Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art + Play | Tips for Easy Craft Activities at Home

Lil Pumpkin has returned to her weekly art classes at WowArt Learning Studio after her short break due to our new year traveling. She really likes it a lot and definitely still remembers her sweet Teacher Kin even though they didn't meet for 2 weeks ;p

I think that her art classes help to expose her to more art techniques, mediums and ways to express herself. We don't expect her to become a little Picasso, but just want to give her more fixed time in developing her interest and creativity. Sometimes I look at Lil Pumpkin's art and they seem like random scribbles, but to her, they are rainbows, clouds and animals. I love seeing things through her vivid imagination :)

At the end of each lesson, there is a briefing for parents to explain what the child learnt in class and Teacher Kin encourages parents get involved and to do more craft activities at home throughout the week to expand on the new skills. One thing I like about Lil Pumpkin's lessons at WowArt is that they use materials that are affordable and easily available so it's easy to practise more at home.

Teacher Kin's very generous with her knowledge, as all good teachers should be, and even shared some tips for easy craft activities at home based on what they do in school:

1. Don't limit painting to paintbrushes
Use household items like matchsticks, forks, sponges, droppers etc. for different art effects.

2. Create your own stamps
Etch compressed foam / styrofoam boards with pencils, or add aluminium foil and clay to create textures, then paint and use as stamps. Or how about some vegetable stamps?

3. Use food colouring for tie-dye
Instead of buying clothes dye, just use food colouring that's easily found in the kitchen for fun tie-dye projects with recycled clothes.

4. Make your own stencils
Cut alphabets and shapes from compressed foam and do stencil printing on paper, used clothes, canvas etc. with acrylic paint or food dye.

5. Draw from observing still life
It is easy for kids to draw from cartoons or outlines due to the simple shapes. However, that will also restrict their imagination so it is best if they see the real-life object, and draw from its inspiration.

After a term {12 lessons} at WowArt Learning Studio, we do find that her art skills have developed more. For example, she's able to recognise cold & warm colours, use different mediums to get her desired composition, mix colours to get her desired shade, draw various types of lines and shapes etc. The best part is, she really enjoys her classes and always looks forward to attending them :) We just signed her up for another term last Friday so we hope her interest in art will continue to fire on!

* Disclosure: ARTPLAY course {1 term} was provided by WowART Learning Studio for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Jessie Khong said...

her teacher seems very nice. i like the idea for making stencils with compressed foam.

EssentiallyJess said...

That's pretty impressive that she has learnt so much.
I'm looking forward to doing some more one on one craft with Ava when the older kids are at school

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think art is such an important part of how a child is able to express herself. I love seeing all of the creative ideas my girls come up with!

Ai Sakura said...

Jessie: Yup that's a great idea to try!

Jess: I'm happy that she's learnt much more there too. Hard for me to try so many new things with her since I'm working

Theresa: They must get it from you! :)