Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Orb Factory Craft Kits | Her Princess & The Frog Love Story

The Frog Prince was one of my favourite childhood fairy tales. I used to pretend that I was the Princess with a golden ball {or rather, mini basketball haha}, tossing it into the air and losing it in a pond. Did I have a Frog Prince then? I can't remember.. but I do remember singing, swirling and loving my time as a Princess.

Almost every little girl I know loves being a Princess. Even Lil Pumpkin, no doubt :) Recently she had the opportunity to create beautiful Princess tiaras and a plush Frog Prince from Orb Factory to make her fairy tales come alive, and she was so happy doing it! 

Orb Factory is a provider of award-winning crafts and activity products. The Sticky Mosaics Twinkle Tiaras kit is from their best-selling line and comes with 6 foam tiara bases with sticky foams & jewel tiles. Following a simple numbered legend, kids can decorate-by-number and create beautiful mosaic headpieces for play!

The designs are easy even for young toddlers like Lil Pumpkin. She puts her number and pattern recognition skill into play, and gets a good practice with hand-and-eye coordination as well.  She took 3 sessions with me assisting {about 1 hour each} to create her first tiara.

The tiaras seem quite durable due to the foam base, and also come with a velcro closure to custom-fit to the kid's head . The sticky foams and jewel tiles stick well to the base, but can also be easily re-adjusted. A few jewel tiles were "faulty" but there are more than enough to cover any mistakes.

As each kit comes with 6 unique tiara patterns, you can spend a few lovely occasions making them with your little Princess {great indoor activity for rainy days!}, or maybe as a play-date or birthday party activity with each girl having their own.

The Plush Craft Frog Prince kit, also from Orb Factory, was very interesting to both of us as we hardly work with cloth projects since I'm *cough* not very good with sewing. The best part about this is that no sewing is required, and yet you can still create the cuddly plush toy by punching in colourful fabrics! Again, all Lil Pumpkin had to do was to follow a numbered legend, and use a provided stylus to punch in the fabrics in the pattern. Absolutely mess-free!

This project was a more challenging for Lil Pumpkin as the holes to punch in the fabrics were tiny and difficult to locate with the cloth covering it for punching in. It is recommended for kids 4+ and above, but she did managed to punch in some of the fabrics under my guidance and liked adding the finishing touches to the frog's crown with jewel stickers and coloured foam pieces. It will fit perfectly in her new Princess-themed room!

Princess Lil Pumpkin and her Frog Prince!

A smooch to turn you back human?

The latest online Orb Factory Catalog is found here.  You can also purchase Orb Factory craft kits, and other innovative children products, from Simple Thots, an online kids lifestyle store that ships internationally. Just for my special blog readers and friends, there is a 10% store-wide discount with this coupon code "TOF10OFF" {valid until 31 Dec 2012} if you complete the following steps:
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Have fun making your own fairy tales come alive! I Blog on Tues with Essentially Jess.

* Disclosure: Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Twinkle Tiaras & Plush Craft Frog Prince were provided by Simple Thots for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Mums Take Five said...

what a great job. looks really good.

Ally said...

Thanks very much for sharing this! I will get one for my girl and I am sure she will be very interested in doing crafts and yeah,it's a tiara!

~Summer~ said...

This looks so fun! Next time we let our girls do crafts together okie! Love that expression on lil pumpkin in the 3rd last pic. Lol. =) Thanks for sharing!

Mandie said...

Very, very cute and lots of fun by the look of it. My little girl is less into tiaras and more into trucks and cars... At least she lets me buy her pink cars!

Kylie Purtell said...

She is such a cutie-patootie! That looks like so much fun, I especially love the frog, he's so cool!

Ai Sakura said...

Mums Take 5: Yes, she did a good job :) #proudmama

Ally: every little princess deserves a good tiara!

Summer: yes yes yes we should!

Mandie: Lil Pumpkin has a vast interest in other toys too, but princesses and mermaids are on top of the list ;p

Kylie: I know! He's a cutie

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I know my friends little girls would love these. I wish I had my daughter too.

Crash Test Mummy said...

CrashGirl would love these too. I loved the Princess and the frog story as a child. I must find it and read it to her.

J Bott said...

How cute, my little princess tomboy would love those tiaras! Team #IBOT

Grace said...

Cuteness! Love the Princess and the Frog Prince story. Those little tiaras look adorable on Lil Pumpkin x

EssentiallyJess said...

Awww she is so cute and obviously had a ball.
Love that frog!

Virginia Goh said...

Lil Pumpkin looks so pretty with those tiaras. I love it :)

oomph. said...

too cute!! the thing about crafts is having to get all the supplies...so i love kits that include everything you need!


Adrine said...

Oh my, how lovely!! Never knew such a kit like that existed.

Unknown said...

How cute is she! This looks like lots of fun :-)

Stacy said...

Nah leave the frog a frog, the prince will require beer and food. :p

Nice DIY work!

Serene Seah said...

Nice craft ! Love the frog prince !! Thanks for sharing ! I'm gonna grab the frog !