in her self-help skills like dressing and feeding herself, she needs more encouragement in making attempts to solve her challenges and problems.

Like in school, when she has difficulties in putting her bags and items in her cubby hole, she will get frustrated and start to cry for help. Or at home when she has to put on her shoes, she knows how to put them on herself, but will get agitated if she can't put them on fast enough. It's very important not to do for kids what they can do for themselves so that they learn to be responsible and independent. We can offer solutions, but need to support Lil Pumpkin to do the task herself.

Lil Pumpkin will be promoted to the next level, Nursery 2 {N2} with her little friends around end Dec. She may not be in the same class as all her present classmates now, and will most likely get new teachers too. She has definitely grown to love them all, and we hope that she will grow to love the next chapter in her preschool life too.




Kel said...

Parent teacher conference in preschool? Wow! And it sounds as though she's doing wonderfully in terms of her developmental milestones! I don't know ANY pre-schoolers with good attention spans lol x

Prue said...

It's scary how fast time goes, they grow up so quick. Your little girl will one day become the best problem solver. For now, she's having so much fun exploring everything.
Prue x

Virginia said...

Lil Pumpkin is a clever girl. She has already accomplished a lot in her development milestones. Enjoy and have fun in N2 :)

Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right said...

Problems with "staying on task" is something we heard from every teacher with our eldest, beginning in kindergarten :) I think she gets it from her parents.

Ai Sakura said...

Kelly: That's true too haha..

Prue: Yes, that's a good way to put it! :) We do love her inquisitive mind!

Virginia: We hope she does. So exciting :)

Rachel: She never really was one to "keep on track" to begin with heh.

Kristyn said...

Awww such a proud mama! I can definitely relate. Have fun with her milestones :)