Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Made: DIY Washi Tape Kids Chair

I have an obsession with washi tapes now and upcycled this children's chair for her new pink chalkboard table. We bought it at half-price {score!} since it was a display piece and it had a few knocks & scratches around. I'm usually quite particular that the things we purchase are in new and pristine condition, but I actually quite like the used look on the chair. Very rustic and charming.

Had a hard time deciding whether to go crazy and tape the whole chair but decided to just highlight a few areas.
Quite like how it turned out :) I've since bought a few more washi tapes from Japan and might add a few more strips to the legs. Also got a bottle of Decopatch Glue / Varnish that I'll apply to create a transparent and water-resistant film over the washi tapes to help them last longer. Decopatch Glue / Varnish is water-based and safe for the use with children.

Her new bed is arriving on Wednesday and I can't wait until her room is ready! The house is quite a mess now as we moved most things out of our old study / guestroom to turn it into Lil Pumpkin's bedroom. Have a lot of rearranging and reorganising to be done by Chinese New Year! ;p




Singapore Property Launch said...

ah, i didn't know these fanciful tapes were called Washi tapes! What does "Washi" mean?

I'm also the sort who would rather buy something in brand new condition than save money on a display set which has visible flaws, but this is such a wonderful idea to personalize something used! :)

Mummy Kless said...

NICE! I love washi tapes too! :)

Mum in the Making said...

Looks great! Liked how u did bits here & there.

Dominique Goh said...

Nice personalised chair. Looking forward to more pictures of Lil Pumpkin's room when it is completed.

Susan said...

Lovely piece of personalisation there.

Unknown said...

Love the unbalanced look! Think it works really well.

Adrine said...

Such a fantastic idea! Super love the chair.

Ai Sakura said...

SPL: Washi {和紙} is literally Japanese paper but these are like masking tapes. Very easy to use and so pretty!

Klessis: yay ^5!

MamaJ: thank you!

Dominique: I'm looking forward to when it's all done too. House is such a mess!

Susan: thanks!

Jasmine: I'm so inspired by you and the other craft mums :)

Adrine: thanks try it for your kids too! So easy to do

deedee said...

i'm excited to see her new room too! before she has her room, she's been co-sleeping with you? i'll need to clear out my study room for my baby when she's bigger too... wonder how it'll be like! :D

Madeline Heng said...

I'm obsessed with washi tapes too! =)

deedee said...

Hi Ai, thank you for dropping by my blog! I wish my girl will be sweet and happy like yours when she grows up =)