Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas 2012 | LolliBox Kids Edu-Play Craft Hamper + Discount Code

Christmas arrived early for Lil Pumpkin when she received her first present last weekend - a LolliBox Christmas hamper specially addressed & delivered to her! Sweet :)

LolliBox is an innovative service that offers busy parents an easy option to encourage creativity in young children with their monthly-themed edu-play activities delivered straight to the door. The materials provided are of good quality and usually last through many times of play. We tried out the Under the Sea themed kit, which Lil Pumpkin enjoyed thoroughly since it expanded on her interest for The Little Mermaid and sea animals.

Her Christmas hamper came with the newest themed LolliBox Kit {Blow Wind Blow}, as well as
- 1 Make My Own Wood Fan Kit
- 1 My Mini Apple Tote Bag Kit
- 1 Santa Wobbler Kit
- 1 3M Kids Scissors {soft-grip handles, blunt tip}
- 1 Clag Kids Craft Glue {made in Korea, 37ml}
- 1 Felt Tip Pen Set {12 colours}

Lil Pumpkin recognised the signature green/ white LolliBox and couldn't wait to get started so I let her open her present before Christmas :P She's been a rather good girl... and also because we have been stuck at home the past evenings since her daddy's studying for a big exam on Sat. Anyway, I believe everyday should be as merry as Christmas!! haha

She saw the Wood Fan kit and wanted to do that first. We stuck clear cellophane tape across the fan for a more unique design before she started painting with the colours and brush that came in the kit. There are also stencils and foam stickers to decorate it, but she just wanted to add some extra jewels {leftover from her Orb Factory craft kits}.

The fan is light and functional, especially in our hot Singapore weather!

For the Mini Apple Tote Bag kit, it comes with a red apple tote bag, green felt {for the leaves}, more self-adhesive foam shapes and alphabet foam stickers to personalise her name on the bag :) No sewing required, which you know is a big hit with me heh.

I was quite surprised that the foam stickers stuck so well to cloth materials. A good idea for future crafts using cloths! I also gave her some extra ribbons and her flower hair clip to further beautify the bag.

Since the mini tote bag activity was so simple and took only about 25 minutes, she coloured the Santa Wobbler for her daddy the same night. Said it was good luck for his exams! The boy placed her precious DIY work on his computer monitor screen to look at it daily. You can also stick it on windows / doors or just punch a hole at the top and hang it on the Christmas tree.

I do think LolliBox Christmas Hamper is a great gift for any kid that loves crafting. So many different kits and supplies conveniently {and affordably!} sourced, packed, wrapped and delivered! Just for my special blog readers and friends, quote "SAKURA5" in the message box when ordering on the online form to enjoy S$5 OFF each LolliBox Christmas Hamper {U.P. S$58}. LolliBox ships internationally. Offer is valid only until Friday 14 December 2012, so hurry!

Look out for my review on the Blow Wind Blow theme kit coming up soon :)

* Disclosure: LolliBox Christmas Hamper was provided by LolliBox for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Anonymous said...

She looks like she's enjoying it a lot!

Unknown said...

What a cutie!! Love the posing with the paint brush pic! xo

Unknown said...

Lucky girl! What a great idea for a gift!

She is always very cute in her pics too.

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a great idea! I can totally get behind any product that encourages creativity with kids.

She seems to really love her new box!

Bachelormum said...

What an amazing gift idea, and not a lolly in site. I hope yr hubbie does well in his exam. Little pumpkin looks gorgeous in those pics x

Bachelormum said...

Himi just left a comment but not sure it went through anyway I loved that gist idea, so many different activities. As mentioned I hope yr hubbie goes well in his exams x

Grace said...

Oh love the wooden fan! What a great idea.
I'll go and check out Lollibox to see what they have for busy little boys hands :) x