Friday, December 14, 2012

Kids Travel Style | 5 Travel-Wear Tips with Milk on the Rocks NYC

It's the holiday season and there are bound to be travels, short or long, with the kids. There's a lot on our minds with itineraries, accommodation/ flight bookings, weather forecasts... and of course, the packing of our luggage. It's a fine balance between packing too much, and too little.

I've had both situations before where I packed too much and didn't use all that I brought {which left me irritated for lugging the extra weight around} or where I packed too little and wished I had brought something I needed. Also, not only do we have to worry about our own clothes, we have to think about keeping the kids warm, comfortable and yes, fashionable too!

We tend to take heaps of photos during our trips and just like I don't want to be seen in public in my PJs, I don't want Lil Pumpkin to ask me in the future why she was at Tokyo Disneyland in hers :P To make sure I pack just about right, I have some core essentials and will share my 5 trendy, yet practical, travel-wear tips for kids:

1. Wear dark bottoms
Kids tend to spill things or stain their clothes. That's normal, and nothing much we can do about it. What we can do is to make sure they still look *ahem* presentable, and dark clothes tend to help cover up stains better. There's no need to go all black like for a funeral - choose a dark bottom {where most stains tend to end up due to "accidents"} and brighten the top with colours. And, instead of a solid-coloured dark bottom, go for interesting patterns or textures. I like those with elastic waist-bands for maximum comfort around Lil Pumpkin's tummy :)

2. Choose comfortable materials that don't wrinkle
Kids get cranky when they feel uncomfortable, so let's keep they happy with comfy clothes that are breathable, and not too tight. Cotton, jersey, fleece or wool {to colder climates} are good materials and don't wrinkle much which is good, because I never iron when travelling haha.

3. Have some pockets
Lil Pumpkin likes to carry some sweets and small toys with her, especially on the plane. It's more convenient to have her wear clothes with pockets {e.g. cargo pants} so that she can carry her own junk stuff instead of asking me for tissue, sweets or toys every now and then. Check out the furry pocket sewn on her shirt. So cute!

4. Layer is the key
 Weather conditions fluctuate or sometimes you may be out on the streets where it's -10°C, and then into a shopping centre where it's toasty warm. Layering helps to ensure your comfort, while helping you to make quick adjustments based on the environmental changes. For hot climates it can be like a dress with cardigan, and for cooler climates your base layer should help you maintain your body temperature {we like Heattech from Uniqlo}, then extra layers for more insulation and weather protection against wind, rain or maybe even snow! Try to get reversible jackets to keep the daily looks fresh, and it helps to take up less space in the luggage as well.

5. Don't forget the eyes
Children's eyes are more sensitive to light and the harmful rays produced from the sun. We worry about whether they are warm enough, or can trudge comfortably in those shoes, but what about their precious eyes? Whether you are going to the tropics or temperate countries, remember to protect the eyes with proper sunwear that has 100% UVA/UVB protection, like the Sons + Daughters Lenny sunglasses Lil Pumpkin is wearing.  The stylish eyewear also helps to dress up any outfit.

Lil Pumpkin is wearing Milk on the Rocks NYC clothes in the pictures - TESS Girl Shirt - "Fur Purse" in India, PETE Pants in Check, and CACTUS Polar Fleece Cardigan in Bubblegum. The outfit is a good example of dressing according to my tips above.

Milks on the Rocks is a Parisian kids fashion brand with eclectic & edgy designs, yet functional enough for everyday life and travelling. In Singapore, it's found exclusively in Not Too Big, a new multi-label kids boutique that opened last month and sells other brands like Sons + Daughters, Joules and Talking Tables for paper party products. From now until 25 Dec 2012, Not Too Big is having a storewide discount of 15%-20%  so do check it out when Christmas shopping for the little ones!

Not Too Big
#02-06, Forum the Shopping Mall

What are your core essentials for your kids' travel-wear?

* Disclosure: Milk on the Rocks clothes & Sons + Daughters eyewear were provided by Not Too Big for review. All other accessories belong to me. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Lara @ This Charming Mum said...

Some really good ideas there! I only wish we travelled more with our kids at the moment to make the most of your tips. Those pink sunnies are beautiful

Kylie Purtell said...

Seriously she is just the cutest little fashionista!

Excellent tips, especially the dark pants and comfortable fabrics one. In regards to ironing, most of my clothes are ones that require little to no ironing as I don't iron even when we are at home!

Bachelormum said...

Very cool Lil pumpkin there. I'm about to travel and have just discovered we don't have enough winter clothes to get poppet by for more than a day - she's grown out of all of them in a year - even the stuff i bought an extra size up. What doe sthis mean ... retail therapy!!! ;-)

Housewife in Heels said...

She is delightful! Thanks for sharing the tips- there's always so much stuff you need to bring when you cart a toddler around- and that's before clothes!

Ai Sakura said...

Lara: thanks dear! I wish they came in adult sizes too

Kylie: I have a steam iron which I love but only use it once a month or something.. oops!

Bachelor Mum: that's so fast! a good reason why we always buy a size bigger or so too. happy shopping!

Housewife in Heels: so true!

Rina said...

I've bought two sunglasses aviator style from H&M for my boys. We were staying at middle east and summer is super hot there. But boys are boys, those sunglasses didn't make it to the next month. I also don't like that my kids seen in PJ while strolling around at the mall or public places. But if we are to take a midnight flight like we have done in the past the kids will be in their pj and even though I plan to change them upon arrival in most cases I let them walking outside through the arrival gate in it :D

Theresa Mahoney said...

I agree with every tip on the list. Especially the sunglasses! We ended up paying a fortune for 2 pairs of kid sunglasses at Disney last month because we forgot to pack ours!

Stacy said...

I apply points 1, 2 and 5 to myself hehe. Not that I spill things (that) much but more due to sitting on not-so-clean surfaces!

So many nice shots of lil pumpkin! Does she poses patiently or you snap really fast? :)

Unknown said...

Love all of these tips! It's so important to dress our kids so they're comfortable and practical. Lil' Pumpkin is such a natural with the camera! hehe.

Ai Sakura said...

Rina: I think being comfy on the plane is pretty important, esp on midnight flight. I let her wear PJs on night flights too in hope she will sleep better haha

Stacy: she poses but I have to snap fast too because she changes pretty fast haha

Brandi: aww thanks! she is a natural performer haha