Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bub & Me: LolliBox Blow Wind Blow Theme Edu-Play Kit

LolliBox is an innovative service that offers busy parents an easy option to encourage creativity in young children with their monthly-themed edu-play activities delivered straight to the door. Work is getting quite hectic now and I'm glad for the time saved from looking for craft ideas & materials for Lil Pumpkin.

The Blow Wind Blow themed kit was part of the LolliBox Christmas hamper she received for Christmas. Wind is everywhere around us and the craft kit provided fun activities for Lil Pumpkin to learn more about this important element. The confusing part for young kids is that we can feel the wind, but we can't exactly "see" it and that makes them wonder about its existence ;p

Lil Pumpkin got to paint her own sailboat made of plywood with the acrylic paint and brush that came with the kit. I do like wooden toys and it was so easy to create this on our own with the simple instructions. I think I will source for more wooden toy ideas to make with Lil Pumpkin again :)

She was thrilled that her little sailboat floated on water {although after a while it started to sink.. probably because the plywood started to absorb the water?? I think using plastic would have been better} and got to observe & understand better how sailboats work and how the wind can help to propel it when she blew on the sail.

There were also materials to make her own windsock from scratch, measure wind strength and be a good wind spy!

We painted the big canvas fabric with acrylic paint {pink & yellow}and used her princess-themed cookie cutters to stamp all over after the paint dried. There were stencils available in the kit but Lil Pumpkin preferred stamping. Easier for her to control.

I really like the overall effect of the windsock! :) So pretty and colourful! We hung the windsock onto a pole outside our window and for a week, Lil Pumpkin observed how it moved with the wind and I helped her to record it in the her Wind Observation Card. It was raining a lot during our observation week so there wasn't much varied readings though ;p

To further spark her creativity and curiosity about wind, there were other enrichment activities like a simple science experiment to see what objects can be moved by wind. All we had to do was to use household items {e.g. cotton ball, rock, sponge}, get Lil Pumpkin to predict if they will move, then blow on them to simulate the wind and see if her predictions were correct. She predicted most of them correctly :) Some items like pencils were tricky as it depended how hard she blew too haha

LolliBox Blow Wind Blow themed box is available for purchase now. New LolliBox themes are released monthly and you can sign up for their 3 or 6 month description to receive the latest LolliBox themes delivered to your home. Free delivery for Singapore addresses and they ship internationally. For first-time customers, there's also a complimentary welcome pack inclusive of craft supplies. Check out the Lollibox website for more details and read my review on their Under the Sea themed box too.

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* Disclosure: LolliBox Blow Wind Blow themed box was provided by LolliBox  for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Declutterbug Versus Captain Stingypants said...

They look like lovely little activity kits

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

WOW! My little girl would love these! You have such an artist!

Grace said...

Oh, my boys would love to make a boat. I'd make the windsock for me! :) x

Ai Sakura said...

Victoria: they were.. we took our time did them over a few afternoons :)

Tahlia: she is, isn't she :p

Grace: Yeah I plan on keeping the windsock for me too haha

Deb @ home life simplified said...

I love kits like this - looks like great fun!

themodernparent said...

Great idea....especially for those of us not particularly "crafty"!

One Mother Hen said...

These look like fantastic little kits. I love the wind sock, something I would love making with my girls for our garden :)

YellowDandy said...

How cool are those kits!!! So much better than tv! My toddler would love the little boat, although he would probably drown it himself!!
X Karen #teamIBOT

Virginia Goh said...

Looks good, kids will love to play with this, helps in their creativity too.